Hump Day Hottie: Grady Sizemore

Sometimes, you just need to give the people what they want. Considering the vast number of hits we get from searches for “Grady Sizemore”- there are a ton of people out there in need of some Grady, stat. I am here for y’all- with a whole mess of photos of the (almost) 25 year-old Seattle native- who sports eye black on a regular basis and wears his pants high-cuffed (as it should be).

Grady still drives his baby blue 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible to his day job as the All-Star centerfielder for the Cleveland Indians. He’s also a very shy guy (who spurns endorsements because he doesn’t like the spotlight), loves watching movies and documentaries- and could have played college ball as the QB at UDub (and the NFL?). But he choose four years in the minors over four years in college- and it looks like that decision was the right one. Cleveland sure thinks so.

Tons more Grady loveliness, after the jump…

Edited to add 4 additional photos from wwi_flying_ace_17!

Edited again: BowdenBowdenBowden tipped us that you can win an afternoon playing wiffleball with Grady. That is not a euphemism.

EDIT: These four lovelies are courtesy of wwi_flying_ace_17:

Thanks to anyone and everyone who took these lovely photos of Grady!

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Pitched four years for the Philadelphia Athletics, and then played shortstop for seven years for the Montreal Expos. Taught Rickey Henderson to steal a base. Taught Nolan Ryan to throw a punch. Taught Mickey Mantle to drink a beer. Threw one seven-hitter and seven no-hitters. Wonderboy was my creation, and first Jobu shrine was in my locker. Often called "the next Dustin Pedroia". Always wear high socks and eyeblack. Prefer to slide headfirst.

160 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Grady Sizemore

  1. He is so pretty! That second picture is my favorite – those lips, those eyes, that jaw! Swoon.

    Love the dimples, too.

  2. Grady Sizemore: doing great things for my fantasy team and my libido. Yow.

    On a mostly-unrelated note, have you Ladies… considered David Dellucci for a Mickey Mantle award spot? I quite enjoyed his assets during this week’s Sunday Night Baseball.

  3. When you compare any baseball player to Jeter, you have to do so with the tried and true “Taco Hole” method:

    “Grady Sizemore’s Taco Hole” = Kinda weak.

    “Derek Jeter’s Taco Hole” = Classic.

    I rest my case.

  4. Shorty: I used to have a ridonkulous crush on Jeter when I was in high school.

    But Grady’s hotter than Jeter.

    Bristlesage: Dellucci is all kinds of hot.

  5. I think TSW is the only one who would or could ever do the “Bringing the Heat” post for the Yanks, because all of the rest of us dislike that team so very much. Thank goodness for her!

    And yes, as a Phillies fan, I know and love the view from behind when David Dellucci is on the field. When he and Aaron Rowand and Pat Burrell were all in the OF together…. sigh.

  6. Any comparison of this incredible specimen of a man to Jeter should result in a penalty of some sort. Seriously. Heinous.

  7. Right, Pam? Stupid internet, always letting us down in our hour of need.

    Metschick, you’re saying you’re The Todd of the Ladies…?

    Dellucci + Burrell + Rowand = a case of the chills. Yeah.

  8. And he’s been fantastic for my fantasy team.

    Fantasy baseball.

    Dammit. I think “fantasy team” means something altogether different around here.

  9. Mmmm…. fantasy team….

    Speaking of fantasy- I agree, Pam: someone needs to investigate why no shirtless photos of Grady exist. This is a travesty.

    And bristlesage: unreal, right? I mean, there are lots of hottie OFs, but all that heat in ONE outfield? Un-fucking-believable.

  10. As a Heterosexual Male in his mid-late 20’s, I need to ask myself why am i getting involved in a dispute over Grady Sizemore and Derek Jeter…

    Shorty —- Jeter

  11. Texas Gal: as I think I’ve noted here before, I root for the A’s, so I know from hotness on the field. But I admit my team must try harder to impress me now that I’ve considered that outfield.

    Metschick: it’s good to know that you’ve got the sense god gave a goose. Common sense five!

  12. excuse me ladies, but according to the filenames on those pics, you are missing Grady08, Grady09, Grady12 and Grady13

    Stop hiding the shirtless ones!!!!!!!!!

  13. I thought Jeter was hot in high school, but then I just got sick of him.

    Grady, yowza! I still can’t believe there are no shirtless pics of him either.

    Also, thanks to whoever mentioned The Todd. I love a Scrubs reference!

    Did I really just type yowza?

  14. Where’d my previous comment go?

    Thank you for the Sizemore pictures. No matter how bad of a day I’ve had, I can usually count on the Ladies to make me smile.

  15. Two of my favorite pics aren’t posted, but I do have them saved on my computer.

    And please tell me that nothing is wrong with a single 24 year old woman having pictures of random hot athletes saved on her hard drive.

