Thursday’s Hotties

Thoughts and prayers from Ladies… go out to the family and friends of Winthrop guard DeAndre Adams. Adams was involved in a car accident last week and passed away yesterday from injuries sustained in the crash. Adams came in off the bench in all 35 games last year, including the great NCAA tournament first-round upset over Notre Dame, which was the first NCAA tournament win in the school’s history. Adams was 20 years old. [Guard Killed on Way Home from Summer League Practice]

Dallas Cowboy’s Hottie Tony Romo and American Idol hottie Carrie Underwood made their first “official” appearance together at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Tuesday night. says that when Romowood started hanging out last season, the Cowboys started dropping more passes than, well, the other NFL team that plays in Texas. I prefer to believe that was due to bad mojo from T.O. and Carrie is just the spark the team needs. I will not call her Yoko Underwood. [Cowboys’ QB Has a New Receiver]

Sabres Goalie Hottie Ryan Miller stopped 31 shots in the Sabres’ 3-2 win over the Senators last night. Half of those stops came in the third period alone. 10 of his stops came during a 4 1/2 minute stretch where Ottawa enjoyed consecutive power plays. Ryan Miller? IS A BEAST. A GOOD-LOOKIN’ BEAST. Buffalo’s win has forced a game 5, which will take place in Buffalo on Saturday. [Anybody for A Little Sabre-Rattling?]


I guess having a thing for Green Bay Packers’ Quarterbacks runs in the Lady Andrea family because I’ve got Packers’ Hottie Brett Favre news and I’ve got a cute picture. Mr. Best Lookin’ Scruff Ever has decided to join the Packers’ mini-camp this coming weekend. He had previously stated he would be in Mississippi, making preparations for his daughter’s high school graduation. (LALALALALA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT HAVING AN 18 YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER!) Now, however, Favre will be ready and rarin’ to go. [Favre Returns for 35th Consecutive Green Bay Mini-Camp]

23 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hotties


    I know; Doesn’t that just make you want to *hork*?

  2. Rask, saw you from the midwest pants party photos!

    You do not look like Ryan Miller!

    (and yes, that is a compliment!)

  3. It’s much better to have a crush on someone with a teenage kid than the other way around. I was thinking that Phillippi Sparks’ daughter was kinda sweet-looking, but when I looked her up on wiki, I found out Phillippi and I celebrate our birthdays about 15 days apart, and we’re the same age.

    Now I just feel dirty.

  4. Sorry if this posts twice, but WordPress is being a dildo.

    Andrea, they’re mostly green, but they’re outlined in blue and there are touches of hazel around the pupils. Not that I haven’t studied my eyes that often…

    And Miller isn’t a bad looking guy if one tilts one’s head slightly to the left.

    And you have nice dimples.


  6. Miller? Out of all people. I’d do Ray Emery any day, any time. The goalie is just plain hot. Seriously.

    Ryan Miller looks like a caveman. What’s up with that hair.

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