Hit & Run: TGIF

(I’m on pinch-hitting duties today, folks, so sorry for the delay! And congrats to J-Money’s sister on her graduation!) 

Eck with the pink bat 

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend, and we know what that means: pink bats on Sunday!  I think it’s a charming idea, and it’s great for raising money – they’ll be selling many of the game-used bats.  Howevah, you can also buy your own bat via Louisville Sluggers.  No, you wouldn’t get teased for using a pink bat in your beer league.  Not at all.

 Monta, hugging the Orange Roundie

 I’m a Lady… who loves freak accidents.  (I mean, I don’t like that they happen to people, but I certainly laugh when I hear of athletes scratching their eyes on pillows, falling off their trucks, or hurting themselves hauling meat up several flights of stairs.)  Golden State Warrior Monta Ellis injured his back while reaching up to sign an autograph for a kid.  Doesn’t he know you should stretch before any and all physical exertions?  Especially autograph-signing! (scroll down to see the story; it starts at “Murphy’s Law”.)

Those highlights make him look #### 

Dale Earnhardt, Jr., is leaving DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc.).  How does the lone DE in DEI leave?  That’s wrong, just wrong. Isn’t Teresa Earnhardt (the CEO of DEI) his mom? Can’t she just make him? My mom can guilt-trip me into jumping off a bridge, if she sets her heart on it. (Love ya, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!)

At least he doesn't look sub-human in this picture 

Dirk Nowitzki reportedly will be named MVP next Tuesday.  Dirk is the first Euro-born player to receive the award.  I know some want to disparage his receiving the award by pointing out his hapless record in the post-season, but it is a regular season award, and he did deserve it.  Commence mocking now.

I should photoshop myself into this pic 

Fernando Alonso, race car driver, led the afternoon session at the Circuit de Catalunya with a best time of 1:21:397.  I’d never heard of him before, but he’s hot.  So, there you go.

Oooh, bendy!

PhillyBurbs has a great piece on Ladies… favorite Cole Hamels.  I never knew that he had rods placed in his left arm after a break to that bone. It’s a very interesting look at the evolution of a pitcher.

I love the look on his face

Finally, I know who Ian Snell is, but hotdamn, I never noticed what a hottie he is. SI.com has a great little piece on his own evolution from a thrower to a pitcher. Okay, so I only used the SI piece as an excuse to run his picture. Is that so wrong?

This picture cracks me up.

37 thoughts on “Hit & Run: TGIF

  1. Well, eye black would help, but:

    David Eckstein seems shorter than me

    Monta, Jr, and especially Dirk I find flat-out ugly, and

    that other guy looks too much like Carson Daily, who I think is an ugly douchebag.

    As for Cole and Ian, they dont need eyeblack!!!

  2. Metsy hon, thatsa sarcasm. I am amused and mortified as to the hottie qualifications. If a shaven head and eye black were all it took to make us hot, most men would have the physical “build” of Fat David Wells.

    But I enjoy the site. Toss the men a chick pic every so often.

  3. MMFC: ohhh. I’ll blame my not recognizing your sarcasm on the fact that I haven’t even had breakfast (or lunch) yet.

    Okay, I’ll remember to toss you guys a bone every once in a while.

  4. That photo of Cole always makes me think, “SWEEP THE LEG!” I say “always” because a large version of it may or may not be saved on my hard drive.

    When I see him tonight I will tell him you all say hello and good luck.

  5. well, myself being 5’2″, most men make the height qualification. Eckstein is hopefully taller than me, he just looks so short (and dorky)…and well by that that standard alone, i suppose Zdeno Chara makes the cut, call me crazy, but i’d pass on him too :)

  6. Metschick, just go with Jennie Finch next time, everyone loves her

    (even though her eyes are too far apart)

    /jealous bitch

  7. Erin Esurance gets it done because she is a jock at heart, and that is hot! And she can take down insane killer robots.

  8. Not really into ‘cartoon’ characters, but in real life I love the pink hair thing man. I looooovvvee it.

    Also – Alonso? Man I hate that arrogant dude, I can’t believe he’s hot. That straight out ruins my day.

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