  16. Shorty1321… I just have to clarify on that Toledo Blade article. Not trying to interrupt the drooling over the sexy, lol.

    Michelle wasn’t killed over Grady. Her father told the Plain Dealer that any reports like that were “a joke” and that he didn’t want anything like that getting back to Grady.

  17. I’m just going to say that grady04.jpg is certainly nice. (The Ladies… give us a post chock full o’ Grady on my birthday! I’m going to just assume this is partially for me, even though they don’t know me from Adam. :) )

    I’m not understanding the Dellucci thing, though. Maybe it’s ’cause I’m an Indians fan and also have to put up with the dude’s inability to hit, but he just isn’t doing it for me.

  18. Happy Birthday Ang! And I contend that it is the universe rewarding you with good Grady karma on your bday.

    On Dellucci: he has an extraordinarily fine butt. He’s ok looking otherwise, and obviously tends towards the too-muscular side of the spectrum… but that butt? WHOA. Rowand and Burrell have world-class butts, so the triple-team of those three was unbelievable to view from seats out in the outfield.

  19. Texas Gal: So, I should report back after sitting in the outfield bleachers this weekend and let you know if I’ve seen the light? (Boy, in this context does “seeing the light” sound like a euphemism.) :)

  20. Good to know I’m normal :)

    Who do I email the pictures to? I don’t know where I got them, but I would be glad to email them to someone.

  21. Ang: yes, definitely. Take your time and examine the evidence- you will be converted.

    WWI: send ’em to me, and I’ll add them to the post:

    Ian: First poor Grady gets compared to Jeter, and now A-Rod… this guy can’t catch a break! (and for the record, no way- no one cheats like A-Rod)

  22. Texas Gal, I just emailed some more pictures.

    I am debating if I am obsessed with this guy.

    And if Grady does have a lot of women on the side, at least he isn’t married and have a kid like A-Rod.

  23. They show the commercial for the wiffle ball contest all the time when they air Indians games on Sport’s Time Ohio. Needless to say, I entered the moment I saw it. My application says if I win Grady will come to my backyard or local park and play ball with the kids. Kids, saucy college girls, they’re pretty much the same, right?

  24. The last one… the smile, plus the eye black… yum.

    And I have no problem with him being an Indian, because they don’t like the White Sox. THe enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  25. So Texie, you spend your time dreaming of a triple-team of Rowand, Burrell and Delucci? You really DO like baseball.

  26. If steagles wins that contest, we will have a full post in her honor, with photos of the blessed event. Bonus if you have luge shots at the party.

    And Radioman: until today, I had never considered the wonderment of such a triple-team. I will not soon forget.

  27. All I can say is I remember Grady from middle school…and he was always the kindest and cutest guy to have around!! I am so happy to be able to continue to watch him become so successfull. He deserves the very best!!

  28. I’ve always been an indian fan, but since Grady came around its more of an obsession now! derek jeter is ewwwww. NO ONE compares to grady. and now i hate that the browns have brady quinn because its all about “Grady’s or Brady’s ladies!?!?” grady is amazing..thats all i can say. im pretty bummed out though because i was at the players parking lot and he was driving with some girl. :[ INDIANS + GRADY = 2012 AND HOPEFULLY FOREVERRRR!!

  29. So, Grady Sizemore is PERFECT. His lips are so plump and delicious. OMG. And he’s an AMAZING outfielder. And by the way, whoever said he’s indian, he’s not. He’s half black.


  31. omg grady’s so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one even compares to him. and brett stop trying to be ool to inpress the ladies i mean like for real that wasn’t even funny. so you need to go get a life and stop judging how big his ding dong is.

  32. grady & jeter cannot even be in the same discussion when talking about terms of hottness. actually they cant be in the same discussion at all. jeter is that far out of grady’s league. grady trumps jeter in every category!!!

  33. yep! just because jeter gets to date celebrities…scarlett johannson, mariah carey, vanessa manillo, jessica alba, jessica biel and the list goes on doesnt mean hes hot! he obviously gets women because he likes to be the center of attention. grady is a true baseball player and doesnt show off his talent to get women. i also get to see him tomorrow at the game, hopefully i dont see that girl he was with last time. :(

  34. i still like my boyfriend Brady M. though he cute but Grady’s SEXY my boyfriend knows i love Grady Sizemore but hopefully when i brake up with Brady he won’t think i will say Brady’s sexy when i say Grady’s sexy=O


  36. oh yeah my fav pic is definetly the fourth one up from the bottom. he has his sunglasses on his hat. and he’s smiling. GOD!!! could he be anymore attractive????? i dont think so….. he’s perrrrfect…..

