Hot Blogger Bracket – MAC – Round 2


*(The brackets will be shuffled to reflect correct order of match-ups next round. You try putting together 88 entries. Any complaints and we will rig the voting faster than the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight.)
Voting ends Wednesday June 13 at 11 PM PST. (Or whatever time I get home from Datarock. – TSW)

57 thoughts on “Hot Blogger Bracket – MAC – Round 2

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  2. Lady Andrea- When I said that I’m using Karate Kid as my tournament frame of reference from here on out, I planned on including some of the homoerotic overtones. You may notice this in a previous exchance with my sensei Extra P.

  3. Good to be a part of this bracket, gentlemen. After a first round win in the AFC North, I somehow find myself in another 5-18 matchup on the other side of the bracket. Digger Phelps is going to have a heart attack.

    With a few lads sans shirts and some amigo with a police hat, this bracket has way more gayness than the AFC North.

  4. I noticed that, Sebek. I am famously against Red on Red crime. Give me a Cubs fan anyday. I thought maybe it was a hot fantasy of Andrea’s. Now I see we’re merely pawns of the Astros, Phillies and Mets contingents. Whatever, works for me.

  5. Despite the fact that I think Sebek is just dreamy I’m officially asking my vast constituency to vote for Burnsy. Expect a lot of last minute votes, and by ‘a lot’ I of course mean 3.

  6. I certainly appreciate that, but Matt’s sudden bursts in votes are becoming difficult to stave off. He’s like Pujols and I’m merely Tyler Johnson trying to hold him off.

  7. My analogy made little sense. Tyler Johnson wouldn’t be holding off Pujols. But I refuse to call myself Dempster, so I guess I’ll just drop it.

  8. Dammit Burnsy….

    Every time I post a column, beg people for their lonely vote, and gain some ground….you manage to push ahead even more.

    I feel used.

  9. What are you talking about? Every time I get out to a cushy lead, you pummel me like the Hammer Brothers and you’re right back on my ass. This is what they wanted, Matt. These girls wanted to watch us Cardinal fans destroy each other. They’re sick and twisted, but gosh darnit I can’t get enough of them.

  10. This is insane. We almost have 1500 votes in our matchup – meanwhile the rest of these clowns only have about 700 votes in their respective competitions.

  11. Likewise. I’m down with anyone who makes a Hammer Brothers Mario reference.

    Is it the least bit disturbing that two chaps from the Midwest are now talking exclusively with each other on a website blooming with estrogen? A little creepy. I feel like I need to go make it rain at a strip club or something to get my dignity back.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  12. I’d like to propose that Matt and I both advance, regardless of the outcome. This has been the real Finals. We’re like the Spurs and the Suns. He can be the Spurs because I hate Manu.

  13. It’s a Cardinal alliance, Andie, between the two opponents in the tournament’s most exciting matchup. After this, no matter who advances, it’ll be like the Spurs and the Cavs.

  14. It’s kind of like hitting a 7-run home run with bases loaded. If only the Cardinals could figure out how to do that.

  15. You know what’s weird? I’m sitting here, watching the polls and one of the competitors just got over 100 votes in a mere 2 minutes. That, my friends, is incredible.

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