Bringing the Heat: Cleveland ROCKS!

Here at Ladies…, we are back with another weekly installment of Bringing the Heat with a Hottie View of the Cleveland Indians. The Tribe is currently atop the American League Central standings at 14-8, which is actually the 3rd best record in baseball behind the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets. So, good for you Cleveland! This is just the second step towards Hottie Sports Domination, the first being their drafting of Brady Quinn this past Saturday. (What? I have to get my comments in somewhere, nobody else here likes him).

So, without further ado, I present the Magnificent 7 of the Cleveland Indians. I contemplated making a Native American name for each Hottie, since they are the Indians and all, but I figured that, for instance, calling Grady Sizemore “Chief Sensuous Lips” would be horribly racist and not that funny. My captions for each picture will have to do. Also, do not be alarmed if you see a Tribe member in another uniform. It’s not like I’m confused about which team I am previewing. I wanted to use the best pictures possible of each guy, so sometimes they are wearing a former team’s duds. Deal with it.

Joe Borowski, Pitcher

Why yes, I’ll play catch with you! Lovely day at the park, eh?


Fernando Cabrera, Pitcher

I’m sweet and innocent……care to change that?


Kelly Shoppach, Catcher

Look, I’m a bad-ass catcher

Look, I’m an adorable teddy bear


Casey Blake, 1B

I’m from Iowa……is this Heaven?

Well, yes, it is now that you’re here.





Mike Rouse, 2B

You can get to 2nd base with me……
and yes, Tony LaRussa did show me how to levitate


David Dellucci, RF

Gli italiani sono molto erotici


Grady Sizemore, CF

I don’t need Grady’s Ladies, I only need these Ladies… …Ladies.


And just for good measure:

Grady, part deux

There is nothing minor about me…


And finally, two of our Hotties together in one picture:
Shoppach and Borowski

Dude, we are so hot.
Man hug.

19 thoughts on “Bringing the Heat: Cleveland ROCKS!

  1. *perk* Did someone mention Grady Sizemore’s ass?

    Thanks for the eye candy. What a nice way to finish my day at work.

    PS: it’s OK – slide over on the “Brady Quinn Is Hot” bench. I’ll warm it with ya.

  2. Grady Sizemore doesn’t look black to me… Is he black? Mixed?

    But, yes, “Chief Sensuous Lips” would still be racist. As if the Native American hasn’t been reduced to porn cliche enough….

    & to whomever made the pick on C.C. — great one. Along with the Zodiac, the pride of Vallejo, Calif. (Pronounced Valley Joe, for those wondering. (So said my Latino twink college roommate.))

  3. Sizemore is biracial. I read his Dad is black and his Mom is white.

    I’m from North Dakota. Where is Pronk? I gotta root for my home state!

  4. I just took two finals today. I needed some Sizemore pictures. Now if he could just start hitting the friggin’ ball again.

    Great post Andrea!

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