  37. TaylorSizemore, I think that person meant he would look better if he didn’t PLAY for the Indians.(Wasn’t an Indian) And I agree. Though somehow I can’t see the adjustment to black and white. GO SOX!

  38. well taylor? uhm. you cant TRULY love grady if you dont love the indians also….cause he IS an indian… sooo… that doesnt quite work. how could he look better playing for the fag sox? he’s ALREADY the most perfect beautiful man playing on the hottest baseball team EVER~…. :)

  39. You guys are soooooooooooooooooooooooo right. He is GORGEOUS. Bad News? He’s not single, he has a girlfriend. There are pics of him with her at the 2007 All-Star Game in SAN FRAN. :(

  40. I don’t normally watch the Tribe but happened to check out last night’s playoff game. This guy is VERY good looking. Terrific lips. Wow…the future of MLB is looking better all the time.

  41. Oh my. I saw him bat up for the first time on tonights game against the Yankees. I’m a New Yorker and of course Yankees fan but o-m-g. When I saw him. Wow He’s definitely hot. That jaw line and those lips. Goodness. I just had to google him! I need more pics! :D Thanks for these up there.

  42. kp: I’m a displaced NYer and a longtime Yankees fan. Didn’t mention that previously because apparently that’s not a popular affiliation on this board. I don’t really have a thing about any “our guys,” just root for the team because I always have done so. It’s fun to check out the assets on the other teams. :-)

  43. He is the cutest thing on the planet. I’m a Yankee fan and discovered Grady for the first time on Thursday evening. But truthfully….Jeter and Rodriguez dont hold a candle to Grady. He has an unpretentiousness that is so endearing. I dont remember Jeter or ARod ever having that.

  44. Grady is the hottest thing out there fersure. I wish the Yankees would buy his ass. Talk about HOT! The Yankees already sizzle, imagine if Grady became a Yankee? wooo hoooo They couyld play ball all winter.

  45. ok that is theeee LAST thing you say on a page like this with a bunch of TRIBE fans..and our amazing centerfielder, “Luki”. Yeah we all know he is HOTT and that he is an amazing baseball player, but he will NEVER be a yank so drrreeeeeaaaaaaammm onn! we’re gonna beat the hell outta u guys tonight. and the yanks DONT sizzle, screw daemon or however u spell his last name…and a-rod belongs in seattle. wow, that leaves a derek jeter and im goin with DAWXCN522 on the potato-head statement. haha…nice overthrow last night and roger clemens…send him to the’s time to say goodbye. and quit using the bullshit hamstring injury. it’s called “time to go grandpa, with you aches and pains”

    GO TRIBE BABY. WE’RE GOING ALL THE WAY! HERE WE COME BOSTON. we’ll be ready friday…for sure.

  46. if only he were in yankees uniform…..that would be even moooore hotter…

    but he is still soooo …..sooooooooo….sooooooooooooo sexy wow.

  47. Even though I’ve already seen this post…seeing it again is like a Grand revelation all over again. I can’t stand Cleveland, but…what a delicious man.

    That smile….SWOOON!!!

  48. This is only place I could find really hot pics of Grady. As I life long Red Sox fan, I can’t cheer for the Indians against the Sox but I’m hoping it goes 7 games just so I can see a little more of Grady this postseason.

  49. Jeter has a potato head…LMAO! He DOES!!
    ARod has those delicious eyes (God, did I just type that!!? I am a lifelong Tribe fan!) but Grady is so freakin’ hot.

    This is the second time I’ve checked out this post, and I think I just wet myself…again!

    Thanks to the Ladies for those delicious pictures of the little hottie here in Cleveland.

  50. To all that want to revel in the wonder that is Grady (First and foremost his playing ability and heart) and in his beauty, check out my site:

    Media page, photo gallery, forum, articles, bio, links, etc. I’ll be updating it later this evening as well. If you use anything from it anywhere, please give credit to my site and also credit to any source I may have cited.

  51. Yeah, if I weren’t already a Sox fan, Grady would be enough to turn me into a die-hard Tribe fan. Damn, man. My trying to explain his attractiveness wouldn’t come close to doing him justice.

  52. he is just as hot as you girls would imagine without clothes on, trust me! boxer briefs on that model body….there are girls out there who would pay millions to be me!

  53. God… I hate being a Red Sox fan sometimes… I love my team, but how can I cheer against such incredible hotness, even in the ALCS? grr…

  54. I will be cheering full-tilt for all that hotness, even though the Tribe beat my Yankees. Grady transcends affiliation.

    And btw- people who think Jeter has a misshapen head (um, what?)- check out the warped noggin on Kevin Youkilis. I believe that Kevin Millar said that his head scares little children.

