I was just about to go to sleep when I heard over WFAN that the NY Post had caught A-Rod red handed with a “mystery blonde”.  Of course, I had to check that out – and yup, there it is, splashed all over the NY Post. 

No way am I naive enough to be suprised that A-Rod is possibly cheating on his wife.  As a matter of fact, I’m not even outraged.  I don’t know exactly what it is, but I guess since these things happen so often in marriages involving celebrities and athletes, that it’s almost par for the course. 

It still must suck for the wife.  However, knowing A-Rod, he probably took the blonde to his room, and struck out.  No, that joke doesn’t work that well this early in the season, does it?

Go to the NY Post for all the salacious details: he stayed at the Four Seasons while the majority of the team stayed at the Park Hyatt! they had dinner together and then went to a strip club! they got into an elevator together! 

80 thoughts on “BUSTED!

  1. Actually, I hear A-Rod was looking good until the blonde said “take me home and fuck me”…at which point he lost his erection and was left sobbing in the champagne room.

  2. A baseball player cheating while on a road trip? What’s next, dogs lying down with dogs, cats lying down with cats? The end is near, I tell ya!

  3. “Rodriguez, who was wearing his wedding band, was casually dressed in jeans and a white, short-sleeved T-shirt featuring a large fleur-de-lis on its left arm.”

    a large fleur-de-lis. almost like prom night, except the post is that group of girls calling you a slut.

  4. “Even A-rod couldn’t have struck out Sunday night with a sure thing!!”

    “A-rod didn’t need any help getting past third Sunday night!”

  5. If that’s the way A-Rod treats his dates, I wish he’d take me out every once in a while. Steak, strippers and sex!!!

  6. indiaknow: now that you mention it, am I totally making up rumors that A-Rod and his wife were into swing clubs? I could be. I’ve been known to do that.

  7. The kid did this all the time in Seattle, when he was there. He’s never been a one lady a year guy…he can barely stay faithful for 1 month. He was born a slimeball.

  8. drama drama drama…. i’m glad i’m not with a celebraty!!! but then again… the same thing seems to happen whether you’re famous or not. stupid men.

  9. Leave the guy alone! He wants to go out and have a good time, he’s allowed to do that. If he wants to bang the girl on the pitchers mound of Yankee Stadium, he is allowed to do that.
    Guess what? His wife is the only one who needs to be concerned. And guess what else? She didn’t marry A-Rod because she loved the color of his eyes. Unless his eyes happen to be green too.
    Go get ’em A-Rod. The season’s a bust, so tap into whatever you can.

  10. i had a friend who dated a major leaguer… they went out as a couple with other ball players who were all bringing their mistresses. they’re just nuveau sailors.

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  12. come on, let’s not jump to conclusions.Maybe there was nothing going on btween him and the girl.Maybe they were just doing something harmless, like sexual intercourse or something :)

  13. if the post publishes it then it must be true! and im glad this was on the front page since nothing else is really going on in the world. its not like we are in a war or anything. but what am i saying, pics of arod and some bimbo deserve to be on the front page more than a story about 7 of our soldiers dying in a chopper crash in afghanistan or some guy traveling around with TB.

  14. What you got agianst people living there lives

    He can do whatever he please, and we can make fun of him for it. Tis life in the spotlight.

    No one here is villainizing A-Rod. After all, he’s hardly the first or last athlete to cheat, if he in fact did cheat. But it’s fun to speculate.

    stay away bc its not your proplem

    Stay away? Okaaaay.


    How in the world did a news item in the freakin’ New York Post somehow become the fault of Metschick? She’s just the messenger, y’all- she didn’t write the article.

  16. well I think each and everyone has their own individuality and personal freedom, whether itz a celebrity or a non-celebrity. The thing is news come to limelight when it is done by a celebrity, all other involments of blondes go unnoticed and the feelings of ‘sucked’ wives never comes to our notice. So what I mean to say is just leave it with them and do whatever they like…..

  17. Hey Metschick. I’ll bet you $20 that all of these haters that are commenting are the same bitches that were in that bar in Toronto that got passed over for the big armed blonde. Women scorned, as they say.

  18. Why is this news to everyone??? I remember reading YEARS ago about him cheating on his wife and his wife forgiving him. ONCE A CHEATER – ALWAYS A CHEATER — and she’s simply a dumb bitch for staying with him!

  19. I don’t think there is anything here at all just another campaign smear. I am sure A-Rod was just showing this admiring fan his bat and balls.

  20. Why WordPress has highlighted this blog as one of note is a freakin’ mystery to me. Who really cares? Well, I know many of you all do, or at least seem to, but the “famous” people you are spending your precious, one-shot life on don’t give a darn about any of you–and never will. At least I got to read “salacious” in the original post. Thanks, metschick.

  21. it’s just another sign that we live in a very sick society. Unfortunately, nothing is sacred…especially not marriage. God must be very sad.

  22. Metschick – might want to follow up – the marriage is estranged and both might be dating…>

    Bummer -divorce might mean he has only 125 million to give to the U…

  23. Guiven Stray-Rod’s ten-year $250 million contract with the New York Yankees, one must wonder how much he’ll have to pay Cynthia in alimony, for let’s face it: The Rodriguez’s will be getting divorced.

    And it could be the nastiest-ever divorce involving a professional athlete. There could be more skeletons in Stray-Rod’s closet that would be revealed during a divorce case.

    This will also serve as a major distraction to the Yankees, and could accelerate the team’s spiral towards the bottom of the standings.

    Before the season began, many expected the Yankees would win the 2007 World Series.

    But when the 2007 season ends, the Yankees could end-up with the worst record in the league.

  24. “Alex is human.”
    – TheNaturalMevs

    No, humans are better in the clutch. A-Rod is like some sort of cyborg specifically designed to fail in the post-season.

    As for him cheating, celebrities (especially athletes) have set the bar so low in terms of morality… Alex would have to get drunk on national television while wearing a dominatrix outfit and snorting a line of blow off Steinbrenner’s ass before we could really be shocked. Simply cheating on your wife is small beans (unfortunately). We’re a culture desensitized to athletic misbehavior.

  25. A-Rod is a disgrace not only to the Latino community, but to think that there are little boys out there who are baseball fans that idolize him. I hope his wife divorces him and cleans him out!

  26. i just accidentally stumbled on this so called ” a-rod fumes wife with a blond” news. i just shrug my shoulder. some say a cheater is a loser. well, a lot loser if he’s caught with a “guy” (LOL) but he’s with a blond! so what. so long as that blond is a woman (which a-rod only knows and no one else) then as i said so what. relax. give him the bat and make homeruns and a ring. A-ROD: dismount. caramba man. show as a RING. i dont care about your blonds. just play ball will ya! to your wife, buy her 14 m diamond ring like kobe (LOL)

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