Diamond Dolls – Tax Day Edition

Today’s that special day all of America looks forward to with giddy anticipation each spring- Tax Day! While not much happens on Tax Day that is any fun, it does give us a perfect opportunity to audit some of the latest happenings in college baseball. And just to brighten your world after those IRS-induced headaches, I’ve got pictures of a hottie from every team discussed.

Vanderbilt reigns atop the Top 25 rankings after going 3-1 last week, so the above-the-cut hottie honors go to Vandy catcher Shea Robin. Not only is he a Texan who wears my lucky number 17, his picture was the first that made me stop and take a second look. It’s that catcher’s build, I tell you.

More NCAA baseball goodness after the jump…

Surprise appearance by Michigan in this week’s Top 25 (at #22) after trouncing the heck out of Ohio State last weekend- sweeping the series 4-0, and going 6-0 for the week. Adam Abraham was particularly spectacular against the Buckeyes, drilling a grand slam in one game, and making two spectacular defensive catches in another. His hotness affected the baseball’s flight pattern, I’m just sure of it.

Adam Abraham, Soph., 3B/P

Kyle Russell is currently sitting at 20 homeruns for the season, tied for 1st all-time in the Texas record books (with about 20 games left to go). The Longhorns also swept the Red Raiders of Texas Tech over the weekend, and move up to #5 in the rankings. The 6’5″ cutie outfielder Kyle gets extra special bonus points above and beyond the Longhorn bonus, because he’s from my little hometown and went to my high schoool.

Kyle Russell, Soph., OF

UC Irvine pitcher Blair Erickson broke the all-time NCAA career save record with his 50th recorded save against Cal Poly. Anyone who can take an NCAA record away from a Trojan (in this case, Souther Cal reliever Jack Krawczyk) is A-OK in my book- especially if your school mascot is the Anteater. Now, if we can just work on getting him to shave that unfortunate facial hair, he’d be set.

Blair Erickson, Sr., P

Big matchups to look out for this week:

April 17: #5 Texas at #7 Rice
April 17: #20 Mississippi State vs. #24 Mississippi
April 18: #4 South Carolina vs. #14 Clemson
April 20-22: #2 North Carolina at #3 Florida State
April 20-22: #6 Virginia at #14 Clemson
April 20-22: #15 Oklahoma State at #16 Texas A&M

And this week’s Diamond Doll is:

Brett Wallace
first base, Arizona State

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2 thoughts on “Diamond Dolls – Tax Day Edition

  1. This post won’t help alleviate Torii Hunter’s hurt feelings… Surely, there are some Afro-American hotties in college baseball, no?

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