Father’s Day Aftershave – Clare’s top seven sports memories of her dad

1.  Earliest sports memory of my dad:  Playing wiffle ball at the shore, using the house next door to ours as a backstop.

2.  Watching the ninth inning of Game 6 of the 1993 NLCS and running out to the car to honk the horn when Mitch Williams made the final out.

3.  Going to a Mariners game at the Kingdome on a vacation of the Pacific Northwest.  My dad bought me a really nice fitted Mariners cap with their then-new compass logo on it.

4.  Having dinner and watching the Phillies in the Diamond Club at the Vet.  I remember whoever pitched that game kept throwing to first and my mom kept getting more and more annoyed. 

5.  Watching him schmooze with the other parents at my Sunday afternoon crew races in high school. 

6.  Blowing off an afternoon of school my senior year and going down to the Phillies ticket sales office to get tickets.  That was special because my parents never, ever let me miss school.

7.  Drinking Sam Adams Light and singing “Fly, Eagles, Fly” and “Skol Vikings” no matter what game we’re watching on Sunday.

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day Aftershave – Clare’s top seven sports memories of her dad

  1. #6 is particularly awesome- and I can totally relate. Also, don’t even try to tell me that y’all didn’t sing “Fly Eagles Fly” at the Phillies games… because I know that happens all the time.

    Great memories, Clare!

  2. Your first memory reminded me of something with my dad. I was probably six or seven and we were playing catch in our yard with a rubber ball that was the size of a baseball. He made a comment about how well I was throwing. Not even two minutes later, I make a really wild throw and hit a car that was driving by. The car kept going, but I still remember my dad gawking at me since he had just made the comment.

  3. I have a new addition to the list:

    8. Watching the Phillies lose to the Tigers on Father’s Day. The game wasn’t notable, but the venue was: While he’s in the hospital waiting to have his gallbladder removed.

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