Hot Blogger Bracket – NL West – Round 2


*(The brackets will be shuffled to reflect correct order of match-ups next round. You try putting together 88 entries. Any complaints and we will rig the voting faster than the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight.)
Voting ends Saturday,  June 9,  @ approx.  22:00.

Main page with printable brackets.

293 thoughts on “Hot Blogger Bracket – NL West – Round 2

  1. I protest RedSoxStatsGuy being seeded against Kevin. They’re both so hot!

    Also: McBain from Flyers Fieldhouse looks A LOT like Michael Barrett. And that is a very good thing.

  2. thank you ladies for the 4 seed and for the genius remark.. both are probably better than i deserve.. people, if you love your country, go vote for YBB right now.

  3. If I had to pick based on photos, right now, it’s Red Sox Stats Guy, all the way to the finals. But the EYE BLACK. Oh, YBB. Masterful.

  4. I’m not going to lie to you. The main page is pretty impressive. Well done ladies…

    What’s the significance of the bracket names?

  5. Above said comment:
    I’m not going to lie to you. The main page is pretty impressive. Well done ladies…

    What’s the significance of the bracket names?
    was me

  6. Above said comment:
    Above said comment:
    I’m not going to lie to you. The main page is pretty impressive. Well done ladies…

    What’s the significance of the bracket names?
    was me

    Was actually me. And I’m a retard.

  7. I don’t know where to post general questions so I’m going here because hey it’s the NL West and it’s also Will’s side of the bracket. Did Mottram and Ufford really not enter? Were they too proud? Is this below them?

  8. Discovery I have made while making my votes: I am a sucker for pictures of dudes with small children. I have no desire for my own children! I find them sort of annoying and sticky (children, that is), and yet? Pictures of dudes holding babies or with their kids or whatever? I just sort of go “awwww.” weeeeeird.

    In further and unrelated news: Texas Gal! Having returned from a game in which I sat in the left field bleachers: Dellucci’s pants are a bit too baggy these days to properly judge the sweetness of his bum. Also, he doesn’t lean over and stick his butt out enough.

  9. Thanks! I’m honored to get the 5 seed, and was pleasantly shocked at the attention given me at Barney’s Beanery. I didn’t want to mention anything until the brackets came out, to avoid jinxing myself.

    This is terrifying.

  10. I’m just happy I’m in the bracket. I feel like I won my small conferences tournament and will be out of here by Friday morning.

    By the way, as the regions aren’t powers of 2, how will they be condensed as you approach the end?

  11. Clare, understood. I should always trust in the Ladies… masterplan.

    Eye black. Why not just bring a 2-3 match-up zone, for criminy’s sake?

  12. PSaMP rocks… early, vote often. Or P Diddy will come and make you run a marathon.

    Who doesnt love mini ponies….plus, he’s got a killer banner on his site.

  13. So, Deadspin DOES EQUAL Duke. Hahah.

    Can’t wait for MJD & Daulerio’s triumphal romp thru Vegas to celebrate their benefactor’s (overall?) #1 seed. It will put Thompson & Acosta’s to shame. Just, gentlemen, no pink eye. Don’t. Get. Pink. Eye.

  14. This is completely unfair, by the way. I have actual work to do today, but can’t seem to concentrate long enough to get anything done without refreshing the score. Can we get a estimate on how many dollars this is costing the U.S. in terms of productivity? I’m no mathematician, but I’m guessing eleventy billion.

    Googling “rigging internet polls”….

  15. 289 doesn’t really write he just comments, photoshops, and takes pictures. That said. I voted for him cause he’s f’ing awesome.

  16. Oh Balls…..I have a potential 2nd Round matchup with William. Someone just put me throught for the press alone.

  17. And throught is a brand new word meaning to advance or pass along.

    Washington Post Headline, June 7, 2007:


  18. Amen 289….You are officially my campaign manager, and I yours. We shall meet in the Finals of the National League West where I will bring out the woman Bartender you stiffed at Rhino Bar!!!! All Ladies while then vote for me!

  19. You know, upon further review, of all of the dumb things I have done in my life, picking an entry where I go after SEC football to some extent may be in the top five for really dumb. Oh and going after Tennessee in a parenthetical. Honestly, at this point, it’s a miracle I made the bracket at all.

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  21. P.S.- I want everyone to also know that I’m wearing a Navy Baseball shirt in that photo…….Support the troops…..Vote for AA.

