Yankees vs. Mets – Subway Series, baby!

Mets/Yankees is always a big deal, not just in NYC, but to any Mets or Yankees fan. It’s just fun beating your cross-town rival, the one who always pulled down your pants, stole your lunch money, stole your boyfriend – and then got married on the same day as you. (I hate that bitch.)

But the fun really comes in trash-talking with Yankee fans. When I looked around the Ladies… breakroom, I noticed that there was no Yankee fan amongst us. (We did that on purpose.) So I went out and recruited one of our favorite bloggers (we won’t hold it against you that you’re a Yankee fan!), Sportsgirl365 of Strike Zones and End Zones to give us the Pinstriped Point of View.

Guests first:

When the Ladies asked me to be a guest blogger on the site this weekend, I was a little overwhelmed. It’s like when the most popular sorority on campus invites you to their party. You know you’re out of your league but you’re just happy to be hanging out with them. Until they make you chug two bottles of MadDog and 3 keg stands and then write “slut” on your forehead after you pass out. Not that I would know what that’s like. No, really.

I’ve gotta say, the game was not as horrific as it could have been. Or should have been, considering the Mets rise and the Yankees fall as of late. The pitching fairy patted Pettitte gently on the ass, allowing him to go a full seven innings, giving up 3 runs on only 5 hits. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not being complacent. This losing crap has to stop. But the Mets’ power players were not an offensive factor in this game. The unlikely heroes were Chavez and LoDuca (who, by the way, has quite an impressive bubble butt. Why have I not noticed this before?). And kudos to Willie Randolph for the half-assed attempt at disputing the ninth inning call. I mean seriously. Could he have tried any less? With the first game out of the way and the Yankees holding the Mets to a one-run game, it’s clear that this is going to be a great series. You know, unless the Yankees lose another one. Again.
Sportsgirl 365


I think Endy Chavez’s throwing out Johnny Damon was a good way to set the tone of the game. And it was very fitting that it was Chavez’s 2-run home run that proved to be the difference. Oliver Perez pitched well, with the Yankee runs coming on Hideki Matsui’s 2-run home run. Andy Pettitte also pitched well, but the Yankee offense just couldn’t get it done against Ollie.

So the Mets fire the opening salvo in this battle. The pitching match-ups in the next two games seem to favor the Mets, but you never know with those Yankees! They always seem to find it in them to crush me into a thousand pieces.

Onto the boys:

Alex looks smoldering in this pic. Love it.

An A-Rod/Beltran sandwich? I’ll get in the middle of that!

Ollie's butt
Nice ass, Perez!

12 thoughts on “Yankees vs. Mets – Subway Series, baby!

  1. I am logging on from a random Starbucks in Austin, because I heard (via text message from a friend that I have converted to the way of the Wright) that hottie David Wright (a) did the starting lineup for the Mets today, (b) popped a 2-run homer, and (c) was the subject of a closeup zoom on his sweaty, eyeblacked face.

    Looks like I picked the wrong day to not be in front of the TV.

  2. TG: there will be pics of D-Wright’s beautiful, eye-blacked face tomorrow morning.

    And it was TWO 2-run HRs! weee!

  3. from mets.com:

    David Wright introduced the Mets batting order on the FOX telecast on Saturday in this way: “Jose Reyes, the most exciting player in the big leagues; Endy ‘The Catch’ Chavez; Carlos ‘Mr. GQ’ Beltran; Carlos Delgado, the Puerto Rican Mr. T; Yours Truly (Wright); Shawn ‘I miss my hair’ Green; Paul Lo Duca, our Eddie Munster; Damion ‘Hit Man’ Easley; and Tom Glavine, my favorite player when I was in grammar school.”

    Because Wright introduced himself as merely “Yours truly,” MLB.com asked Lo Duca to provide something a little more creative — and sarcastic. His offering was “David ‘Dig Me’ Wright.”

    Said Lo Duca: “You know he loves himself.”

  4. billyfabs: that’s exactly the kind of thing I miss because I sit down late to watch the games. that sounds funny.

  5. metschick: i find stuff like that just indicative of what makes it so easy to root for this team. how can you not love them? what a bunch of goofballs. who happen to play fantastic ball.

  6. I hate the Mets, but I hate the Yankees more. That being said, go Mets!

    Now I just better hope my Grandpa never heard me say that. He’s a lifelong Yankee fan. I may be disowned if he got wind of me saying this.

  7. you don’t have to worry about the bronx bums going any where this year except down to the bottom. they are “toast’. the redsox will be first in the american league.

    the patriot

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