Hump Day Hottie: J.J. Hardy

I was innocently watching the Cubs go into extra-innings (again) on Monday night, minding my own business. And then there was this:

Hello, J.J. Hardy. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you sooner, I had no idea the Brewers were keeping your level of talent hidden on their roster. I don’t even mind the scraggly hair, darlin’- because your baby blues are gorgeous. Lose the weird facial hair, and you would be pure perfection (as it is, you’re already a 9.999999 on the hott scale). Anyone up for a field trip to Miller Park?

More lovely JJ goodies after the jump…

Baby J.J. in high school

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66 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: J.J. Hardy

  1. Miller Park is pretty damn nice, actually. So, you can double up. Enjoy a great day at the park; do the whole JJ drooling thing.


  2. Those can be brought under control very easily. Men don’t know a thing about proper eyebrow grooming (and honestly, any dude who does probably isn’t the guy for me- that’s one area I’m happy for them to leave to us).

  3. I like the soul patch. Within reason of course. I like Chutley’s but I hated Spiezio’s. And not just because of its hideous hue.

  4. I think that soul patch is the single reason I never liked Chutley! Although, I think Rowand is beautiful so what do I know.

  5. Until this moment, I didn’t even know Chutley had a soul patch. Every single other thing about him is so hot, I never even noticed. Too busy staring at his ass, I guess.

    And Aaron is definitely hot- slope-y shoulders and all. His butt is so very perfect.

  6. “I think the constanct licking is kind of gross”. — Lady Andrea

    … My dear, would you care to reconsider that statement? At least, that is, make it specific to lapping one’s own soul patch?

  7. I’ve never been to Miller Park, but I’ve been to Milwaukee, and I had a great time. For a guy like me, it doesn’t get any better than bratwurst & beer by the lake.

    By the way, kudos for knowing your facial hair. Many people mis-identify both the soul patch and the van dyke as a goatee. Or, as TC would say, the “shit-ugly goatee”.

  8. Whatever you call it, whether it’s messing up the face of JJ or Chase, it’s a problem that can be easily remedied: just shave it off when he’s napping. Solved.

  9. See, I think the soul patch or goatee is a team thing or some strangeness like that. Corey Hart sports one, so does Jenkins. Quite a few of the Brew Crew do. I didn’t mean for that to rhyme. Anyway, they all look fairly silly with it, especially since Jenks and Hart are blond.

  10. Ok, for those of you that are dissing JJ’s soul patch for me it is one of the things that increases his hottness factor, that an is awesome skills on the field and the baby blues.

  11. OK…I live in the Milwaukee area and get to Miller Park anytime that I can. I was just there on Sunday – June 3, 2007. There is NOTHING like watching JJ in person…the facial hair is HOT and his back side isn’t too shabby either! His blue eyes and smile would melt anyone! He’s becoming one of the hottest young short stops in the National League. So…I think with that status – he can have facial hair if he wants! :)

  12. I met JJ at the all-star game in SF last week. What a hottie! Not to mention, very polite. I think I’m in love….

  13. ya, quite by accident, though. walking out of the Westin where they were all staying the week of the all-star game. I was walking out too, he was signing autographs to tons of fans in the lobby. I turned and said, “who’s the cutie?” (to my husband of all people). On the way out the door he introduced me to some girl (perhaps girlfriend or wife?) The sad thing is, I didn’t know who he was! Anyway, we talked about the next days game and I wished him luck!
    I’m obsessed now!

  14. oh yeah, and if i was face to face, id faint…then get up and pull him to me and never let go….yeah, dream come true!! :)

  15. J.J. is the hottest person ever and he is sooo nice in person and that smile and his eyes just melt your heart but they are nothing compared to his caring personality!!!!

  16. JJ is the only reason i step foot in Miller Park, and the only thing i can do during the game is watch his every move.

    If he got rid of the little soul patch he’d be a 11 in my book

  17. I think the facial hair makes him even more irresistable looking. Why does everybody have to hate on facial hair? A guy without any facial hair just looks to boyish.

  18. Omg, Jj is the hottest guy I have ever seen I can’t believe he isn’t married……… to me!! lol anyway he is sexy and hot i wish I could meet him. :) I LOVE YOU J.J.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Man o Man I go to the brewer games all the time when they are home! It’s awesome! Me and my 3 friends have a J.J. Hottie club!! whoop whoop! only us 4
    Haha he is fucking smexi as hell! yay Hardy!

  20. J.J. IS SO HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! I WISH I COULD MEET HIM!!!! His beautiful blue eyes and just sexy body!!!! I LOVE YOU J.J!!!!

  21. I went to high school with JJ, he is a very sweet man, and always cares about others. He would be so shocked you are all talking about him!

