I Was There: ND Blue & Gold Game

Oh, college football, how I’ve missed you. It’s been months since I’ve been able to breathe in your beautiful smell, a combination of chewed-up turf, sweaty linemen and smuggled bourbon, hear the sound of 200 band geeks playing Darth Vader’s theme or a drunk frat boy cussing out the coaches’ play calling, or watch my team take the field to battle for a chance to play in a faux-championship system for a mythical national championship title.

College football- you’re my first, my last, my everything. I may have a lustful fling with baseball every spring, and every two years I may run away for a few weeks with the Olympics, but baby, you gotta know you’re my number one. There’s no contest- you’re my one true love, and nothing else could ever really take your place.

Until we can meet up good and proper in September, darlin’- I will just have to make do with the wham, bam, thank you ma’am of a spring game. It’s not real football, there are no opponents and no victory on the line, but I’ll take what I can get. Baby, I’m so desperate for some of your sexy action, that I was actually worked up about seeing Clausen’s emu spikes. That should show you my devotion. It’s not Texas football, but it’s the best I can do up here in Chicago.

I love you, college football. Call me anytime.

(P.S. If you wouldn’t mind keeping those drunk texts I sent you from the tailgate to yourself, I’d really appreciate it)

(P.P.S. I’ve got all kinds of pictures of our short, but sweet, time together- you can relive it with me after the jump)

(P.P.P.S. If there’s any way you can get Colt McCoy the Heisman, and Tom Zbikowski to play with his shirt off, that would be great)

Notre Dame went all out on the fancy decorations for the game. Am I gonna root for Blue, or go for Gold?

It’s a poor man’s panorama- mostly because I was too drunk to operate the fancy functions on my camera. They said there were almost 52,000 people there, to watch a fake football game. Well, that, and catch a glimpse of the famed Clausen hair.

Here are the boys! Blue and Gold… and red… and green. I think Notre Dame may be the only school in the country that refuses to make up its mind about what its colors are. Two colors just aren’t good enough.

Now this is what I’m really here for: Zibby’s ass. I’d be happy to buy an admission ticket just to watch Zibby do wind sprints, as long as he does them in those tight football pants.

Enter the Emu. I think those two old dudes sitting behind me almost peed their pants. “Oh my gosh, I have to get a picture of Jimmy’s first pass ever!” Might as well saint him now- hell, I’ll be shocked if he’s not a Heisman candidate by August.

This is the kind of stuff you just don’t get in Texas (or anywhere else for that matter): a little person dressed up as a leprechaun, wandering randomly around the stands. Just because. I bet he picked up all kinds of chicks- that band girl sure seems to be into it.

Now here’s the real star of the day- well, other than Zibby’s ass, which always gets top billing- Junior Jabbie. Four potential QB candidates couldn’t manage to outshine one RB, from outta nowhere- Cinderella story, you know.

Charlie Weis, patrolling the Gold sideline. He pretty much stood by himself near the endzone- fully mic’ed up and all.

QB candidate #2 – Evan Sharpley. Not very cute. The QB of the Fightin’ Irish has to have cover model good looks, so his chances don’t look good. Nice, pass, though.

Now those are some cover model good looks. Brady Quinn, the man, the myth, the legend…. the distraction. Everyone in the north side of the stadium seemed to care more about who he was talking to on the sidelines, rather than what was happening on the field.

The huddle: an excellent opportunity to check out the guys’ butts.

QB candidate #3- Zach Frazer. Very hot. For this reason alone, he gets my vote. Even though he threw an interception.

ND spring game day tradition includes the unveiling of “The Shirt”- which tons of people wore to the game, of course. Almost like wearing a concert tshirt to the concert you bought it at. Almost. But, guys, do NOT roll up your t-shirt sleeves. It’s not even ok for women to do it, it’s certainly not ok for you.