  55. Anyone who thinks Derek Jeter has a potato head doesn’t know true hotness. It’s his love for the game, amazing butt, and beautiful green eyes that makes him the sexxiest baseball player of all time. And you guys need to get a job! Derek call me you know the number by now

  56. oh mannn im the biggest jeter and yankee fan!!
    and the BIGGEST boston HATERRRR!

    but grady oh man !
    not only is he a great baseball player hes amazingly cutee

    but no one can replace DEREK JETER. <3

  57. mmmm… im no indians fan, but my obsession with Grady is huge! i have pix of him all over my dorm, and i swear ill meet him someday.. <3 gorgeous!

  58. i know someone who used to work as an usher down at the jake, and she got to see Grady even closer than I did(DAMN)i’ve seen him play! Anyway, she said he’s really really nice!! He said hi to her!! Oh man!! SIGH!! i would to meet him too !! he seems really cool!! i went to a game once and I made a poster for him got on the Jumbo tron( thanks grady) I think he saw me? I hope so! i thnk he looked up towards my way!! They look to see right? Oh well Only in my dreams…


  60. Im actually a padre fan since i am from SanDiego, but its pokay to love a player whos not on your fav. mlb team… right(: I love you grady!!!!…. where ever you are!!!! <3

  61. I live in Cleveland and he makes it soooooooooooo much better and i am an indians fans and now i am an even bigger indians fan

  62. Grady is soooooooooo charming and on top of that if he is shy ( like it is written above!!) ….totally my kind of MAN!!!!
    Grady , tu es trop charmant!!!! :)
    from a totally under the charm French Fan……….. :)

  63. Grady is amazing!!! I have never seen a baseball player with such talent look SO good. I love going to jacobs field and watching the indians play. I have always been a fan but now I NEVER miss a game with Grady on the team. He seriously is the hottest man I have ever seen. I LOVE YOU GRADY!!!!

  64. He is such a hottie! When I first saw him in the playoffs, I became a Indians fan….he is so pretty and that ass! I would love to see him naked….theirs is no one else in the baseball world now that is finer than him…I guaranteed it!

  65. Eh. I don’t think Grady is particularly gorgeous.

    -hides behind Jacoby-

    I mean, he’s good-looking, and not to mention a great player (BASEBALL player, ladies), but I think he sometimes looks like a fish. Or a stoned rodent. Or both, for that matter. I mean, have you SEEN his roster photo for ’07?

    Also, he’s on the Indians. That makes him automatically less hot.

  66. Hey Hey Hey “Liza Says” ..
    Um, that comment about the Indians..was LOW.
    They’re awesome, not to mention 2007 A.L. Central Champs..
    who is the heck are you rooting for?? you probably don’t even like baseball.

  67. Okay, YES, hes hot but i think Jacoby has soooo much more to offer… LIKE A WORLD SERIES!! Not to mention he looks WAY WAY WAY hotter

  68. Grady Sizemore is the hottest guy in baseball…he may be no Derek Jeter but listen I don’t care about Derek Jeter.Grady is humble and he’s not high on himself.Also I’ve never seen him spit or chew anything.He’s a clean guy and I love him for it!Derek Jeter doesn’t come anywhere close to Grady’s hotness!

  69. I would love to see him shirtless or down to his boxers….
    These pics are alright but I would prefer him wearing less lol.

  70. Grady is by far my favorite baseball player. not only is he one of the sexiest men, he has alot of talent. He can play that sport like no tomorrow. The pictures of him are great! He is Sexy! Grady sure puts a smile on my face.

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  72. well i dont even care if the indians are sucking it up right now cause i love them still. and grady is still the hottest guy to walk this earth..=)


  73. According to Grady’s exgirlfriend, she says his name actually should be “Grady SIZELESS” if you catch my drift. No joke.


  75. Come on now, people, lol. Don’t be so gullible as to believe anything and everything you read on the internet. Anyone can come on here an nearly anonymously post whatever they want to screw with people.

  76. The indians should trade him to the Mariners (for Ichiro) so that Grady could come back home-it would be a perfect fit as the Ms need all the help they can get and the Indians could use an Ichiro caliber player to make a playoff push next year.

  77. btw ladies, Im single and I kinda look like Grady and Im athletic (6’3″ 210) – and I live in the Seattle area too!! Feel free to drop me a line…

  78. he is soooo fine hes an awesome baseball player ohhh my god he is hotttt grady will you go to homecoming with me i promise you wont forget it.

  79. he is soooo fine hes an awesome baseball player ohhh my god he is hotttt grady will you go to homecoming with me i promise you wont forget it.

  80. Grady is so damn HOT!!! esp. love the pic of him sitting down in his shorts and baseball socks..only Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals is hotter

  81. Grady sizemore is BIRACIAL. His father is American Negro and his mother an American caucasoid. In other words… white folks he is still a NIGGER. Hot as fuck, though! Delicious, truly!

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