Subway Series: Mets win the Series

The Mets fans brought out the brooms and it meant nothing. By the end of the game, the fans behind me who were chanting “Sweep” changed their cheer to “Eh, we’ll take 2 out of 3.”

The player of the game was minor-league pitcher turned pro Tyler Clippard. This kid came into a very high pressure situation and performed like a pro. He held the not-so-Amazins to only 3 hits over 6 innings and racked up 6 strikeouts in the process. And the baby-faced 22 year-old rookie, who said he hasn’t batted since high school, tied up the package by hitting a double. Impressive. Fueled by Jeter, Posada, and Rodriguez homeruns, the Yankees ran away with Game 3 of the Subway Series. (And by the way, now that I’ve spent time in both stadiums this seasons I can say – Yankee fans: way better looking than Mets fans) (Ed. note, don’t believe this, as SG365 was obviously drinking before and during the game. :p)

I said it earlier and I’ll say it again. The fact that the Yankees dealt with the adversity, put up such a fight over the past three games and came away with a win says a lot for the ballclub. Are they where they need to be? Absolutely not. And it’s going to take a lot more than this win to get them there. But hopefully this is a shot in the arm. It allows them to go into the Red Sox series coming off an important win and possibly gain some ground in the standings. And having to step over all of the left-behind brooms while leaving Shea felt really good. Bring on the Sox!

I was hoping for the sweep, but am content with the series win. Like Willie once said: “It’s nice to sweep, but winning series is important, too.” Taking two of three from the Yankees means we won all the series on our 9 game homestand, going 7-3. Good work, guys.

I should’ve known tonight’s offense would be listless going up against the rookie Tylar Clippard. The Mets hitters always seem to have trouble against rookie pitchers. Can’t get too upset, since Boston took care of business for us, beating Tim Hudson and the Braves. Now, it’s onto matters with far more importance in the standings – 3 game series in Atlanta.

See you next month, SportsGirl365!

Pics of the game:

Delgado’s looking for his offense – have you seen it?

Laugh it up, guys – 10.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox.

Not hot, but the Yankees’ll take him.

D-Wright’s heating up – share what you’re taking with Delgado!

14 thoughts on “Subway Series: Mets win the Series

  1. So, Carlos Delgado is pretty danged hot. How come I did not realize this until now?

    Also: LOVED DWright’s fluorescent, traffic-cone orange undershirt last night.

  2. TG: I first realized Delgado was hot while he was still in Toronto. Some mag did a piece on him, and he’s all cultural and stuff, and they had a pic of him in a nice suit – yum. Turned me onto the charms of Carlos D.

  3. Because that would be totally awesome. I would try to organize a trip for her and me to see Mets/Yankees at The Stadium, but the week after that we have the EC Pants Party, and the week after that is the Ladies Summit at Citizens Bank Park. So, I’ll have to watch Mets/Yankees from the comforts of my home.

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  5. Also, Ladies…, Carlos Delgado came up as a catcher, if I recall correctly. So, per — is it Texas Gal’s or Clare’s? — theory, that means he should have a cute behind.

  6. All catchers must needs have a fabulous ass. There’s no way they can crouch down behind the plate every day, springing up between pitches, without developing a fabulous ass.

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