East Coast Pants Party: Come one, Come all!


With the Midwest Pants Party now over, it’s time to focus on the Big Apple and our very own Pants Party! 

When: Friday, June 22nd, 7:10 pm
Where: Shea Stadium
What:  A’s vs. Mets

I’ve already purchased a block of 25 seats in Upper Reserved Section 20, rows B, C, D, & E (seats 12-16 – and a few more – in each of those rows).  Those have already been snapped up.  But if you’re interested in coming, lemme know.  We’re also meeting up before the game at the Beer Garden in Astoria.  Fun times for all!

UPDATE: Tickets in Sec. 20, Row A are still available.  Also, Sportsgirl365 of Strike Zones and End Zones has some extras. Her email’s on the side bar of her site.

17 thoughts on “East Coast Pants Party: Come one, Come all!

  1. Midwest Pants Party featured the stealth hotties of the Kansas City Royals.

    East Coast Pants Party will feature the hottest team in professional &/or organized sport, the Oakland Athletics.

    I think that you’re going pretty well with this.

    Now, to convince the teams to play the game pantsless.

  2. I think I said last summer after the first Pants Party, that if we had SoCal Pants Party all we would do is make loose plans to get together some time and then never really get around to it.

  3. This could be speculation on my part, but I think the Beer Garden crowd before Shea will look entirely different than the Beer Garden crowd after the game. Having nothing to do with the people, and everything to do with the level of intoxication.

  4. Did you know, that n amateur baseball, both wooden and metal alloy bats are generally permitted. Recently there have been increasing numbers of “wooden bat leagues” and the trend back to wood seems to be accelerating due to safety concerns regarding the speed of a batted ball hit directly toward the pitcher’s head.

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