Hit & Run


Quack-quack, mofos.  The Anaheim Ducks win 3-2 over the Ottowa Senators to go up 1-0 in the Stanley Cup finals.  Hottie Ryan Getzlaf scored a goal, and hottie Rob Niedermayer did something or other.  I’m sorry, I read about the win, but I don’t understand most of it! C’mon, hockey peoples – what is two-way play? However, I do know a hottie when I see one:


The San Antonio Spurs took Game 4 to go up 3-1 over the Utah Jazz – but if there are no hotties on the Spurs, did that game really happen?  Okay, so that’s not true: Deron Williams is a total cutie and he played very well while battling the flu. Anyone want to volunteer to take him some chicken soup?


 In NCAA lacrosse, the Johns Hopkins Blue Jays beat the Duke Blue Devils and win the NCAA lacrosse championship.  I couldn’t possibly care less about lax, but I spied some cuties so there ya go.

We'z in the dugout, suckin' rilly bad.

Meanwhile, over in the AL East, the Yankees continue to stumble through the month of May. With last night’s loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, they are now 13.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox, tied for last place with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays – and I think they’ll continue this wretched play until The Starter Wife lets them (and all of us) know which Yankees Hotties bring the heat.

Hill is on the left, #91.

Sad news out of the NFL: the body of Marquise Hill was found in Lake Ponchtrain, New Orleans, a day after a jet ski accident. He had been a member of the Patriots, and was drafted in 2004 out of LSU – he had also been a member of the 2003 LSU championship team. He was 24.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Hill family and friends.

18 thoughts on “Hit & Run

  1. Janalee – I cannot, cannot believe that was just game one. No way two teams that don’t play each other that often have that much heat between them… it’s crazy.

    EDIT – And Metsy – A two-way player is someone who can make significant plays on offensive and defense.

  2. Also in this weekend’s sporting action:

    1. The Yankees are in the toilet.
    2. Braves get swept over the weekend.
    3. Braves get swept by the Phillies over the weekend.

    That’s not a comedy pyramid, that’s a happiness pyramid.

  3. “two way play”

    I’m sure your hotties will show you how they break your zone trap with their two-way play.

  4. um, you dont break a trap w/ two-way play, you create one…

    /devils fan

    not that i dont appreciate euphemisms, however.

  5. Clare: the Phillies sweeping the Braves was almost as good for me as the Mets sweeping the Marlins. And the Angels sweeping the Yankees. It was a great baseball weekend all around.

  6. Unless you were a Pirates fan, teased with the idea of sweeping the Reds and then getting your heart crushed yet again.



  7. Can’t believe nobody said it, since it’s Her signature line, & She wrote this Hit & Run… But, yes — hoc-key??

  8. TSW: I was watching that game yesterday afternoon (why the hell weren’t the Mets or the Yankees playing a day game in NYC yesterday?!), and saw that Freel injury – so scary!

    But the Buccos did good in taking 3 of 4. Sure you want to see them put down the hammer, but you gotta takes what you gets.

  9. Mets, you and I might be on opposite sides of the NL East divide, but there’s one thing we can come together for, and that’s hating the Braves.

  10. The Braves are the Yankees of the NL. Everyone (except Braves fans) can join in on that fun.

    Also, I thank you Metsy for keeping me apprised of NBA and NHL developments- because I am woefully ignorant in those departments.

    Rob is hot.

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