  22. I’ve been wondering for a month why you bloggers would put yourself through this. Now I know. Ladies… you did an amazing job with this and it’s clear you put in a lot of hard work. Kudos to all of you because it’s already a success, just like everything else you do.

  23. A 20 seed. And up against a Greg Grunberg clone. I knew I wasn’t going to come close to winning this, but damn…

    Between this and the boys at AOL ignoring my emails and practically refusing to put my mugshot on the FanHouse, I am feeling seriously unloved today. I want to crawl into a hole, play an endless loop of The Cure’s Disintegration, and gorge myself on Chunky Monkey all afternoon…

  24. Dave, don’t feel bad: I like your blog. You gave us one of our very early links! Even though we decided to write about professional backyard football with silly rules.

    Besides, the NL West seems to be the Region of Death. Hm. I wonder if that was on purpose. Seriously, between 289’s best photo in the bracket, Will’s 1-seed juggernaut and the eye-black, I’m just going to have to put my head down and hope that people like artsy, thoughtful types.

  25. My only request is that if I somehow survive the first round, I can change my selected photo. PLEASE?!?! Is that pheasible? I propose that every contestant should have a new photo for round two…add some excitement & new blood, no?

  26. Hahahaha Greg Grunberg??? I love his work on Heros and Malibu’s Most Wanted, but that’s a first. I had one group of girls in college think I looked like Jason Lee.

    What am I going to argue?

  27. So, Deadspin DOES EQUAL Duke.

    I guess that means I’m entitled to vote for Will then. Of course he’ll be going out in the round of 16 and everyone around the country will collectively cheer.

    Man, I got some issues with my own team.

  28. SA, I don’t think Deadspin wants to be Duke this year, although the Ghosts of Wayne Fontes may like that. (Of course, Duke fans and haters alike can get back to their regularly scheduled Duke obsession next year). But I have to laugh at the photo of Will Leitch in Siberian exile after one too many underhanded attempts to throw ESPN under the bus. It no doubt was taken after his literary agent said “Will, send me ONE stinkin’ picture that doesn’t make you look pasty or has no Cardinals regalia! You have to have ONE of those! Just ONE! Then, of course, the photographer figured out that the only thing that made Will look less pasty was adding a snowy white backdrop.

  29. and of course, I wasn’t about to hire a photographer for a photo shoot with fake back drops. I’m not quite on par to have a portfolio…just yet.

  30. Mcbias, and yet he still has the STL hat on. I’m chalking it up to a skill now. And I would liken Deadspin to the Duke of old. The ones that actually deserved their 1-seeds.

    Ah Stanz, you never know when you’ll be VCU.

  31. Yeah, being seeded as VCU is comical. Can’t even give any creedence to that seeding. I feel like ‘Sheed…just a complete injustice aimed at me…all the time.

  32. Stanz—believe me, I’m a fan, but the thing about brackets is that someone had to go against Leitch. You’ve got the worst draw of anyone. Rotten luck, man.

    May we comfort you? If you know what we mean?

  33. There are no hard feelings…both teams played hard my man.

    I’d actually rather go against Leitch. I mean ya’ll gotta protect the Stars. Could I just arm wrestle Leitch for the assured “W” though?

  34. Why does 289 with leather have his hand on his face? Is he another joker!Matt Jones dont you know the name.Does this cat do radio?Looks like he gets all is info from other people alot.has he ever interviewed anyone?Vote Matt Jones KSR all the way!

  35. Mini ponies will always get my vote. And in one of the other brackets, the #22 seed with the cat. Cats and dogs get my vote. Kids, not so much.

  36. Yostal Says:
    June 6th, 2007 at 8:28 am
    Eye black. Why not just bring a 2-3 match-up zone, for criminy’s sake?
    the match up 2-3 usually fails in the tourney..oh crap.. on the other hand, i’m an old school nc state fan so junk defenses and fouling at the 4 minute mark are not out of the question

  37. Why does 289 with leather have his hand on his face? Is he another joker!Matt Jones dont you know the name.Does this cat do radio?Looks like he gets all is info from other people alot.has he ever interviewed anyone?Vote Matt Jones KSR all the way!

    I feel honored to be taken down by the UK sports family. It’s like Jason McElwain part 2.

  38. That was me. I can be bought. Feel free to send your offerings. All reasonable bribes will be considered.

    *Best Godfather voice* I will have to make you an offer… you cannot refuse.

