Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

Quarterback Drew Bledsoe has decided to retire after 15 years in the NFL. He’s not necessarily a “hottie” in the strictest sense of the word, but I find him cute. He keeps losing his job to hotter men, that’s gotta be frustrating. His Super Bowl experiences are also less than stellar.  He played in the 1996 Super Bowl and got intercepted 4 times. He did not get to play in New England’s 2001 Super Bowl win. Also, I just really, really wanted to use this picture I found of him. I think Gramps and Tony Dungy’s assistant should hang out. [Perpetual Bridesmaid Leaves Church For Good]

This really isn’t news, Per Se, since every guy with a microphone or a pad of paper has been talking to him for weeks, but my boy Brady Quinn believes he should be the #1 draft pick and could help turn around an NFL franchise. Do these people think if they keep asking him, he’ll eventually just say, “No, I really shouldn’t go in the top 3. JaMarcus Russell is way better than I am.” Again, really just wanted an excuse to post a picture. SO. HOTT. [Quinn’s Answer Unchanged Since the Last Time You Asked]

The Midshipmen of Navy have secured themselves a bowl game for next year, provided they hit the 6-win mark. This seems kinda weird to me. Can Iowa just ring up the Rose Bowl and make a deal? I’m on it! Also, in my head the pictured Naval cadet, Safety Jeff Deliz, makes the deal and then uses his best Kevin Bacon from Tremors voice and yells, “I got mahself a bowl!” [Poinsettia Bowl to be Covered in Seamen Next Year]

Nothing is hotter than a really smart guy and it turns out that Padres pitcher Chris Young wrote his senior thesis at Princeton on Jackie Robinson. I had no idea Young went to Princeton and the title of his thesis just makes Lil’ Lady Andrea all tingly. It was titled “The Impact of Jackie Robinson and the Integration of Baseball on Racial Stereotypes in America: A Quantitative Content Analysis of Stories about Race in the New York Times.” For real, that is a total panty-dropper. Young is really not that cute, but I found this to be pretty hot. Also, in his picture doesn’t he look like he should be getting his mask ripped off at the end of a Scooby-Doo cartoon? Or possibly riding the rails as a hobo. [A Big Brain Means a Big Head. Heh heh.]

20 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

  1. Brady is pretty cute, but no one on the ND team makes me want to go all Mrs. Robinson on him like Jeff Samardzija. And soon he’ll be a Cubbie, which, well, damn. That’s hott.

  2. Objectively, I see Brady’s hotness. And I get the attraction for Jeff. But my ND crush is on Zibby- even though he’s short, he’s yummy.

    And I agree, Andie- Drew is cute.

  3. Lisa, just for you I will have to do a post about my night of Samardzija hunting. Last year, my roommate was obsessed with him and one night we totally found a way to hang out at his house. It was interesting, to say the least.

    TexasGal, you’re right, he is kind of short, but he’s very hot.

  4. Mmm, middies. Even the ugly ones are cute. I think it’s the white pants.

    As much as I love midshipmen, I’m ashamed that I’ve never been to an Army-Navy game. I live in Philadelphia for goodness’ sake!

  5. I’m just now finding this out!! Bledsoe is hanging up his jock after 15 years of taking snaps. Well, all things must end. Happy retirment, Drew.

    Is he hot? No, not in the “AY Papi, love me! Make me write bad checks, Big Daddy” kind of way, but he is kind of cute and I give him props for playing 15 years in the league. As a QB, that’s a lot of time spent with your hands in shoved up under another guy’s crotch.


  6. I read somewhere the Chris Young’s wife/fiance/whatever is in law school on the east coast. The fact that she continues her education rather than hang it up because her SO is an MLB pitcher speaks volumes about her and him. I think it’s very cool.

  7. Question: Is Romo better looking/hotter then Bledsoe?

    I figured it was the other way around but ehy, I’m a dude so…

    @lauriekendrick “Make me write bad checks, Big Daddy” wtf? lol

  8. I went to high school with Brady. He was a senior when I was a freshman and he was a big deal even then. There was no functioning female in the school who didn’t know that boy’s schedule and conveniently form routes to their classes to try and find him in the halls. I consider the day he held the door for me one of the greatest my life has known.

  9. Steagles, you’re telling me. I watched the Sweet 16 games with him (Memphis/A&M and OSU/Tenn game) at a bar in South Bend. It was awesome. I somehow managed to effectively keep the drool to a minimum.

  10. Sure. Right. A baseball player wrote a thesis with a title longer than the needle he sticks in his keister? I don’t think so. Somewhere a nerd is squinting through his cokebottle glasses, trying to conceal a stiffy and daydreaming that perhaps he could have gotten in on the panty-dropping action if only he wouldn’t have sold the paper to Chris Young.

  11. Oh good … my near-stalker-like attention to Brady Quinn’s delicious hotness … errr, CAREER … isn’t all that odd.

    You know it’s bad when your fiance emails you any Quinn interview or mention in the media …

  12. I wish we could get over this Zibby is tiny thing. He is a little short, but I am sure his equipment is fairly large. I seen him in person and have a ton of photos that tell me he is big were it counts. Texas Gal your so right. For a little guy Tommy is hot, tough and probably could take most men down with the exception of LSU QB JaMarcus Russell. I saw a photo of Tommy and JaMarcus together after the Sugar Bowl and JaMarcus made our Irish boy Tommy look like a munchkin. But a cute Munchkin!!

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