My Boys Done Did Me Proud!

Congrats to John Maine and Jose Reyes for being named NL Pitcher and Player of the Month for April! 

  Long John Maine

Maine is 4-0, his 1.35 ERA lead the Majors, has 30 Ks in 33.1 IP, and plenty of other sexy stats.

 so cute with the tongue out!

Reyes hit .356, stole 17 bases, and scored 26 runs (every single one giving me delicious points in Fantasy BB – thanks, Reyes!). 

Bonus Maine! 
Photo property of Tidewater Sports

Halladay, Maine honored as Pitchers of the Month for April
Reyes named NL Player of the Month, Faith and Fear in Flushing celebrates!
Alex Rodriguez named AL Player of the Month

10 thoughts on “My Boys Done Did Me Proud!

  1. Clare: I actually like thos warm up jerseys, but that’s because they’re a vast improvement over the orange disasters that the Mets used to wear for batting practice.

  2. Great article in SI this week about J-Roll, Hanley, & (of course… best for last) Joe King.

    Dude’s going to be MVP this season.

    (Yeah, yeah… Only a month in, but if he performs at even 80% of his current form, he’ll win going away, as perennial contender Pujols is coming down from an HGH high, Ryan Howard is OCD-ing on Jared from Subway, & the resurgent Brewers & Braves don’t really have one player that will prove transcendent, over a season.)

  3. Ask waht doping products they absue. I expect the usual lit:

    Deca Durabolin
    insulin-glucose after gym work
    hCG (human chorionic gondatropin)
    liquid amphetamines

    Avoid MLB atheltes at all cost–even your life.

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