Know Your Ladies… #3 – The Clip Show

So the season is going well, we’ve picked up in the ratings, and we have plenty of new eyeballs checking out the hotties we’ve been offering up each day.  But maybe you’re new here and might have missed some of our finer pieces of stalking works.   (If you are truly interested in the actual Ladies, check out Know Your Ladies #1 and Know Your Ladies #2.   You’re really here for our brains, so please, read on… )

Ladies… Tag Teams Events –

TexasGal and Metschick put on their helmets and their safety goggles to go Mining for Hotties in the Baseball Prospect Top 100

Holly and TheStarterWife take on David Beckham’s ego and fanfic and are scarred for life.

All the Ladies become Masters of their own domain, which seems like a good idea after a spirited discussion about doing Chris Berman.

Ladies… who can play on their own turf –

And Captain Caveman, don’t forget that we said we loved you from the very first day.

43 thoughts on “Know Your Ladies… #3 – The Clip Show

  1. I feel like I’m in that scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark where they open the thing and everyone dies. Only it’s pink and there are fighter pilots.

  2. The only thing that stopped me was the concept of lighting a scene set to the song “Take My Breath Away” with filters the color of crib death. Though it would’ve dovetailed nicely with TSW’s Dead Guy Pick.

  3. holy crap, that Beckham Q&A was brilliant. And I mean that in the American sense of the word, meaning “wicked smaht”, not the British, meaning “awesome”. Although it was awesome. So both. Tranoceanic Brilliance.

  4. I’ll see if I can find you a bottle of the 1986 vintage of Disappointment Pink (now with real bits of Billy Hatcher, so you know it’s good) if you need to borrow some. Stays on even through 16 inning games.

  5. I was just a little kid, but 1986 was the year that broke my heart. That first sports soul-killing loss leaves a mark for years and years.

    Those were the good ol’ days, huh? Ashby and Scott and Cruz and Doran and Deshaies and Bass and Davis and, of course, Ryan.

  6. @TheStarterWife: Kenyon Martin?

    … Really?

    I’ve always enjoyed his name, that his parents might have named him for the lib-arts campus in Ohio! Otherwise, though… I can’t say that the idea of him setting off blinking lights in flagrante delicto inspires me.

    Also, we need a pole (strikethru; poll): pick your favourite lady. (Right now, I throw my support to the delightful Ms “Shumway”, but Clare & Metschick don’t lag so far.)

  7. @Disco – What a great idea!

    For me it’s between TG and Holly… ummmmmm…

    I pick Holly.

    But I lurve all a’ y’all ladies nonetheless.

  8. @DoncellaAndrea: I wasn’t implying that there are some Ladies… whose commentary, etc., I could do without. Just, I don’t “love” all of ye equally. It wouldn’t be possible, nor fair.

    But, on a scale of one-to-ten, like how they do grades/marks in European primaries & secondaries, not one Lady… ranks below a seven. (& requisite Streets cribbing, “I’d reckon you [plural] about an eight or a nine. Maybe nine-and-an-half in four beers’s time”.)

    … Also, what’s the assumption about a call-back — if there can even be one — after one has called a lady… (note lower-case). I followed the advice of the Ladies…, namely thestarterwife, & left a voice-mail for my waitress acquaintance, Hammer, on Monday eve. Now, maybe I’m just impatient, possibly even paranoid, but no response, not even a text yet.

    Do I just let her get back to me in her time — she is full-time between two restaurants, plus an undergrad at UW-Milwaukee — or try phoning, again, toward the end of (this) week?

    (& my paranoia creeping in — did she just want me to call so she’d know to screen her calls?)

  9. Disco Stu – You did the right thing caller her. She asked you to call and you did. If she does get back to you by the weekend, and does not have a plausible excuse when you next see her… well. Her loss for being a flake.

    And quit quoting the Streets. Do you know how hard that song is to get out my head?

  10. Andrea: I know, I know, reading about Cards fans celebrating after Beltran held the bat on his shoulder AND STOOD THERE just still hurts so badly.

    I’m a bad loser when it comes to my teams.

    I hate to throw preferences for favorite Lady, and I won’t, because you all are good.

  11. I’d rather not pick one Lady over another (they’re all super hot) but put a gun to my head and I’m taking the tallest one. Rawr!

  12. TG, I still struggle with what the most difficult part of my sports-loving childhood was: the 1986 loss, or any game that featured Andujar Cedeno at short. Thank god for Adam E.

    And to weigh in, I’m picking Texas Gal for completely state-pride based reasons. And tits.

  13. holly what does it take for you to trade the colts to me in the mock draft ( i actually have a blog…. if a blog exists and no one reads it does it exist?)

  14. TG — Thanks (again) for the Roger Clemens post. So hot. And you know he’s an animal in bed. [A big ol’ FU to anyone who makes a comment about steroids now.]

  15. @Holly – I love a girl who doesn’t know how to blush… or something.

    @TG – it was a close run thing; you should be like 65% flatterred. Can you measure flatterage by percentage?

    @Disco – ‘I’m not trying to pull you…’ Now can we leave it at that?

  16. Nice job Ladies- KSK needed a humility check. I was so inspired I named my daughter Andrea. Well I always liked the name but the coincidence is remarkable. We hope she grows up to be so cool (Marlins/Fins/Canes fan though) Her godfather is a die hard Cards fan and may have an influence there.

    All the best.

  17. Soon there will be a legion of Andreas roaming the Earth. As it SHOULD be.

    mamacita- It’s probably just you and me who lust after him, so we’ll have to learn to share. Oh, who am I kidding- get your own Rocket, woman… he’s mine!

    sanchez- I am 65% flattered, then. That extra 15% makes my day.

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