Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

In an attempt to garner some of the Barbaro nuts’ affections, which are severely lacking around here, I’m leading off the Hit n Run today with Curlin (isn’t he a beauty? /Steve Irwin). Fair Curlin is a horse who may end up being the first colt in the history of watching little men spur equines around in a circle while drinking and wearing big floppy hats (the watchers, not the little men) to win the Kentucky Derby without having raced as a 2 year-old. I don’t really know what that means but break a leg, Curlin! [Move yer bloomin’ arse!]

Yesterday, golf hottie Tiger Woods and basketball hottie Michael Jordan paired up at a Pro-Am in Charlotte, North Carolina. I personally love both of these athletes a lot because I think they seem fun (I know, I know, Tiger Woods, snoozefest, whatever, it’s MY ARTICLE) and based on the stories I read, it sounds like they had fun all day at the tournament. There were mock stare-downs, kicking golf balls off of tees, coughing during backswings, etc. Again, I know you’re all thinking, “Wow, golfers sure can party, Andrea.” But I think it sounds like a fun time. [So much money on one pro-am team]

Red Sox Hottie Josh Beckett is the first major league pitcher to get to six wins last night, beating the Oakland Athletics 6-4. He’s 6-0 and has an ERA under 3.00, so good for him. He’s also 26 and 6’5. I’m always so delightfully surprised to find out baseball players are tall. For some reason, in my head baseball players are like actors: look tall on TV, barely clear my *ahem* in real life. Anyway……Beckett’s next victim will most likely be Toronto on May 8th. [Beckett eats pieces of crap like you for breakfast]

Team Chock Full O’ Hotties the San Antonio Spurs advanced to the Western Conference Semi-finals last night, beating the Denver Nuggets 4 games to 1. Michael Finley (not pictured b/c not cute) set a Spurs playoff record by hitting 8 3-pointers and Tim Duncan (pictured because cute) poured in 23 points on their way to a 93-78 victory. If Denver Hotties Allen Iverson or Carmelo Anthony (below) need me to help dry their tears, they know how to reach me. [Finley spurs Spurs to victory over Nuggets]

11 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

  1. If Iverson in high-school, with his two-sport starring, bowling-alley (sort of) brawling (he wasn’t principal to it, as I seem to remember, even if he was convicted & did time), & general insouciance was “Appetite for Destruction”;

    & Iverson’s run to the MVP & Finals in ’01 was “Lies”;

    then this letdown against the Spurs, teamed with ‘Melo, no less, is “Use Yr Illusion I” (with ‘Melo filling the role of Izzy Stradlin’).

  2. Beckett eats pieces of crap?

    Andie – as a woman how can you be attracted to the flagrant philanderer MJ? Have some pride!

  3. Thinking MJ is cute is a totally separate issue. It’s like, I can look at Kobe Bryant and even though I hate him with the flaming passion of 1000 suns, I can still see that he is objectively good looking.

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