Hot Blogger Bracket – National League West – 3rd Round


*(The brackets have been reshuffled to reflect correct order of match-ups. You try putting together 88 entries. Any complaints and we will rig the voting faster than the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight.)
Voting ends Sunday June 17 at 11 PM PST.

58 thoughts on “Hot Blogger Bracket – National League West – 3rd Round

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  2. I tend to agree with Prince, only b/c KSR has absolutely sucked the fun & life out of the tourney that the Ladies had done such a knock-up job with…

  3. How did we suck the life out of it? Many, if not most, of the bloggers on here put links up to their site talking about the tournament and asking people to vote. The only difference as I see it, is that we had more people who then actually came and voted. And I am sure the ladies really hated having thousands upon thousands of people who had never seen their site discover it for the first time.

    But then again, this is a “hot blogger” contest, so we should try to be as official and serious about it as possible…..

  4. Oh yeh, Matt just sucked the life out of this one. Just like MJ sucked the life out of the NBA finals right?? Just like Tiger sucks the life out of the Masters right?? Just like Federer sucks the life out of the US Open right?? I call it utter domination my friends. By presenting it to the Big blue nation he is absolutely ANNIHILATING this competition…and it shall continue…The Big Blue Nation has spoken…

  5. OK, OK, no one suck the life out of anything. And I do think there could be further upsets.

    PrinceUK21 – Why continue to go on? You don’t believe in finishing what has been started?

  6. Seems to be a lot more sucking going on in this bracket, Goddamnit and here I’m stuck in the lowly Campbell division. Oh and ladies, I will use a counter-clockwise swirl.

  7. this bracket is just not the same without a hearty dose of some dwarven equine

    rip psamp…just like pitt in the tourney, you havent failed to exit early

  8. I voted over and over, but it eventually quit counting it. I think you are going to win the division. I can’t believe they have Paul Shirley’s Blog on here. He write for ESPN for God’s sake. If we play other divisions, I hope we meet Mr. Shirley in the finals – he has a female’s name.

  9. yup, tcmcg, appears obvious to me over the last two rounds that there is some fixing going on from the Joe camp. Not everyone likes to play fair.

  10. i think we need to find a way to get tomlin into the bracket. he’d be the only person that could give MJ a run for his money. we all know all the hair gel in the world couldn’t push rob to a victory

  11. A compliment I will cheerfully accept. Thanks! I can talk growly like him, too, if it helps. (Though it looks like the legions of Up For Sports fans are running away with this round.)

  12. I’d much rather go up against Shirley than Kentucky. And you’re right MJ, this contest must be taken seriously!!!

    Seriously though….I hope to meet Kentucky in the Finals. It would an honor to lose to a State that gives us jokes like this…..

    What do you get when you have 32 Kentuckians on a Message Board?

    A full set of teeth.

    Hey YO!

  13. Hahah, nice one, AA.

    For real, this is just the beginning. 2006 became the year that Kentucky fans Discovered The Internet ™. They like this more than radio call-in shows because everyone gets to post their opinion. And believe me, every Kentucky fan has an opinion.

  14. motion for PSaMP to win the Mr. Irrelevant crown of the hottie blogger bracket

    anyone willing to second?

  15. I have been voting and enjoying this contest, but today I think I’ve observed a little more than “chicanery” in getting people to vote. I went to the KentuckySportsRadio website to check it out. While reading comments on his blog regarding this contest, I noted that “donovansucks” (Comment #14) has posted a program for voters to download (imbedded in a KSR program to watch the blog headlines from your desktop). I downloaded the program and tried voting for KSR through the link on the KSR site. I kept clicking on the link to vote, but nothing appeared to happen. I then opened another browser and checked the vote count and discovered that my clicking generated multiple votes for KSR. What’s up??? Looks like an easy way for KSR fans to vote hundereds of times. The comments even refer to this “program”. Not fair!

  16. I dont get how someone who wasnt in the second round is now in the 3rd round…how does that work???

  17. If you’re referring to me, I’ve been hopping back and forth between the Campbell Conference Region and the NL West, in order to make the math work.

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  19. Always a classic when people find that their efforts have failed.

    When found in this predicament, the true loser instantly trys to bring the victor down with him with insults.

    knock these haters off the block Matt! They just don’t get it! ;)


  20. It’s really funny when you consider the love/hate relationship Matt has with his site’s fans. On the one hand, most UK fans coming to vote in a hot blogger bracket are annoying and will constantly remind you of how great UK is, no matter the topic they’ll stick it in there. Matt knows how annoying his fans can be, and I’m fairly certain he longs for people to articulate well thought out arguments or interesting, pithy comments that zing … and on the other hand, Matt would be nowhere without his army of redneck support.

    You see? Love/hate.

    It’s even funnier that this was initially supposed to be a vote on “looks,” but clearly, UK fans have turned it into a personal affront on their school spirit.

    And what’s worse is more and more people are being alienated by know-it-all “fans” who think being obnoxious is how to be perceived as being a “winner.”

    I can picture someone typing out “7 national championships …” right now as some sort of dignified reply, but in the end — we all lose.

    Except UK. Go Big Blue.

  21. I really am impressed by the UK turnout, but I’m also really surprised some Gator fan hasn’t jumped into this. Then we could all unite and hate that person together.

  22. UK fans neglect parenting, body maintenance and any type of intellectual pursuit for 11 months out of the year in favor of basketball. Apparently that one other month they spend voting in a hot blogger contest.

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