The Ref: Did Someone Say Baseball?

Special thanks to TheStarterWife for covering The Ref for me last week while I was in Boston for da bays baw gaymes. Those of you who missed my “all baseball, all the time” coverage (anyone? Bueller?), never fear- I’m back to overload you with MLB links.

By far, the nicest guy in baseball- according to a survey of 450+ major leaguers. How nice is Sean? After playing the Red Sox, he got up early the next morning to go serve food to homeless people at a charity he founded. Rudest guy in baseball? Barry Bonds. Anyone surprised?
HOLDING: Worst Baseball Team Ever
The team at B&C has put together the roster of the worst baseball players in history. “F*ck Face” Billy Ripken made the list. Owner Peter Angelos made the list. Shockingly, LaTroy Hawkins did not. Is there such a thing as the Worse-Than-Worst Team?
[Bugs & Cranks]
TIMEOUT: Roger Clemens
A short while ago, the Rocket’s decision to play for the Yanks looked sound. Now, with the Red Sox and Astros on fire (relatively speaking), his stated desire to play for a winning club may just get exposed… because the Yankees aren’t looking so hot. And as much as I love you, Rog, I just have to say… HAH-HAH!
[UmpBump] & Sabermetrics at [Extrapolator]
CLIPPING: Brady Anderson’s Long Ball
Aside from one 50 HR year, Brady’s numbers in the long ball department were decidedly short. No worries, though, he was still ranking off the charts in “crazy hotness” the whole time.
[Kermit the Blog]
ILLEGAL MOTION: Umpire Bill Welke
Let’s say you’re an umpire calling a game where the starting Astros pitcher just had a baby the day before, and you notice he’s still wearing the little hospital bracelet for his new child. What do you do? You make the Astros management walk out to the mound with a pair of scissors and cut the offending thing off!
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16 thoughts on “The Ref: Did Someone Say Baseball?

  1. I own the Billy Ripken “F— Face” card. My mother was really impressed because I got that in a deck of cards when I was seven years old. OK, that just showed I am getting old. I got that a Griffey RC in the same pack. What seemed like a great pack is now a real dud.

  2. TG, I’m convinced that the reason run support was so poor for Clemens last season was because the ‘Stros hated him. Houston’s better off without him. And for the sake of normalcy, if the Cards don’t win it then it should at least be the Astros. If it’s the Brewers or the Cubs then global warming and the terrorists are truly winning.

  3. Is it because I’m a bitter Red Sox fan (winning a WS does not eradicate the bitterness, as it turns out) that I think that ESPN wouldn’t be showing Clemens’ minor league start if he were coming back with the ‘stros instead of the Yanks? It must PISS ESPN OFF that the Yanks suck and they can’t lead with them every SportsCenter.

  4. Brady Anderson set the gold standard for sideburns. He was also part of a terrible Red Sox deal in the late 80’s: Schiiling and Anderson for Mike fucking Boddicker

  5. If Rocket was an Astro once again, the WWL would be wall-to-wall coverage… about how awful he is and how the Yanks are gonna win it all anyway and blee-dee-blah VOMIT. And no way would his minor league start be televised in its entirety live.

  6. So, BUGS & CRANKS did a terrific post on Worst. Team. Ever. Who will be doing the NFL’s version thereof? Ladies…?

    (There’s also a lot of permutations in this, if you think about it: NFL’s Worst-1970-1995, NFL’s Worst Based on Arrests, or my personal favorite NFL’s Worst Based on Unpaid Child Support. Sorry for the football aside, A.J. Nicholson’s arrest has me on a tear this afternoon.)

  7. I can’t recall the year, but at least once during Clemens’s “return(s)” to baseball with the Astros, ESPN televised his minor-league start(s). At least one Lexington game got the full Monday Nite Baseball treatment.

    Also, Brady Anderson… Gay, gay, gay?? Ladies…?

  8. yah the whole “broken back”-thing hindered his pirate days

    and brady anderson? i thought he was gay back when i was a tike and was tradin his cards.

    i was a big fan of score ’92. cecil fielder big head allstar. they were about as crappy as fleer

  9. I remember thinking that 89 Upper Deck cards were so fancy when they came out. I remember the Griffey RC in that brand was over a $100 at one point. I own his rookies in Fleer and Donruss. Those suckers have just dropped in price big time. Yeah, I’m a little bitter about it.

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