Hit & Run: P.M. Edition


Clinton Portis and Chris Samuels are in Michael Vick’s corner, as they pooh-pooh the idea of dog-fighting being a crime.  They joked and giggled through an interview, even comparing dog fighting to what goes on at “Animal Planet”. Yeah, that’s the same thing. Guys, you’re hotter if you keep your mouths closed.


Over in East Rutherford, Jason Kidd claims that he would understand if Vince Carter leaves the Nets. He’d understand, but I bet you he wouldn’t like it. (Jefferson is so upset at the possiblity of Carter leaving that he didn’t even attend his exit interviews.*)

My favorite NASCAR driver, Juan Pablo Montoya, is not just a hothead on the track, but on the green as well. There’s cursing, balls all over the place, tons of humor – I really want to go golfing with J.P.

Everyone’s going nuts about LeBron’s decision to pass rather than shoot at the end of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. I won’t pass judgment, though, mostly because I didn’t watch the game. And I don’t care all that much.

Billy Wagner and the Mets are sending a shipment of t-shirts to Iraq with a picture of Wagner pitching, for the “Sandmen” of the 332nd Expeditionary Medical Group.  Wagner, through emails and other communication with Air Force Major Warren Kadrmas, found out that Kadrmas and other surgeons use “Enter Sandman” as their theme music when performing surgery. I love these kinds of stories.

* Probably isn’t true.

20 thoughts on “Hit & Run: P.M. Edition

  1. I never thought I’d see the day when Clinton Portis would be classified as a hottie. Somehow, this development is more disturbing than TSW and the Big Unit, or Andrea and Julian Tavarez.

  2. Hey! If Clinton Portis says “dog fighting is O.K.” then I’m setting up kennels in the backyard and will quickly begin taking bets on the first round of Miniature Doberman vs. Daschund With a Bad Hip.

    “Balls all over the place”? I had to read that a few times MetsChick before I understood you were referring, of course, to golf balls and… uh… not something else.

  3. First Fernando Alonso and now J.P.Montoya? He’s got to be the chubbiest racing driver of all time for goodnessake…

    Ah well… if he’s hot then good for him.


  4. You know why I will never stop reading this website? Because it may be the only place on the internet to which I can direct people, saying, “SEE? Someone else does so think Randy Johnson’s hot!” And for that, I will be eternally grateful.

    Also, now that I’ve started, I can’t stop getting my daily dose of Tight Pants.

  5. MC – I’ll follow you over most commentaristic hills-n-dales but I gotta break away here. Montoya is a class A douchebag.

    I’ve really been trying to pull for him since the beginning of the year, but everytime he goes and does shit like that, its someone else’s fault.

    If he’d just cowboy up and say “Ya know guys, I really dont know what the hell I’m doing in a stock car just yet, my bad”… well then maybe… but shit like this (after causing a 7 car first lap wreck) :

    “The only person I wrecked was the 38, get over it.”

  6. TG: A purple wig and COOL glasses? How is that not hot?

    Pam: I think Jefferson and Carter are cute. Don’t know what it is…

    TGC: He is a douchebag, but for some reason I still like him. I wish he wouldn’t shift blame, and instead be all “Yeah, I caused the wreck, what you gonna do about it?”

  7. Metsy, my dear- I once trusted you as having the most infallible taste when it came to hot athletes. Now that you’ve stamped Clinton Portis with the “Hottie Seal of Approval”, I am lost. Because that’s INSANITY.

    (but I do think Vince Carter is a hottie)

  8. TG: Portis is a hottie purely for the insanity of his costumes and characters during the 2005 football season. I love a man with a good sense of humor.

    Deadspin chronicled all the fun times.

  9. Clinton Portis is hot. I second, third, and fourth the motion. Maybe it’s because he reminds me of my ex, but seriously. HOT.

  10. TG: did you read Deadspin’s awesome chronicles on the antics of Southeast Jerome, Inspector Two Two, and (my favorite) Sheriff Gonna Getcha? I eagerly awaited every new character born out of Portis’ fantastical mind.

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