Hump Day Hottie: David Wright

Sometimes a baseball player comes along who is so very perfect, it’s nigh impossible to believe he actually exists.

Photo Credit: Player Magazine

A guy who grows up a Mets fan as a kid in Virginia, and ends up living the dream by his early 20’s. A guy whose stunning good looks are better suited to a cinema screen, rather than the corner man on the diamond. A guy who starts his own foundation at age 23 to raise money for multiple sclerosis, and wins a bubble-blowing contest for charity. A guy who is smart enough to take a share in the company signing him to an endorsement deal, instead of a flat fee (earning him a cool $20 million when the company is sold). A guy who is unfailingly polite, known far and wide for going out of his way for fans, who hustles his butt off and has the respect of his entire team. A guy whose idea of a perfect date is, no lie, to walk on the beach and listen to the waves. Oh yeah, and a guy who is an All-Star (starter, at that) in just his second year in the big leagues.

All that *and* a great ass, killer scruff and charming smile? David Wright, you really are almost too good to be true.

TONS more DWright goodies after the jump.

Thanks to the following for the lovely DWright photos: GQ, Associated Press, ESPN, Getty, People Magazine, Corbis, MLB and the David Wright Foundation. And BIG props to Player Magazine for that first stunningly beautiful photo.

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Pitched four years for the Philadelphia Athletics, and then played shortstop for seven years for the Montreal Expos. Taught Rickey Henderson to steal a base. Taught Nolan Ryan to throw a punch. Taught Mickey Mantle to drink a beer. Threw one seven-hitter and seven no-hitters. Wonderboy was my creation, and first Jobu shrine was in my locker. Often called "the next Dustin Pedroia". Always wear high socks and eyeblack. Prefer to slide headfirst.

74 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: David Wright

  1. this is just too much in the way that eating more than two slices of cheesecake is too much but who cares, it’s fucking cheesecake.

    i still hate that headband, though

  2. I keep trying to imagine that he has flaws, lest his sheer awesomeness makes me burst into flame, but the only one I can think of is that he probably insists on morning sex.

    So, win/win.

  3. Holy mother of God. I haven’t been this excited about a post on ladies since you did Scott Rolen for Hump Day hottie, Texas.

    That picture of him in the yellow NL jersey? Needs to be printed and framed and put next to my Rolen one from the HDH.

    *fans self*

  4. I want to cry he looks so good .

    Fucking Mets, win, so I can enjoy my hotties again without worrying about the team’s collapse.

  5. OH. MY. LORD. I saw little Davie the other night during the Tigers game and thought to myself, “Wow…I knew you existed, but GODDAMN!”. Now I’m just overly excited for 11am on a Wednesday. This type of excitement is reserved for 3am Saturday mornings, after 15 New Castles.

  6. To reiterate my previous crisis of faith about D-Wright:

    But he’s a Met.
    High-cuffed pants!
    But he’s a Met.
    Excellent hair!
    But he’s a Met.
    That thing he does with his tongue!
    But he’s a Met.
    But he’s a Met.
    The generally cheerful and pleasant demeanor!
    But he’s a Met.

  7. Not just his lip.

    But biting it would be the first thing I would do. I can’t stop staring at the first pic.

    Okay, I should really tear myself away from this, and head off to my doctor’s appt.

  8. David Wright. Good goddamn. David Wright in the rain? Whoowee.

    And man, Clare, I think you forgot: Those forearms.

  9. The shot in the rain is unbearably hot.

    Here’s my downside for D.Wright:

    I guarantee you he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. When he had that incredibly bland blog on MLB last year, I finally realized: he is like that.

    I am sure he is adorable and considerate and puts the seat down, but I am also sure I would be bored to tears within minutes.

  10. metsgrrl, I have a feeling the “generally cheerful and pleasant demeanor” masks, well…whatever the opposite of “burning intelligence” is. That.

  11. dwright’s blog last year was hysterical. i christened him PC Quotebot. also, i think the dugout totally nails him.

