Hottie Hit and Run: Om shanti, shanti shanti, shanti om

Today, I’m pinch hitting for TheStarterWife on Hit and Run duties. I know I cannot possibly be as cute as him, but I hope I’m as good at pinch hitting as Phillies bench hottie Greg Dobbs is.

Chutley levitates
Chase Utley’s been taking lessons from Tony LaRussa.

When you’re so amped up your pitching coach has to come to the mound in the second inning to ask you if you’re “on something,” you know you’ve got to dial it back. I don’t know what Ladies… favorite Cole Hamels did to get his head right after getting dinged for three runs in the first inning of last night’s game against the Atlanta Braves — chamomile tea, a little yoga, some Enya in the dugout? Whatever it was, it worked. Phils come out on top, 6 to 4. [Om mani padme om]

Dallas ekes out a W over the Golden State Warriors. Perhaps it was Avery Johnson’s tongue-lashing of Dirk Nowitzki (not like that, you pervs) that snapped him out of his funk? [Mark Cuban’s playoff beard gets a few more grays]

Sid and Mark hug
What? I can’t run a photo of two dudes hugging?

Hockey hottie Sidney Crosby continues his reign of awesomeness, being named a finalist for the Hart Trophy, the NHL’s Most Valuable Player award. He’s the youngest finalist since Wayne Gretzky won it at age 19, and if Sid wins, he’d be the third Penguin — along with Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr — in the award’s history to win it. Pretty nice group of guys to be lumped in with, huh? [Goin’ dahntahn ta watch ’em Pens, have an Imp an’ Arn]

Hi Floyd!
Wowee wow, look at those abs.

I’d be remiss in my hottie roundup duties if I didn’t point out that muy bonito boxer Oscar De La Hoya and his also-hot opponent “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather are setting up camp in Las Vegas right now for their big fight this weekend. [Gonna fly now!]

Finally, my second favorite member of the Phillies starting rotation, Grandpa Jamie Moyer, bawls out team, gets results, walks up hill both ways in the snow to ballpark. [And he liked it that way!]

15 thoughts on “Hottie Hit and Run: Om shanti, shanti shanti, shanti om

  1. Clare, did you convert to Hinduism? If so, I can give you a few more chants, some beads to pray with, and guarantee a re-incarnation as Cole Hamels’ lover for life.

  2. I have never understood the hotness that is Cole Hamels…however, if he keeps pitching my boys to victory…i’ll chant along with the best of em’.

  3. My aim to keep the female population happy. If they’re not happy, then we’re not happy. Hey if religious mantras and chanting helps, so be it. Now if can only find my ‘Re-incarnation for Dummies – Hindu version’ guide somewhere…..

  4. Yeah, J-Money definitely wins the abs award. Plus, her abs are on a woman-type person, which is much better to look at then on a male-type person, especially a boxer. Sorry Ladies, but my name is not Radiowoman, so that is how I roll. (Seriously, I am the whitest person to have ever typed that phrase).

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