Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

This headline was just too good to resist: Case of Beer Gets the Best of Parnevik’s Toe. It was about how pro golfer Jesper Parnevik went running into the cabin of his boat and jammed his toe on a case of beer. Seriously. That’s the whole story. It made me laugh too hard to pass up for the Hottie Hit n Run, so Jesper Parnevik, the Ladies salute you. We all like beer. It could have happened to anyone. [I Ran into a Case of Beer Once. It was called Case Races]

College Basketball Hottie Tyler Smith has decided to *sniff* leave Iowa and join the ranks of the awesome *sniff* program at Tennessee *sniff*. That’s great for him. I’m really excited that he’ll be close to his family and stuff. Tennessee has Bruce Pearl and, despite what some bitter Illini fans have to say, Pearl is a great coach and Tennessee is a great program. *Sniffle sniffle* Iowa will find a way to forge on without Tyler Smith. Somehow. *sniff* [Top Freshman Leaves the Land of Corn n Cows for Rocky Top]

The NBA Hotties San Antonio Spurs put a resounding beat-down on the Utah Jazz to secure a spot in the NBA Finals match-up. The Spurs will face the winner of the Cavaliers/Pistons series starting sometime next week. I don’t think anyone is terribly surprised that the Spurs won and frankly, I wouldn’t put my money on the winner of Cavs/Pistons to beat the Spurs in the finals. They’ve been very solid all along and the playoffs have been fairly boring since Boom Dizzle and his Warriors got knocked out. Go Cavaliers, I guess. [San Antonio is Spurred to Victory, Will Probably Rematch with Pistons. Whoopie.]

The QB Battle that is Holding the Nation Hostage has been narrowed down to three. Charlie Weis at Notre Dame says the battle to replace Hottie Brady Quinn is between Evan Sharpley, Jimmy Clausen and Demetrius Jones, leaving sophomore Zach Frazer out in the cold.  The College Football World is all a-twitter. Somehow Clausen, who seems pretty full of himself, is claimed as “the most highly-touted player to arrive at Notre Dame since Ron Powlus in 1993.” Clausen enrolled at Notre Dame in January after graduating from high school early. Hmmmm. I guess we’ll see next year, won’t we Jimmy? [In the Hotness Department, Jimmy Clausen Can’t Carry Brady Quinn’s Jock]

23 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

  1. No, but that would be cool. I was working on a post for “If I Ran…” and was linking it back to my own blog, and I couldn’t resist a quick run through my blog surfer.

  2. What has become of Jesper Parnevik? He once was a very good golfer on the PGA Tour. Nowadays he’s best known for introducing Tiger Woods to his eventual wife Elin. Elin was Jesper’s kids’ nanny.

  3. lets just get it out there:

    Jimmy Clausen = Ugly Douchebag

    Enjoy ND’s cream-puffed defense
    (not that I dont love Zibby, but he bounces off defenders more easily than pins off a bowling ball.)

  4. Okay…just to clarify, are we saying that Jimmy is the creep? Not Zib, I hope (bless his consistently burned little heart). Have you guys seen that pic of Jimmy in the microkini? I’d be happy to send you a copy…my only copy…just to get it off my computer.

    P.S. I’d also be happy to send you several different shots of TE John Carlson’s backside to include in your pantheon of ND backsides. It’s positively beefy!

  5. Well, at least if you date Jimmy you will always be assured of having plenty of hairgel. That press conference he gave was absolutely ridiculous. I could have tenderized steak with that ‘do.

  6. Ah, yes- the Clausen speedo picture. Nothing says “able to command a high-powered offense” like posing with two of your buddies in tiny little speedos. Then again, after those Brady-buddy pics, the speedo picture looks quite tame.

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