  39. Yeah, so I’m pretty much voting All Deadspin. THis means, if you’re a deadspin commentator, i’m picking YOU! cmon guys, Suss and 289 need your help!

  40. Honestly Matt, I think it’s awesome. I have absolutely no chance against a rapid college fan base. I’m just surprised that they could stuff a ballot box that wasn’t, you know, an actual box.

  41. I don’t know if Rabid will take care of it Matty. The dude’s got 700 some votes and Ashley Judd is one of them.

  42. Flametown, where’s the help? Just because I didn’t go by Yostal as so not to be confused with Yost from MZone?

    The Hoover Street Rag, we’re small, and neutral, like Switzerland. No wait, we’re horribly partisan and small…

  43. Holly, because you hold pure the ethics of the bracket. And because I have no problem selling out for some bling.

    Oh man. I’m starting to sound like the Yankees front office.

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  45. The Kentucky community is rabid in its fervor and rapid in its ability to left-click. Getting their help was needed, as my pic had the misfortune on catching me with bad hair and a Brewers sweatshirt on…..never a winning combo

  46. Since Marco is kicking my ass as the 7 — congrats, by the way — I figured Id take a look around at the other 16s and see how I compared. MMP? Troy Nunes? Is that some Lady’s…favorite number or something, the 16s are stacked.

  47. Thanks, Dan. Holly is an admitted Sox fan, so I think that helped sway her vote. I wonder if I’m getting the votes because the rest of the Ladies are scared of her… something to do with a stabbing? I missed most of that, so maybe it was another of the Ladies…

  48. are the 12 seeds doomed, or do they have it made? There’s Jim Kelly (uh-oh), but then there’s Brady (now we’re talkin’). There’s Randall Cunningham, but then there’s Terry Bradshaw…

  49. Unrelated, Holly, a couple months back I seriously e-mailed Brandon Stokley asking for his autograph “for a friend.”
    @RedSoxStatsGuy—unlucky draw on your part, but it could have been worse…I pity the poor boys up against Leitch & Shanoff. You’ve got (seven or eight of) my vote(s)!

  50. You know, I was all set to rally the world’s largest living alumni population to my call, as I thought I was the only Michigan blogger in the field, and then I see that Caesar himself, Brian from MGoBlog, is in the Campbell Conference. So I can’t even make myself the defender of Michigan’s sacred and ancient honor…

    And to make matters worse, I actually really enjoy my opponent’s blog…

    [back to drawing board…]

  51. Awful Announcing… I’ve got to say that your profile looks an awful lot like mine. At first I thought it was me and didn’t recognize the picture. My wife thought it was me and didn’t recognize the hat “I” was wearing.

  52. Clearly something I should have submitted a picture before, if only to pull off a Duke and lose in the second round to an underdog.

  53. Go SHORTY!!!! You must uphold the honor of Extra P. (even if it is secondary to Bad Choice Milk) after I am gone!

    By the way, I never comment on Deadspin, but I did get to write some sparkling NCAA tournament profiles for Will this year. That ought to count for something.

  54. Well, far be it for me to cause trouble (ok, who am i kidding), but a little birdie who knows another little birdie who happens to have met a certain 8th seed claims that the posted pic is not entirely accurate.

    I’m just saying…

  55. I had questions after taking a closer look (the closer look being for obvious reasons) and decided to reach out to someone who’d be able to justify my reservations.

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  57. Outside of I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? and passive-aggressive note from friends, neighbours, coworkers, and strangers, none of the day’s “top” blogs deserve mention over Ladies…

    Seriously, wordpress needs to look at their game, girl.

  58. 289, sorry to see you are getting housed brother. But you had to know that would happen seeing as how there are only 5 last names in Kentucky.

  59. Wrap the base of the bottle in a towel. Hold the bottle horizontally and firmly and rhythmically pound it against the wall (base-first, of course). If you do it right, the cork will eventually come out far enough and you can pull it out. I was skeptical at first, but it worked.

  60. McBain – That is awesome. If I wasn’t already into my vodka tonic, I would totally open a bottle of wine tonight to try that trick.

    Ahh… trolls. What can you do, CF? You run a stellar site.

  61. While Dan L. has managed to narrow the gap some, we here at TC Campaign Headquarters (Motto: “I’ll look into it after rehearsal.”) have yet to consider the possibility of thinking about entering anything resembling a semblance of a panic mode.