Coach Ara Parseghian, for the Blue. Coach Lou Holtz, for the Gold. Ara was phoning it in, but Lou got really into it. He was out on the field calling plays and smacking guys on the helmet.

QB candidate #4- Demetrius Jones. Looked the best out of all them because he took off for a nice running gain. None of them really threw any passes… which could be a problem, since that’s kind of a huge part of playing that position.

Gold is victorious, scoring a whopping 10 points to Blue’s 6. And 7 of those points were from the defense. What is this, the SEC? Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of high octane offense happening on the field.

Lou gets a Gatorade bath- and for a moment, he can pretend he’s a big time college coach again. Back to reality, Lou- you’re really just a mushmouthed broadcasting hand puppet.

Now this is always cute, no matter what- when the team sways while singing the alma mater with the students.

Wait- can this be?!? The emu spikes… are no more! I have a sneaking suspicion Mr. Clausen was “strongly encouraged” by his teammates to cut that stupid haircut off. Now it’s down to a much more manageable fuzzy do. But I guess with enough product, that nightmarish ‘do could make a return. Just say no, Jimmy.

And one more shot of Zibby’s ass. The perfect end to a drunken, football-filled day.

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29 thoughts on “I Was There: ND Blue & Gold Game

  1. I knew about Holtz, but Ara Parseghian is still alive? Isn’t he approaching an age you have to verify with carbon-dating?

    My feelings about Notre Dame notwithstanding, very good reportage. Your photos are way better than mine, too. How’d you do that?

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  3. College football- you’re my first, my last, my everything.

    That sentence is pure perfection. Sums up my feelings exactly. And then you had to ruin my good mood by showing a picture of Charlie Weis’ ass.

    And I don’t care if Clausen has cut his hair, as Brian first tapped-Emu.

  4. I go here and I don’t understand it. Also, ND’s tailgating? They think it’s awesome, but it’s actually really tame. : )

    Steagles, he is one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen.

  5. I went there (for law school), and I still don’t get it. It’s like Texas A&M in the level of brainwashing, except without the crazy-ass corps stuff and with mass and charitable giving. And polite midwesterners. And snow.

    I don’t get it, but I sure loved it.

  6. I have a couple of close girlfriends who went to ND for undergrad, and I swear it’s a cult.

    SA – You promise not to hate me come September when I give a lick about college football? I’d rather watch cricket than college football.


  8. Tex, honey, this was so hilarious and so YOU (read: brown liquor) that it transcended my feelings of disgust for ND football. That is a big damn accomplishment.

  9. Zoom and crop, baby.

    Must remember this as my pics always look as if I’m several miles away – even if I’m not that far.

  10. Damn you, Texy! Don’t you dare make me not hate ND, even for a second. Especially after they STOLE Zibby from Iowa. Thas right, they stole him.

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  12. “QB candidate #2 – Evan Sharpley. Not very cute. The QB of the Fightin’ Irish has to have cover model good looks, so his chances don’t look good.”

    So I guess that means that Clausen will never see the field, huh? That guy looks like someone set his face on fire and tried to put it out with an icepick. Plus, he’s a Clausen, so he probably sucks anyway.

  13. I love the reintegration of Holtz into the ND fold. It’s as if Sakerlina never happened. This, on top of appearing on the cover of his bio in full ND regalia, for Sakerlina fans, must be like a widow reading her deceased husband’s will, and discovering he wants to be buried next to his first wife. (And Arkansas, Minnesota, etc.)

  14. I think it’s because he really never left. In his mind, he’s always been a Domer.

    And I couldn’t agree more on Clausen- when he fell out of the ugly tree, he smacked more than a few branches on the way down.

  15. Tommy Zbikowski:

    Tommy got his first tatto located under his left rib cage. Its a Rosery with the #6 in the middle. Its a tribute to his younger brother Steve who died of cancer. His Dad was upset, but it brought tears of joy to his Mom. He is short, but sweet.

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