  22. omg i love him
    i have his autograph
    he is so
    and hot
    i love his little
    soul patch
    even when he dosent
    shave i still love him
    i know everything about him
    people are always like
    so what question should
    i ask today and
    im just like whatever you want
    if its about jj i’ll know thee answer!!!

    i love James Jerry Hardy

  23. OMG! i seriously think im in love with j.j. he’s gorgeous. i’ve never met him but i’ve read so many good things about him it’s hard not to fall in love. i want to meet him sooo bad!! j.j. call me, lol!! i’m in love…

  24. SO why is it that just because some dude is hot (and yes he is) every smart thing that a woman would say flys out the window??? How about JJ Hardy’s AMAZING talent as a Professional Baseball Player? What about how he is a team player and not all about himself like some of the bigger names? what about how he can do a spin move at shortstop to field a ball hit up the center and throw it to first base without even a hesitation?? What about the people out that who apreciate the baseball players talent as well as the fact that they are hansome??? GASP!! Heaven forbid. Check out the stats ladies!

  25. well of course everyone knows he’s a good player…thats a given but some people dont think he’s hot. i should know better than everyone else what a good player he is..i watched every single brewers game that was on tv this year unless i had something more important to do…so dont tell me i dont know he’s a good player because i do

  26. Well I think that Jerrry James Hardy dominates the field and the hot scale by millions of people. I love his messy hair which makes him look sexy!! Those beautiful blue eyes make me want to melt in my insides.

  27. Anyone that thinks Jj Hardy isn’t hot well you need to go to the doctor because he is as fine as there is his percentage is 105.0000000000000000. So there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. JJ Hardy is hot! He was my best friend in college we kind of fell a part because of some personal stuff but we still talk! He’s such a nice guy and I still wish we were best friends!I still Love You JJ!!!!!!!

  29. “ohh i never got over those blue eyes i see them everywhere”Thats the only part of that song i know but thats alright by me.He’s hott and the fact that he can play ball i find that so awesome in a man.wink,wink!

  30. Did you see JJ Hardy play today he was really good had some nice hits and was 2 for 4 which is ok. I thought that he was going to get a home run but it was just a double which is still good but a homer would have been better!!!! Ryan Braun had a good night his homer in the first made me want to give him a hug which I would never do in a million years!!! I am a JJ fan and JJ ONLY!!!! All the brewers are very good and I love them all but JJ is number one!!! Did anyone see Gabe Kappler with the klenex in his ears I bursted out laughing he is always the one to make the team or me laugh!!!! I feel bad for Ryan and his ear infection him and his girlfriend which I heard around is named Briana she is the luckest girl ever she better hold on tight because My best friend is in love with him!!!! If Ryan gets JJ sick I will be so mad that I will yell at Briana to take better care of him!! JJ’s sister Jessica is the luckiest person in the world!!! Ryan brother Steve has eyes just like Ryan big and pretty!! I am going to the steak dinner with the Brewers to fundraser dibeates I will also get to see or meet JJ HArdy which will be the best thing that has ever happened to me in my 13 years of living!! Just like JJ I play shortstop and wear the same number!! I will take after him in everything I do. I am so happy that JJ is single I mean who wouldn’t want a beatiful babe like him those blue eyes and tha messy hair….SEXY!!! Like JJ I like to watch tennis too!!! Hois dad is a tennis player and his mom is a golfer!! Good bye for now love you all ???????

  31. TruJJHardyFan you are right I was reading these comments and J.J. is one of the best ball players around and all these girls care about is his looks get a life girls and if you say you’re in love with him and have never met him i think you need to go to a phyciatric facility b/c you are “in love” with J.J. b/c of his looks and also have you people ever even watched a game I mean you may have gone to a game but did you WATCH it or did you do as my friends did and watch JJ OMG!!!! I don’t know why I keep reading these comments most of you people are pathetic! WATCH A GAME then come on here and say something that actually means something who cares how he looks if he can’t play ball I mean if he sucked a baseball you guys most likely would never even know what he looks like I mean get a clue

  32. The Brewers are the best team ever and JJ is the best short stop ever he has a great arm and great range and going to brewer games are so Fun!!
    Brewer Fan No. 1 your right some of these girls are opssesed but JJ is hot but you only can like him if your a true brewers fan and watch every single game like I do I tibo them all! GO BREWERS!

  33. bbraun u r right I am a ture brewers fan and jj hardy fan. I watch evey single game i would never miss one for my life. Brewers fan no. 1 need to relax that is what being a brewers fan is all about. Well ya jj is very hot he also has a great arm most people think the same but just don’t say a thing because they aren’t true fans like u me or bbraun. but u really need to relax!!!! GO BREWERS!!! GO JJ!!!


  35. I got to meet JJ at an autograph signing. I made him a birthday card. He was like “Aw. Thanks” i got a picture taken with him. I was going to cry. I LOVE JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote a short story about him. It ended up being 28 pages double spaced typed and 36 pages written. My hand was really sore. I LOVE YOU JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!

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