Wednesday Hit and Run – No-No = YES! (Updated)


No hits and 12Ks.  Justin Verlander, you are beyond hot.

And your girlfriend…

…is as cute as a button. 


I’ll leave all the hyperpole about what this means to Verlander, the Tigers,  and to the game of baseball to the very cute Karl Ravech.  But anything that makes Jim Leyland tear-up, must be pretty amazing to experience.  I was shocked just to see the crusty old GM hug anyone!

I’m having a very hard time writing about the NBA Finals.  Really.  I’ve been staring at this image for at least twenty minutes now.  The homer in me is secretly happy that Cleveland is suffering.  The friend in me is afraid to call my pal Jeremy, but know I really should just to make sure he’s not suffering too much.  So can we just pretend that Tim Duncan and Sasha Pavlovic are just in a heated game of Twister and that Game 3 hasn’t happened yet?  That the last second foul on LeBron, which of course was not called, was all just  a terrible dream?


In news that probably only I find interesting or hot, the Swiss and the Kiwi’s are already sniping at each other regarding the future of the nationality rules, and the America’s Cup still does not get underway for ten more days.  (For those of you who do not follow sailing, the keeper of the America’s Cup is also the keeper of the rules.)   The billionaire you see on the left, Ernesto Bertarelli – #76 out of the 946 billionaires in the world if you keep track of that sort of thing –  is not only the principal behind the Swiss team Alinghi, but also is a member of the sailing team itself.  

Don’t worry.  They show the races on Versus, so most of you will never have to pay attention to the results anyway.   Hard to believe there was a time when these races were the anchor on ESPN2.



17 thoughts on “Wednesday Hit and Run – No-No = YES! (Updated)

  1. Tell me you saw the chocolate milk* story in SI! VERLANDER IS MADE OF AWESOME!

    *cause, okay, he wanted chocolate milk in high school, begged friend for 50 cents, friend promised him, fine, but you sign this and give me .01% of your signing bonus when you sign. So a few years later, they run into each other again and Verlander’s like, man, I signed for something like $3 million. But he paid up the $3000 and he told SI it was worth it because he really wanted that chocolate milk.

  2. I don’t like Detroit, but that would have been fun to be at. The place seemed like it was rocking and JV looked like he was really having fun out there.

  3. I will say one thing that was by far the most amazing game. Also, his girlfriend is a total sweetheart and I was SO happy for her to be at that game. They have been dating since HS, went to college together. The best part is she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to baseball.

    Go Justin that was by far the best way to end my crappy day.

  4. I’d like to give my Meast of the Day award to the fellow all the way on the right of our header for buckling down and putting in seven innings of shutout ball after giving up two homers in the first to the White Sox, but today is Verlander’s day for sure.


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