Hit & Run: Quack Mother F**king Quack

The Anaheim Ducks are one win away from hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup, behind Andy McDonald‘s two goals. Wonder what they’ll do with it if (when?) they win. I’d like to drink out of the Stanley Cup someday.

Georgetown Hoya Roy Hibbert was invited to tryout for the U.S. heading down to the Pan-American Games in Brazil. Yeah, like any college male would turn down the chance to spend 16 days in Rio de Janeiro. He better stock up on condoms and sun tan lotion.

In NCAA Baseball, my Scarlet Knights fell to #25 Oregon State and exited the NCAA Baseball regional semifinals. Their 42 wins tied the school record for most in a year. On the Women’s side, Holly’s Lady Vols beat the Arizona Wildcats 3-0, behind the arm of Monica Abbott who, with 8 Ks in the game, became the first pitcher ever to record 700 (!) Ks in a season. The Yankees have already contacted her agent.

Speaking of the Yankees, they dropped last night’s game to the Chicago White Sox, coming off their thrilling victory over the Red Sox. Jim Thome and Paul Konerko each had HRs in the W over the Yankees. Roger, where are you? The Yankees need you!

Which way did he go, George?

If Billy Donovan indeed spurns the Orlando Magic to return to the arms of his accommodating mistress, UF, he may earn himself a temporary ban from the NBA. I wonder what exactly it was that made him change his mind.

Oh, Alex. $6 Gs? That’s all you spent on your wife after you were caught with a busted busty blonde? Tsk, tsk. At least Kobe spent 4 mil. For someone who makes as much as him, a 6K trinket is something he’d buy to his daughter, not a make-up present to his wife. I would’ve expected a 100K necklace from Harry Winston, Alex.

31 thoughts on “Hit & Run: Quack Mother F**king Quack

  1. Go Rutgers!!! (Oh they lost, what else is new?)

    A-Rod is such a douchebag. I would expect at least a million.

    One more thing, Monica Abbott is one of the fugliest people I’ve ever seen in my life. Woof!

  2. $6K probably doesn’t even buy a bemused glance over a bowl of Cheerios around the ARod household. I can’t wait for the divorce filings on this one.

  3. That’s just wrong – what is A-Rod’s wife thinking? Between the humiliation of being publicly cheated on (with an ugly stripper no less), and choosing to throw her pride out the window by forgiving him, the least she could demand is some serious jewelry. 6K in hotel jewelry does not an apology make.

  4. That picture of Hibbert is adorable. And make up gifts should really increase in value as your husband’s whores decrease in attractiveness. I’d be more embarrassed by what he cheated with than the fact that he cheated.

  5. Pam – I am so disappointed in Alfie and the rest of the Sens. They have everthing they need, (ok Emery could look a little sharper), to win this series. Loosing a game 4 at home? Unexcusable.

  6. TSW, from the start I thought the Ducks would win. But I’m really surprised that Alfie, Heatley, Spezza, and Co. can’t seem to do anything! What happened? Did they forget how to play? I refuse to believe Anaheim is that good. They’re not being shut down, they’re playing like crap, and there’s a difference. I’m bummed too, cause I hate the fucking Ducks.

    Ottawa choked in a home game 7 in 2003. I guess not much has changed.

  7. Pam – Maybe it was my ranting (and then apology) to the soccer fans that did it. (Although if we claim hockey broke DS they’ll kill us for sure.)

    You’re right though, it is like Ottawa is forgetting how close they’ve come the past few seasons. You’re supposed to build on it!

  8. if he meant “ladies CWS” it’s supposed to be “WCWS”, and believe me, there was no eye candy for men there.

  9. I actually blame Wade Redden for the Senators loss (and I’m usually defending him). He’s playing terrible. And seriously Jason Spezza could win a faceoff once in a while, grr. Also what the hell was going on with the Sens in that second period? I’m more angry at the Sens right now than I am sad that they are done.

  10. I haven’t really noticed the women. When I watch the games, I’m usu. wondering if they could strike out my dad’s softball team. I’ve decided that most of them can.

  11. MMFC, I assumed Monica Abbott was enough nightmare fuel to deem the series “unwatchable” from a male perspective. I guess I was wrong!

  12. MMFC, I see.

    I was rooting for DePaul (hello Big East!) And my school’s softball team is lucky when it breaks double digits in wins (although they had 20 this year). So I really don’t care who wins.

  13. I’ll cowboy up and say that I think Caitlin Lowe is hot…

    In the past 2 years she has flipped over a fence and broken her nose trying to save homeruns… that shit’s hot

    Plus she’s tiny and fast like a fairy..

  14. 6000 is pretty cheap. Granted Arod isn’t facing rape charges, but I would expect the jewelry to cost at least 5 digits.

  15. And a little love to the Michigan baseball team, beating the number 1 overall seed Vandy. Go blue.

    And I think I don’t like ARod even more. $6000 ain’t shit when you have the biggest contract of all time in baseball.

  16. There have been some hotties in the WCWS, even outside of Arizona’s model-lovely team.

    As for the Senators, Alfredsson turns to cheap shots on a Niedermayer brother and Emery decided to flop a little on Getzlaf. There is no excuse for losing like that when Chris Pronger gives you a gift by getting himself suspended for toolish behavior.

    (I say this as someone rooting for Anaheim. I picked them to win at the start of the Cup playoffs and have money riding on it.)

  17. Women’s softball teams tend to be a mixed blessing, or to be politic, a little bit (or a lot) for every taste. That said, I like my women’s sport coverage to consist of football (soccer) & volleyball… Uniformly sexy, but oh, so sexy in that sexiness.

  18. WCWS is smokin’ hot – just about all of Arizona, plus Lindsay Schutzler and a few others scattered around the other teams, is more than enough for eye candy.

    As long as you don’t stare directly at Monica, you’ll be okay. Think of her as British – pretty until she shows you her teeth.

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