Thursday’s Hottie Hit & Run

It’s all over the sports world today, but it is going to be here as well. Nothing is hotter than a pitcher throwing a no-hitter or a perfect game. I’m so mad I wasn’t watching I could just spit, but last night Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox threw a no-hitter. In fact, he was one walk away from a perfect game. Amazing. The last no-hitter I watched was Randy Johnson’s against the Braves in 2004 and when he got the last out, I started crying. Mark, you are an amazing Hottie and the Ladies salute you. [Mark “buerhle” misses a perfect game]

The Ohio State Men’s basketball team is slated to act as coaches for the OSU spring game this coming weekend. Mike Conley Jr (pictured) will act as honorary head coach for the Scarlet team while Jamar Butler will head up the Gray team. That’s kind of awesome. Cheaty McSweatervest is unabashed in saying his motives are to try to keep Conley and Oden at OSU, rather than enter the NBA draft. Oden had to turn down the coaching position in order to attend his aunt’s wedding. It’s nice to see a 112 year-old woman find love. [Urban Meyer would say keep that horrible visage away from my beautiful coif]

More hotties, after the jump……

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has been fined $100,000 for wearing a Vitaminwater hat during a media session at the Super Bowl. The last time this happened to a Bears player it was Jim McMahon in 1985, it involved an Adidas headband (really Jim? a headband?) and the fine was $5,000. Wow, inflation is a bitch. I say the Ladies start an Urlacher fund. We can raise money by taking various pictures of us licking things and selling them on ebay. Who’s with me? [Hottie ManBeast just wants to get his vitamins]

Poor Scott Rolen. He got food poisoning last night and was taken to the hospital, missing the Cardinals’ first game in their series with the Giants. If he needs anybody to nurse him back to health, I’m free. I’ve always wanted to see San Francisco. CALL ME! Also, after all that glorious work by Texas Gal yesterday, I felt I should include the softer side of Scott Rolen for a picture [Cardinals’ Rolen sickened by food, not Bonds’ giant head]

6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hottie Hit & Run

  1. Hmm, now that I like at Brian U. more closely, he bears a slight resemblance to One Night Stand Guy from December.

  2. Metsy, if I found a guy who looked like Brian, he’d be known as “One Night Stand Guy from Yesterday”, “One Night Stand Guy from Today”, “One Night Stand Guy from March”, etc…

    And wow, that picture of Mark B makes him look like Nosferatu.

  3. So, Ladies… love the standard-issue frat-boy barbed-wire tattoo?


    … Not really. But better a jock with a wire tat than a Jack Johnson style strummer with a tribal or Celtic one.

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