    We have, however, sent an e-mail or two.

  62. Stan I have to agree with you…I will whore myself out to get TGOWF votes. Hey a mouth is a mouth bro. McBain I just tried that wine trick…. I have to take my poor dog to the vet hospital. Side note: It doesn’t work on bottles of whiskey.

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  64. [Gnawing cork] Grady Sizemore was one of two players in MLB history with 50 doubles, 10 triples, 25 HRs, and 20 stolen bases [working shoulders, moving down if the vibe is right]

    Anything, SportsGirl? Nothing? Alright, fine.

  65. Apparently your compiuter hasn’t caught up after tonights game.

    “Wang pitched a complete game with 104 pitches, giving up only one run to beat the Sox.”

    Now that’s a panty dropping sentence.

  66. 289, sorry to see you are getting housed brother. But you had to know that would happen seeing as how there are only 5 last names in Kentucky.

    I think it’s awesome. He’s only had to post that he needs votes three times on the first day of voting. I’m like Tubby Smith. Me against a whole state. I’m going to take my Championship trophy and go to Minnesota.

  67. i support you everything you do because anyone who attempts to be connected with the white house at 2am from the barstool in new york city. well sir, that is a true rock star!

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  69. 289, I voted for you despite your hatred of all things Indiana. Partly because of the awesomeness that is WithLeather, but mostly because I HATE Kentucky. While I won’t argue the excitement level of Indiana unless you love corn, soybeans and the spectacular awesomeness that is Gary (Wait, what?), we do currently have LadyAndrea so we have that going for us.

  70. Oh well, to make it even better, our brilliant (rolling eyes) governor sold that toll road to a group of foreign investors. So that lovely stretch of nothing isn’t even Indiana anymore. So I’ll let your hatred of I-90 slide, I don’t like it either.

  71. LA, just so long as you don’t put Kentucky up there, no problems. Any gal who’s willing to play in the mud for charity and then post pictures of it for our enjoyment is alright in my book. I don’t see Ashley Judd doing that. Take that Kentucky!

  72. You cant see my face I am ugly This is a hottness contest I suck.You cant even see my face .But Matt Jones has a face and oh yeah vote for Matt Jones He has a face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Nicely done Ladies – great brackets. This reminds me of when you see a picture of Casey Kasem for the time….

  74. Woah I never said anything about stripping, just playing in the mud. But, if you and Ashley want to have a strip off, I guess I could be persuaded to judge. :)

  75. Firm and rhythmic pounding against a wall? I missed firm and rhythmic pounding against a wall? Man, I have to stop doing this “work” thing. I miss all the good stuff.

  76. Does opening a bottle of wine without the aid of a corkscrew count for anything? Because I just did that. – McBain

    I imagine if you did it with your glutes, that would make a big difference.

  77. Andrea, let me tell you immediately why you beat Ashley Judd. You are six feet tall. End of story, ball game. Ashley Judd is an anorexic hobbit. And don’t try to convince us you didn’t throw the “outstrip Ashley Judd” line in there full well knowing what you were doing.

  78. good morning/afternoon to all..except the guy going up against tecmo bowl bo..that dude said he wants enemies and is openly campaigning for my opponent.. if i should happen to win my match, im gonna sit in the stands at the TBBJ/other guy game, scouting, and nodding my head approvingly as BoJack pulls away down the stretch and the players on the opposing bench hug and cry with towels over their faces. as always *hat tip* Ladies…

  79. And while 289 may make gifts for the ladies, he’s cut down his fellow male commenters one too many times for my liking. A little of your own medicine might do you good.

  80. Ever since I made my plea for more votes…the evil empire of Will Leitch has done another lap around me in the vote count. Perhaps, that was a bad idea.

    It’s time to take it to the next stage, figure out to sabotage/rig this poll system. I’ve got a call into the IT guy, we’ve got our best man on it.

  81. Thank you, ladies, thank you…although, you know, if I don’t make it to the second round, I’ll be too demoralized to make more posters…

  82. I’ll save you the time and help with mine:

    Red Sox hat: $15
    Red Sox American League Champs t-shirt: $15
    Using your 3-year old son to help you win a hot blogger competition: pathetic.

  83. MCB, if your poster helps Dan L overcome his deficit, I’ll be very unhappy. Unfortunately, it’s hilarious, so I won’t be able to hold a grudge very well. The 289 one made me laugh hard enough to concern my co-workers.

