NBA Northwest: There’s A Cute Guy Or Two

While looking through the Northwest division I kept saying one thing over and over again-eh. And that’s sums up the quality of hot basketball players. Out of five teams I barely got four and added a fifth so it didn’t seem so glum. I will say one thing thought-the Trailblazers have one spiffy website. Far and away the best out of the teams in the division.

The Utah Jazz have won the division and they’ll be the fourth seed in the playoffs. The Denver Nuggets finished second and is currently (and probably stay) in the sixth position for playoff seeding. Everyone else (Minnesota Timberwolves, Seattle Sonics, and the aforementioned Portland) are out of it.

To cheer us up before the jump, here is Eduardo Najera. I’ll learn Spanish for him. He plays for Denver. That’s good to know if I ever take a vacation there.

Carmelo Anthony-He also plays for Denver. And yes, what he did was a punk move throwing a punch and running away. But he has a great smile. And he won Syracuse a National Championship. And plays on Team USA with fellow hotties Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.

Earl Watson-This year started his second time around with Seattle, who originally drafted him in 2001. He went to UCLA. And he’s suppose to be a good defensive guard. That’s…good.

Luke Ridnour-He’s the kid from Oregon who had the head full of red curls during the 2003 NCAA Tournament. Good job for cutting it all off Luke. Much better. He played in all 82 games his rookie season and signed a multi-year deal with Seattle. Oh, and pictures with his wife make her looks like a giant.

Dan Dickau-Yet another kid from Gonzaga with lots of hair all over the place. For some reason the Blazers wants to compare him to Pete Maravich and John Stockton. Right. His wife used to be a dancer for the Blazers.

9 thoughts on “NBA Northwest: There’s A Cute Guy Or Two

  1. Ridnour needs the curls back. I thought him and Luke Jackson were cute at Oregon, but I haven’t seen Jackson in awhile.

  2. Dickau married a Portland Trailblazer cheerleader, if I’m not mistaken. I know that he was dating one while still an undergrad at Gonzaga, at least.

  3. ew, Najera? gross. those pictures are insanely kind.

    other than that, good call on the rest of the list. just need to throw my token tall lanky Caucasian love out there, and I’ll be moving along…Nick Collison. call me!

  4. Collison has a nice smile. Too bad for us that he’s engaged to his college sweetheart and has a daughter.

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