Muddy Sunday: Habitat 4 Humanity Mud Volleyball

Here at Ladies…, we don’t just like boys who play sports. We love to see girls get out and play too! Every year on Blue & Gold weekend Keenan Hall hosts a mud volleyball tournament in order to raise money for Habitat 4 Humanity. For all the flack ND receives (mostly deserved) from sports fans, the amount of philanthropic activities that go on around campus is just staggering. The hall staff in my dorm put together a team and though we did lose all 3 games, we had a blast. It makes a great lazy Sunday-watching-the-Cards/Cubs-game-post.

These are my Amazing Race viewing companions

(Courtney, me, Clare, Corinne and Kat)


That’s our token guy member.

(Courtney, Beth, me, Clare, Corinne, Kat, Ann and Matt)

Clare and I braved the lake. It was cold

enough to take our breath away (tm Berlin).

15 thoughts on “Muddy Sunday: Habitat 4 Humanity Mud Volleyball

  1. Andrea,

    I see you were lucky enough to be the crotch holder on the token guy. Was that a happy accident or by design?

  2. See as how the token guy is the boyfriend of the girl in blue, that was an accident. I was also very careful to have a hand on his waist and a hand on his thighs. I was junk-brushing free today.

  3. Still, doesn’t look as fun as “crab soccer” in third grade (?) phys. ed. at Catholic school. But I’d take it, to sully the manicured splendour of South Bend’s hallowed ground. (I traipsed around ND a little over a year ago, during a trip east, just to say I’d been there, as a “good” Catholic, & all… (Haha, I only go to Church on Easter.) I still don’t like Notre Dame.)

    Go Marquette.

    Also, the babe on the end of the line, holding up the male’s head, is the shit. & the gal two to the left, who MDG knows carnally (allegedly) looks too much like a full-of-herself Latter-day Saint that went to my alma mater same years as I.

  4. OK fine Beth gets a Yes. But only if she’s in a Catholic School Girl outfit.

    Disco Stu – I dig chicks who look like saints. Cause they like to get freaky.

  5. MDG – the LDS to whom I refer was that way… until she married one of her own & laid off the alcohol & nipple-clamps.

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