Hump Day Hottie: Erik Ainge

For the first time, a college kid is getting the call up to our big leagues… Erik Ainge, this is your time to shine. This senior QB for the mighty Volunteers of Tennessee has overcome lots of adversity- namely, that he was born and raised in Oregon, and not anywhere in the South. This didn’t hamper his development into a fine example of what a Southern QB should be- just check out how well he fills out those white game pants. As a freshman, he broke Peyton Manning’s freshman TD record at UTenn. But in this offseason, he underwent surgery on his knee- and Vol fans have some concerns what that means for the 2007 season. I know of at least one Vol around these parts who’d be more than happy to help him rehab…

Oh, and yeah, he’s related to Danny Ainge- he is Erik’s uncle. More Erik loveliness after the jump…

And how about some art?

14 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Erik Ainge

  1. You know, I usually end up with ice cream on my torso when I eat it, but I think it is for a completely different reason. Sculpted is not often a term used….

  2. he is so hott.

    sarah, c’mon, you didn’t really date him, did you? he said that his girlfriend right now is the only girl he’s ever dated..

  3. hahah why am I looking at this, this is my history teachers son lol. So wrong. But anyways you guys he’s not dating anyone. Mr.Ainge talks about him all the time he is single.

  4. This is so hard to wrap my head around… I went to High School at Glencoe High with Eric! Seriously! I can’t believe I’m one of those people that knows a celeb!

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