Hot Blogger Bracket – Campbell Conference – Round 2


*(The brackets will be shuffled to reflect correct order of match-ups next round. You try putting together 88 entries. Any complaints and we will rig the voting faster than the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight.)
Voting ends Wednesday June 13th at 11pm PST. (Or whatever time I get home from Datarock.-TSW)

40 thoughts on “Hot Blogger Bracket – Campbell Conference – Round 2

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  2. I would like to thank my last opponent for a pleasant battle and wish my next opponent, Mr. Rupert, the best of luck. Either way, a true gentleman shall prevail.

    I will only say this about that. I promise that if “elected” to the next round, and if the faux gaytor still exists, I shall destroy Tim Teblow, in the same fashion that FSU is going to destroy the real Teblow’s exposed knees come this November. This is my only campaign promise. Hell, with my anti-gator secret weapon, I can almost give a Namath-esque guarantee. God’s speed my friends; God’s speed.

    And remember, as the democrats in Chicago always say — vote early and vote often.

  3. Oh I see what’s going on here. Davey playing the “nice guy”, happy go lucky blogger card. Interesting angle Davey, I wish I had of thought of that. Actually going out of your way to put a link to MY website on your blog, interesting reverse psychology, almost toooo considerate. I’m not taking the bait. I will not allow myself to fall prey to a Pearl Harbour job.

    In all seriousness, much respect Davey, a very classy gesture by linking to my website and I’ll certainly return the favor. Best of luck to you this round and I’ll be sure to add your site to my list of links.

  4. I had to change regions. Does that mean I lost Team TC? Was there ever a TC? Or was it always glory reflected from Steve Martin? (I think I can live with reflected glory, by the way.) Good luck in round 2, Tom.

  5. I think the Steve Martin thing counted for the votes of precisely two Ladies…the rest were just captivated by your wounded good looks. Who can resist a sensitive artist type?

  6. I am much better looking than my opponent in this round. His writing is good but not good enough to defeat me. This would be a disappointing loss.

  7. Sorry to hear about that whole venerable thing Holy Dog. A little penicillin should clear that right up. Unless you’ve been fighting with Michael Vicks’s dog.

  8. Trust me Sammy, if Michael Vicktim’s dog got a hold of me I wouldn’t be here to type this message. At least not with all my limbs, face, or neck attached.

    I had to google Zack Morris. Nice old school “Saved by the Bell” reference Rupert. I’ve been mistaken for Screech before, but not that dude.

    Is it me, or do these other conferences have thousands of votes more than we do? Please tell me I’m just drunk and seeing triple, like always. I really do need to get working on that java script auto voting application tonight!


  10. I throw my support to Sean, as I’d like to say I lost to the eventual winner. Besides, I sense a left-handed compliment up above that I was a more than worthy opponent, heh. MCBias fans, go vote for Sean! (crickets) MCBias fan? Auntie Lou? Mom?! (more crickets)

  11. Wow, my matchup is at 250 votes apiece currently. The drama!

    Remember, though: it may still be football. But it’s Arena football. A vote for me is a vote for the real football, where receivers and corners start a play at the exact same footspeed, and Jon Bon Jovi is nowhere to be found.

  12. Alright ladies… My Barry White tribute song (seriously) to you is almost complete, but I’m stuck at work. I’m crossing my fingers to finish it up this evening for a late round surge.

  13. Sadly, I don’t have a response to Tom’s argument. A vote for me is a vote for people who have a tendency to get distracted by shiny objects! Look: scoring! A vote for me is a vote for more than just gimmick sports. It’s a vote for art, and theatre, and pointless endeavors. For re-purposing Patton quotes. For the phrase “a metric fuckton.”

    And before you get down on Bon Jovi, let us not forget that you can gauge a co-ed’s level of drunkenness by how she sings along with “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

    I believe my points have been made.

  14. Sorry, that should’ve been “I don’t have a cogent response,” not just that I didn’t have a response. The AFL is silly. I will admit that readily.

  15. By the way Rup, I made the mistake of sending out an APB email today to what I thought were all my friends to try and garner some more votes for myself. Well, I found out my Wolverine friends love the Ghosts blog and I think I may have barely came out even with the attempted push. With friends like that… well, you know the drill.

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