  84. Should I be jealous that I didn’t get a poster made of me. I think so.

    Also, I read that the 289 poster was hilarious, and I thought the moment would be lost. Nope, full on spit take.

  85. I made a bunch of pictures on like MCBias. It really is one of the funniest things around. If you get a chance to visit, read their posters. Just hysterical stuff really.

  86. Suss – Hmmm… I wonder what this button does…

    “Reset Results
    If you want to reset your poll results you can do so here. This will set all of your results back to zero. All information will be lost!
    Reset poll results

  87. Despite my best efforts to get out the vote, I’m still stuck with an 8 percent deficit.

    Anybody know any dead people who could vote in this thing? I’m desperate.

  88. can i just say i’m surprised at how classy a lot of the pictures are–aside from #8 there aren’t a whole lot of ‘look at my hot bod’ shots…but i do find humerous the number of photos that were sent in in which i think the blogger thought ‘hey let me send in this pic with [ insert name ] in it–that will score me some points’, for instance R.S.S.G with his son, Marco with his lady, and Shorty and his girlfriend–which I must say make a cute couple!

  89. You cant see my face I am ugly This is a hottness contest I suck.You cant even see my face .But Matt Jones has a face and oh yeah vote for Matt Jones He has a face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanted to make fun of the elementary school humor but then I realized we’re talking about Kentucky, we should just be happy it wasn’t a knock knock joke.

    A little of your own medicine might do you good.

    I must say I lauged out loud at that (even though I didn’t choose that picture, it was all Andrea) but laughed even harder at the irony of it coming from a guy who has trouble posting a picture of himself without something covering his face. Next time might I suggest one of these?

  90. Actually, the pic of Shorty is not with his girlfriend…as I said before…i sent the wrong pics, which is why i’m hoping for NEW PICS – NEW FEATURED POSTS for the second round…besides, my actual GF is much much cuter…

  91. Completely random thought of the day that will most likely end up as a blog entry and since this is still open, I’m posting it here, too:

    Does Nate Robertson’s fatigued arm have anything to do with Roger Clemens’ fatigued groin?


  92. Yostal, you hang out at TWoP? I haven’t been around in a while, but what’s your handle over there? I’m Miss Clare (real creative, I know).

  93. Oh, and while I’m kissing up to WL, Kevin works the weekend shift on WithLeather. Hardly anyone else is writing then, so I appreciate the content. Kevin, keep up the good work.

  94. Roger Clemens is whatever groinded way he wants to be, and you’re going to shut up and like it! And pay $28MM for it! Or, by god, he will buzz your head.

  95. Thanks mcbias – it’s good to know someone actually reads my posts. Your posters are brilliant!

    @ Texas Gal – I appreciate the compliment, but I can understand if your ballot went with your beloved Sawx.

    @ Red Sox Stats Guy – I can’t hold the Chief’s jock huh? Of course I can; laundry is one my duties as assistant editor.

  96. @ Clare – Not a whole lot. I read recaps, but I don’t post for fear of being sent to the TWoP Siberia. But they were having the contest in the middle of the summer last year and it was make your own Television Motivational Poster, and they even had the tool for Flickr, so I ended up making about 3 dozen of them, some of which were very well received.

  97. Hey, I just realized, I may be the only person in the tournament who actually was in the same collegiate graduating class as one of the athletes in the banner!

    Michigan Class of 2000 baby!

  98. I was in the same school as Brett Favre….The School of Hard Knocks!

    That was bad, but once I type anything I have to hit submit.

  99. Wow, AA, that is almost as bad as Mid-Major basketball announcers who go completely over the top when some sort of amazing last-second shot goes in during the NCAA tournament. Talk about awful announcing! Not that I would know anything about that…

  100. This poll makes me feel like Paris Hilton: I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I haven’t shaved or worked all week. I looked out my window a few hours ago and there were 3 dozen paparazzi out there waiting for me and 2 helicoptors circling overhead. I don’t dare go to TMZ to see what they’re saying about me or what they have for pictures. A cameraman snuck in through my back balcony earlier and snapped a picture of me in my boxers sitting at my computer, reloading the poll. He ran away screaming.

    4 votes separate me from DeBruin and I keep reloading it every second. It’s killing me!

  101. I never imagined a Manning Family Reunion blogger would make it to the wire in a first round matchup (since the blog died roughly 3 months after inception…8 months ago). Clearly I should have submitted a drunken photo.

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