  12. I’m with you on the smart, metsgrrl. I love a man who can do a crossword faster than me, but I’m pretty damn sure I would be a little (read: whole hell of a lot) more forgiving where Mr. Wright is concerned.

  13. Ohhh, the lack of smarts thing. I try not to think about it because it gets in the way of my daydreaming, but yeah. Yeah, the fellas need to be able to KEEP THE FUCK UP because I’m sure not stopping.

    Does everything I type here come out dirty?

  14. I would go gay for David Wright. There, I said it. I plan on smooching him at the ECPP.

    I’ve said too much, haven’t I?

  15. I am a bad, bad Phillies fan but man…I would hit that six ways from Sunday. MMM. He’s delicious.

    This makes me even more excited for the two-rows-off-the-field-on-the-third-base-line tickets my friend scored for the Mets-Phillies game in August.

  16. Oh, man. Not gonna lie, I’m a little hot and bothered.

    I need to go to the church of Yankee Stadium now and profess my sin.

  17. I keep trying to imagine that he has flaws, lest his sheer awesomeness makes me burst into flame, but the only one I can think of is that he probably insists on morning sex.

    Wait, what’s so bad about morning sex? It’s the most efficient alarm clock ever.

  18. Yeah, the white jacket and that black and white pic would be better without that headband.

    Cute smile, seems funny in interviews. Why did I have to see him discussing pastel shirts? Why? I’m trying to get past that and most of these pictures are helping.

  19. Whoa, now I’m glad I didn’t read this post until I got home from work. Waaay more hotness than I was expecting! And that 15th picture….when he’s leaning over in the middle of a game….sigh

  20. I want to have ten thousand of his babies. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is the best blog of all time. Ever.

  21. This post is (almost) perfect to what I have to offer:

    I just saw “offside” — my first Iranian cinema offering — & I have to admit, seeing it, the third or fourth thing to flash to mind was the Ladies… To think, in the “Islamic Republic” a blog such as this would be an hanging/firing-squad worthy offense.

    Just imagine, a place where Busch III would be off-limits to Lady Andrea, where Shea would prohibit the entrance of Mets Chick; such is not a world in which one should have to live. Such is not a world where I want to live. (& I’m a dude, so I get to see the games, regardless.)

    What a world for the Persian ladies…, then. What a world. To have to disguise themselves as men, but still not know they’ll pass, to enjoy… A mundanity. (I don’t mean to diminish sport, but really, to engage in prohibition with regards to such as it is, an everyday event, is ludicrous.) I only wish them the best of luck in subterfuge, & a (near) future where they can enjoy the game — and the behinds — without fear.

  22. In the smart area he says he does sudoku and that’s something he has over me. I can’t stand the things.

    But then again, Math wiz or not, I would give him a chance and just find myself a smart one way later…

    *sighs* Just made my week

  23. We had the link to the blog posted in our site today.
    Thanks to MetsGrrl for it :)
    I’m sure a lot of ‘Holics Girls are going to enjoy the post.

    Take care.

  24. It’s hard to love a Met. I kind of feel like I’m cheating… of course, these days, I feel like my Cubs boyfriend, Michael Barrett, has withdrawn so much from our relationship that it’s not really cheating. Michael has broken my heart, so I’m turning to a Met. A ridiculously hot Met.

  25. Theriot is a cutie, though I also have great love for Aramis (though he’s looking a little ragged this year) and Derrek Lee. However, I will offer up this pic for evidence of my soon to be ex-boyfriend’s hotness:

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  27. Ladies! You can enjoy the hotness of ALL the Cubbies- they are awesomeness personified. My personal two favorites are Mikey B and The Riot – but Soriano, Pie, Ohman, DLee, Howry, Zambrano and Lilly are all cuties as well.

    And I like to think that what DWright might lack in smarts upstairs, he more than makes up for with eagerness and effort.

    My favorite DWright Dugout HAS to be this one, hands down.

