Bringing The Heat: Atlanta Braves

When we here at Ladies… decide we would do a feature on all 32 Major League teams, I jokingly said that for the Atlanta Braves one I could just post 10 pictures of Jeff Francoeur’s ass and call it a day. Little did I know that I could literally do that. There are many a picture of Mr. Francoeur’s ass, all that I enjoyed immensely. And it’s not like Atlanta is coming up big in the hotties category anyway. Would you, loyal reader of Ladies…, complain if 10 pics of Francoeur’s ass came after the jump?

Tim Hudson: SP, 1-0, 0.64 ERA-Look, I’ve had a thing for Tim Hudson since his days in Oakland as a part of the Big Three (all three were smoking) so he was going to be on this list whether he was hot or not. Or something like that. Anyway, from Alabama, married his college sweetheart (how cute!), have three kids. And looks good bald.

John Smoltz: SP, 1-1, 3.15 ERA-In baseball years he’s getting up there in age, but Smoltzy is still hot at the rip old age of 40 (in May). We all know about the whole starting pitcher to closer to starting pitcher thing so no need to go back over it again, but the man’s going to Cooperstown. And he’s an avid Michigan State fan. And while I hate on the Spartans (good naturedly), anyone who supports college football and basketball is ok in my book.

Jeff Francoeur: OF (Right Field), .286 AVG, 2 HR, 9 RBI-If you turned on a television to a game last year you probably heard about Francoeur and how he doesn’t walk. In fact he has 32 walks in his three years in Atlanta. True local boy having been born in the city and raised in it’s suburbs. Got offered a scholarship in football from Clemson but didn’t take it. Smart man. And I think I’m in love with him. There you go.

Honorable Mention-Ryan Langerhans: OF (Left Field), .111 AVG-Yeah, he’s sucking right now, but that’s not why he’s honorable mention. It’s because the only good pictures I’ve found of him have been way too big. And his headshot isn’t the greatest in the world (which athlete’s is?) So here he is, and he’s a lot hotter than at first glance.

Look, the season is two weeks old, way too early for stats (like I listed above) and such. Does it really matter in the second week of April that the Braves are leading the division? But here is what you should know about them-good pitching staff, a line-up that rivals many in the league, and a manager that has been there longer than I’ve been alive (not really, but you get what I’m saying). Some “experts” have picked the Braves to win the NL East, and they will definitely make it a race between themselves, the Mets, and the Phillies for the division.

And Jeff Francoeur-MMMMM…

To whomever jodieandlarry is on Flickr, thank you so much for this shot. I’m going to bake you a cake or something.

19 thoughts on “Bringing The Heat: Atlanta Braves

  1. Last week, I was watching the TBS feed of the Mets/Braves game, and they showed JF baby pictures! Squee, they were so adorable.

  2. Wait a minute. There are only 30 major league teams. Unless, of course, the Ladies… are going to form two teams of hottness, one all-AL and one all-NL. An idea with which I, personally, am more than happy.

  3. Becky, I’m sorry. Some (*cough*Clare*cough*) objected to the idea.

    Let me try to say that again, there were better ones, but the picture wasn’t big enough.


  4. Look, the season is two weeks old, way too early for stats (like I listed above) and such. Does it really matter in the second week of April that the Braves are leading the division?

    Considering the way the Braves started off last year, yes. Yes it does.

    Also, I don’t know why you left off Brian McCann (even though he’s already got his playoff beard going). He does love the ladies….

  5. I definitely could have used a few more of Francoeur’s ass – I didn’t need 10, but more is always better. And thanks for the picture of Hudson, I too have loved him since his Big 3 days (although Mulder was always my favorite).

  6. Redhead: Mulder was my favorite too!

    Elric: really, his agent asked you to remove the pic? But it’s such an innocent picture, compared to what’s out there…

  7. I just heard that the Braves extended Cox today. Even more reason for your ladies to love Francoeur! Oh wait, the story was about their manager. Never mind.

  8. Francoeur sucks, you Braves ladies can have him and his wonderful .701 OPS back in Atlanta whenever you want. Nothing has changed with him since you traded the guy – long, loopy undisciplined swing.

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