Subway Series, Game 2

OK Universe. I get it. You’re not a Yankee fan this year. Enough already.

What can you say when your starting pitcher, who isn’t really a starting pitcher, breaks a bone in the first inning, forcing the bullpen to pitch an entire game? Metschick must have put some voodoo hex on the game when she said that the pitching match-up favored the Mets. And the “Phoning it in” award goes to Cano, with three errors and a botched double play. However, despite all of the adversity, the Yanks hung in there. They’re fighters, you gotta give them that. All things considered, these losses could be much worse. (Oh man. I’m starting to sound like a Phillies fan.) Tomorrow should be interesting, with the start of yet another minor league prospect forced up too early. I’ll be at the stadium in person to witness the debacle. Look for me in the parking lot after the game. I’ll be the drunken mess trying to sell her old school Mattingly jersey for anti-depressants.

On a positive note, my favorite moment of the game, by far, was watching David Wright announce the Mets starting line-up, getting to Glavine and introducing him as “My favorite player when I was in elementary school.” Good times.

Well, this game was a lot closer than the final score. The fearful part of me fully expected the Yankees to come storming back and win this game (as they were wont to do in the past); the faithful part of me yelled out that these weren’t the same Yankees, that these weren’t the same Mets, and that the Mets would prevail. And they did. David Wright and Tom Glavine were the big stories – Wright hit 2 two-run HRs, and Glavine pitched 6 good innings (after a rocky start) to earn his 295th victory. Maybe the first clue that the Yankees weren’t going to have much luck this game was the broken finger Darrell Rasner suffered while trying to field Endy Chavez’s grounder up the middle. Two batters into the game. The second clue was the ball that bounced off Johnny Damon’s glove for Wright’s 2nd HR. The third clue was Cano’s eventul bumblings at 2nd base.

However, it was too little, too late for the Yankees, and the Mets are going for the sweep later tonight. And I’ll be there! Wish me luck – I’m 1-2 at Shea this year.

And here’re the pics of the game:

You better keep wearing that eye black! It’ll never fail you.

My Jeter love has faded since 1996, but I’d still get in the middle of these two guys.

A-Rod, you can’t bring your toys on the field!

I love the raindrops falling in this picture – biggest reason I posted it.

Update: check out The Dugout. Hi-larious.

8 thoughts on “Subway Series, Game 2

  1. I love the subway series, especially when the yankees are losing, and going through pitchers like no ones business. It also helps to have friends that love the Yankees.

  2. If this site were Lads…, I’d make an reference to a certain N.W.A. song with re: to TSW’s comment. But this site is not that, so I won’t.

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