Hot Blogger Bracket Results – Round 3 – All Regions

Next round will start late tomorrow night/early in the morning Tuesday.  Gentleman, be prepared for the “October Surprise”.

And with all precincts reporting in…

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#1 Dan Shanoff vs #17 Mini-Me – WBRS Sports Blog
#1 Dan Shanoff  54% (806 votes)
#17 Mini-Me WBRS Sports Blog  46% (700 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 1506


#5 Burnsy – Blumpkins for All vs #13 J-Fizzle – It’s Still
#5 Burnsy – Blumpkins for All   50% (1027 votes)
#13 J-Fizzle – It’s Still Football  50% (1017 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 2044


#8 One More Dying Quail vs #14 Jon Pyle – Pyle of List
#8 One More Dying Quail   44% (392 votes)
#14 Jon Pyle – Pyle of List  56% (494 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 886




#1 Jay Busbee – Sports Gone South vs #19 Run Up the Score
#1 Jay Busbee – Sports Gone South  54% (387 votes)
#19 Run Up the Score  46% (332 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 719


#3 Paul Shirley – ESPN vs #7 Brien – East Coast Bias
#3 Paul Shirley – ESPN  48% (221 votes)
#7 Brien – East Coast Bias  52% (239 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 460



#10 Darren – I Want To Be A Sports Agent vs #10 Sunday
Morning Quarterback
#10 Darren – I Want To Be A Sports Agent  54% (372 votes)
#10 Sunday Morning Quarterback  46% (318 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 690




#3 Scott – Holy Dog Water vs #9 Brian Cook – MGoBlog
#3 Scott – Holy Dog Water  51% (263 votes)
#9 Brian Cook – MGoBlog  49% (253 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 516


#6 Mike Samways Sammy’s Sports Sermons vs #12 Digital
#6 Mike Samways Sammy’s Sports Sermon  44% (254 votes)
#12 Digital Headbutt  56% (325 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 579




#3 Awful Annoucing vs #9 Pete Holiday – Fanhouse Alabama
#3 Awful Announcing  47% (513 votes)
#9 Pete Holiday – Fanhouse Alabama  53% (569 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 1082


#5 TC – It’s Still Football vs #13 Joe Speaker – Up for
#5 TC – It’s Still Football  38% (1032 votes)
#13 Joe Speaker – Up for Sports  62% (1697 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 2729


#12 Matt Jones – Kentucky Radio Blog vs #17 Kevin D – With
#12 Matt Jones – Kentucky Radio Blog  86% (3680 votes)
#17 Kevin D – With Leather  14% (577 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 4257








21 thoughts on “Hot Blogger Bracket Results – Round 3 – All Regions

  1. Jon Pyle’s victory notwithstanding, I now understand why the Founders instituted the electoral college. Clearly, hotness has been dumped by the roadside. The masses cannot be trusted!

  2. I was within 10 votes? And over 2,000 votes? Yikes, Friday it looked like Burnsy had it all but locked up. Cheers to my phantom voters.

    Burnsy, well played sir. Next time the Cards are in town let’s hit up the Cubbie Bear and watch the Northsiders drown their sorrows (Twins fan from birth, so my grandparents don’t roll in their graves every time Zambrano gives up a run).

    Ladies…, again kudos for orchestrating this behemoth. You’ve earned countless hours of backrubs that I desperately hope you’re all receiving.

  3. J, I’m going to Wrigley sometime before the season is out. I’ll let you know. Twins fan? That could be worse to me than Cubs fan, but I think this past postseason finally buried my memories of 1987.

  4. Thanks, Holly. So long for now…

    I have to say, this bludgeoning notwithstanding, I had a good run and bow out with no regrets. Best of luck to everybody who’s still alive. Thanks for making me feel like a special and unique snowflake, everybody.

    Nicely done, Ladies…, you really are putting on quite a show.

  5. Like my daddy always said, “Son, you’re an asshole!” Wait, not that quote, the other one. Oh, yeah. “Son, you’re unique, just like everyone else!” Thanks dad.

  6. Thanks for the love, Mr. Arnott. It makes me want to break out and sing “Brown Skin” by India Aire.

    Way to pull that one out Burnsy! You’re a regular comeback kid.

    Either way, on to the Elite 11! Or maybe the Ecumenical 11. We’ll work on a name.

  7. I can’t believe I lost to a guy that crimps his hair. Kidding DH, good win, good luck and thanks to the gals for hosting such an entertaining event.

    I’ll be back next year with a sexier picture (think blue steel doused in sex panther and lit on fire) and so much eye black I’ll make Luol Deng look like Matt Bonner.
    Thanks again Ladies.

  8. Woah, I checked the thread on Mac Round 3 for the first time since mid-Saturday – I have no idea how that happened or who orchestrated it, but so far as I’m concerned I lost by about 200 of 600 legitimate votes. A tip of the hat once again, Burnsy. Eat Hot Blogger lightning and crap HTML thunder!

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