I take it all back.

OK, I still love you. But I hate you, too.

29 thoughts on “Traitor.

  1. But where is Clemens going to get his steroid so far away from the Mexican boarder now that Sheffield is gone? What? Giambi is still on the team? Ok, never mind.

  2. Hey, Yankees, glad to see you don’t mind torching your bullpen every five days for this lifeless self-indulged prick (can you say prick on the Internet?).

    Also, eat a dick Clemens.

  3. I just get sick of the whole sitting out for awhile and then announcing it during the game like that. He came across as an attention-whore to me.

  4. OK, I’m waiting to see highlights of the Indians games and all I am getting is the Yankees reaction, the Red Sox reaction, and Barry Bonds. I think this dead horse has already been beaten.

  5. I’m surprised ESPN hasn’t turned into wall-to-wall Roger coverage, what with the double whammy of him returning to the Yankees AND killing any Red Sox return hopes.

  6. It would be wall-to-wall Roger if they didn’t have Barry Bonds to talk about.

    My intense dislike for both Bonds and Clemens seems to be out in full force today.

  7. Even RICKEY eventually had enough grace to know where he wasn’t needed.

    All I know is, “hanging around too long” & “arrogance” (scare quotes, because I don’t find Rickey arrogant, at least) better impact the percentage of vote with which Roger enters the Hall. ‘Cause you know that the layabout, drunkard journos are going to knock Rickey down to about 90% “’cause he’s a prick”.

  8. What’s so wrong with a guy who doesn’t want to be a part of the team for the whole year, just picking the team he likes sometime mid-season? So he doesn’t really travel with the team and has a different set of rules from everyone else on the team. So he may or may not use steroids. Wait, these are bad things? Crap

    TG, do you find that personality changes the hotness of someone (i.e. someone looks better if they have a good personality and vice versa) because if so, you might want to dump your Lone Star Crush on Rent-a-Rog.

  9. Y’all might just consider combining the “New York Yankees” and “asshattery” tags for convenience’s sake

  10. Yeah- I apologize for the duplicative tags.

    Also, Radioman- like I said in that post, Roger’s asshattish personality is one of the 4 reasons why I’m attracted to him. It’s the Yankees uni that disgusts me, not his personality.

  11. Good riddance to bad garbage. Killer ERA notwithstanding, I don’t think Roger did half as much for the character of the younger Astros players as everyone said.

    Lance Berkman (aka Big Puma aka Fat Elvis) summed it up pretty well: “There’s two kinds of people. People who aren’t surprised by it, and morons.”


  12. I’m not sure if y’all heard me or not, but I’m sure mine was the scream heard ’round the world yesterday (one of my brother-in-laws heard it, he said). I grew up a Red Sox fan, loving this man more than any other in the history of sports. When he left me for Toronto, I followed. Adoring his future Cy Youngs, 20K seasons…Then he went to the Stripes and I cried. Literally. It was as if my daddy had came home and said, “Hey kids, I have a whole other family I love more than you guys, so I’m out!” Cocksucker. When he went to Texas he regained Future Ex-Husband Status with me once again, and all was right with the world. Now this. Ugh.

  13. His attitude problem was a lot sexier when it involved being an asshole to everyone else. Now that he’s an asshole to my team… it’s a little harder to take.

    Who am I kidding, he can get away with murder as far as I’m concerned, purely because he’s a Longhorn.

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