Hottie Hit & Run: Foobaw, Basebaw and… Skiing?

* Despite what Fox Sports reported over the weekend, Brett Favre does not want to be traded. He doesn’t deny or apologize for the remarks he made about the busted Randy Moss trade, though. [What fun would an offeseason be without a Favre kerfluffle?]

* Pat Burrell continues to confound Phans, being admonished in the press by the front office in the morning and then slamming out two homers later that night- and earning a standing ovation from the hateful yet adoring fans in attendance. [And what fun would it be to be a Phan if there wasn’t Burrell to hate on?]

* Brewers bomber J.J. Hardy is continuing his assault at the plate with a grand slam over the weekend against the mighty Mets. Even better (well, if you’re a Brewers fan) is that J.J. was able to distract the Mets with a rundown tag battle, while his team scored 2 runs behind their back. [It’s like watching a horror movie- and yelling at the dumb girl to TURN AROUND]

* Perennial troublemaker hottie Bode Miller had an eventful weekend. First, on Saturday, he quit the U.S. ski team after years of complaining. Then on Sunday, his cousin shot and then ran over a police officer. [The NY Times is on the trail with a fascinating look inside Miller’s kooky family]. We’re still allowed to think he’s hot, right?

* Scott Podsednik is having a tough go of his rehab stint- which is taking longer than expected. He’s become bored and impatient sitting at home alone watching TV. [I would certainly volunteer to keep him occupied]

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Pitched four years for the Philadelphia Athletics, and then played shortstop for seven years for the Montreal Expos. Taught Rickey Henderson to steal a base. Taught Nolan Ryan to throw a punch. Taught Mickey Mantle to drink a beer. Threw one seven-hitter and seven no-hitters. Wonderboy was my creation, and first Jobu shrine was in my locker. Often called "the next Dustin Pedroia". Always wear high socks and eyeblack. Prefer to slide headfirst.

12 thoughts on “Hottie Hit & Run: Foobaw, Basebaw and… Skiing?

  1. TG, it’s hard for White Sox fans to blame him either. It’s been a running joke since last year (when he also had groin problems).

  2. He’s become bored and impatient sitting at home alone watching TV

    Ha! this guy wouldn’t last one day in my life!

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