Knowing Your Hot Owners – Bernie Kosar

 (Second in our series of looking at the hotties behind who pay for hotties on the teams – the hot owners. Don’t worry, Mark, we’ll get to you.)

Did you know that Bernie Kosar was the part-owner of the Florida Panthers?  Neither did I, but I was more than happy to add him to the list of hot owners.

What makes Bernie a hottie:


  • Lead the Miami Hurricanes to win the National Championship while managing to graduate early with a double major in finance and economics.
  • Is as close to a folk hero as you can get in Cleveland leading the Browns to a few amazing seasons in the late 80’s, ruined only by John Elway and the Broncos.  (Steeler fan side note – The Browns have not won the AFC Central-now-North Division since Kosar was their QB.)
  • Used to have a greeting card company, (I still have some of his Steeler cards in my box of stationary), and now owns a steakhouse in Miami.

Not the usual sizzle factor, but worth noting:

  • Bernie is going through a rather messy divorce but seems to be keeping a rather healthy attitude about the situation, despite his wife’s allegations against him.

7 thoughts on “Knowing Your Hot Owners – Bernie Kosar

  1. I did see him on an episode of America’s Most Wanted. A guy who was murdered (and the man’s family) were big Browns fans and Bernie helped to draw publicity to the case, mentioning it on radio interviews, etc. Don’t know much about Bernie other than what the Ladies just wrote, but it was nice to see someone using their public image to help someone else.

  2. Did you know that Bernie Kosar was hot? No, I didn’t. I had posters of him on my wall from eighth grade through sophomore year at college, but was somehow left with the impression he was one the homeliest-looking dweebs ever to come out of Boardman, OH.

    On that note, I also didn’t realize that there even was such a thing as the “Florida Panthers”.

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