  28. David, David, David. You make me wanna betray michael barrett. Bad. Chitowntiger, I need to get you back on track…

    but david…how dare you do this to deserve a spanking ;)

  29. With Podsednik and Crede gone on the southside I need someone new. Sorry Pods and Joe, but I have had to move on without you!
    *Goes back to looking at David!*

  30. Scotty PoPo is nothing short of beautiful. He’s gonna get his own one of these posts when he comes off the DL, because he is HOT.

    But you definitely need something to distract you while he’s away.

  31. He will be in Naperville, Il on the 23rd signing autographs from 6:30 to 8:30. Go to for more details. Until then I have to have David keep me company like he always does.

  32. He is just the most adorable thing I’ve seen in ages! How can you not love that smile. He can light up a room and espiecally a baseball diamond! Everytime I go to a Mets game I make sure to get there early to watch batting practice and he is the one player that makes sure he signs autographs. He just smiles and makes his fans happy. Hot isn’t even the word for him!!!!!! Let’s Go Metssssss

  33. Hi Beth! my name is lauren and i have tickets on top of the mets dug out (by third base) for july 16th at petco park to see my two favorite teams. yay.

  34. hey mrs.d dawg….you are SOOOO luckkkky!! i wish the mets were playin the red sox this year but they arent…hopefully they will next year so i can go! =]


  36. lol…most of those blogs i don’t even think he wrote….because i noticed the writing style changed. at the beginning of the season, it was different than towards the end of the season.

    please join this amazing forum!–

  37. i’m from hickory (the area of cheseake, VA hes from) i know his little brother.. and i’m gunna marry the kid :) so stop lusting over my future husband!

  38. OMG!! I’ve notice Dwright since last year when the Dodgers played them in the playoffs…and yummy yummy yummy!! he is Mr. WRIGHT! lol…i feel bad for betraying my own loving team, especially Andre Ethier, and Russell Martin. I can’t believe i betrayed them…but Dwright is just so damn sexy!! look at that hotness! lol yum…..

  39. dodgergal i feel the same way. Dwright is like the devil trying to take me away from the phillies. He wants me to slap a mets poster over my phillies one and say that chase utley is ugly. sorry dwright, it will never happen! but he is a hottie.

  40. david wright is hott
    i heard he gave one of his baseball jerseys to a stripper after she
    performed for him at a club.

    our naughty lil dw ha ha ha

  41. I used to play with/against him in the little leagues back in the day. I wish I could say I was better than him, but all my hard work could not surpass this man’s talent. He’s really good. I’m glad he’s doing what he loves doing for a living- playing baseball!!!

  42. i have to say…i’m a die hard yankee fan. i really hate the mets with a passion…but david wright gives me a little lee way. he’s such a great all around player and respectable…and one of the few non-ass holes in the game of baseball.

    not to mention he’s gorgeous :)

    but seriously, i love him because he’s a good guy and player. u love baseball, u gotta love wright.

  43. My brother has been a Mets fan since he was a kid. 20+ years later, I think I finally turned into one. Next time I go to a game I’m bringing binoculars for 3rd base. hahaa. baseball has never looked this good. i don’t like the shoot with reyes. they both look weirdly gay, but i read that they didn’t have much say on what they wore and stuff. which made me feel better. i think he knew it was not the right look for him. he really has a killer smile that could stop the rain. ive never seen the Mets uniform look so sexy. i wonder if girls line up outside his apartment in nyc. because i would so love to know what the inside of his… apartment looks like. seriously.

  44. Another die hard Yankees fan here who is also a David Wright fan. What a class act to fans and charitable to the less fortunate. Wright also knows who to play the game and stay out of trouble(unlike A-Roid of the Yankees)

    Last but not least, he is so damn fine. Case closed. Best of luck to you this season, David.

  45. I’d do anything David would ask of me.I’d lick him from head to toe at the halftime Superbowl, with the Pope in attendance!

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