8 thoughts on “Why is yours bigger than mine?

  1. Possibly this is just an indication that I’ve been awake too long and am punchy, but the picture + subject just made me laugh for about a minute straight. Hi, I have the sense of humor of a twelve year-old.

  2. I am so proud that a Frenchman has won MVP. I will be sure to tell Tony when I am Paris for his wedding next month (seriously).

  3. I heard Tony Parker immediately surrendered the MVP trophy to Duncan when he looked at him funny. Ah, French surrender jokes just never get old.

  4. “Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys” is the proper label I think you’re looking for, Radioman. (Hey! Blame THE SIMPSONS, not me. There’s even a whole Wikipedia page dedicated to this:


    I have to admit that as much as I rooted for the underdog in this series (that’d be LeBron & the other six-unknowns he was playing with), the Spurs looked nearly flawless and more dominant than any team I can recall since the early 90s Chicago-based team whose name escapes me.

  5. Tony Parker winning MVP bothers me on some level I cannot articulate.

    And even though I’m from Houston, and thus required to root for the Rockets and hate the Spurs… way to go, San Antone.

  6. I think the Subway commercial Tony Parker does is enough to turn me off, though most of those ads get annoying.

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