Orange and Maroon Day

In remembrance of the 33 lives lost in Blacksburg this week, Dan Shanoff and other blogs around the country are participating in Orange and Maroon Day by “wearing” the colors of Virginia Tech. Each of the Ladies… universities is represented on the banner above, in a show of solidarity with all VT students, alumni, faculty and staff as they struggle with the senseless tragedy and horrible loss.

Every other day of the year, we may be a College of Charleston Cougar, a Texas Longhorn, a Pitt Panther, a Rutgers Scarlet Knight, a Wake Forest Demon Deacon, an Iowa Hawkeye and a Tennessee Volunteer– but today, we are all Hokies.

19 thoughts on “Orange and Maroon Day

  1. well done, tex. i feel bad that i didnt have anything orange or maroon to wear tday, to physically show support. im still thinking of va. tech.

  2. That’s a gorgeous banner. As I mentioned in my response to the shooting, I live in Charlottesville, where there’s a natural rivalry both geographic and, now, in conference. I wish everyone could see how this town is turned out in Maroon and Orange today, though. Everyone’s wearing a shirt, a hat, a pin – something VT. I’m betting we’ll get goosebumps all football season when Tech takes the field throughout the ACC.

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  4. So, which Lady… is a College of Charl… — excuse me, University of Charleston alumna? (Just curious, as I went to a youth writer’s seminar there, nigh two decades ago.)

    (That said, I wouldn’t have encountered the woman in question, there, at that time.)

    Also, any chance that Nikki Giovanni gets honorary Lady… status? Maybe, Lady… Emerita, since she wouldn’t be in the regular cast of writers here….

  5. Disco Stu it is I that is a student (or at least will be this fall) at CofC. And it is still College of Charleston. Last I heard of that is. And two decades ago? I was 1. Yeah…

    After that speech I think I’m in love with Nikki Giovanni. And I’m not the poetry lover.

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