Hump Day Hottie: Wall-to-Wall

Just another Wednesday? I don’t think so- not when the Ladies… tag team to bring you an onslaught of hotties. In celebration of… not much of anything, just because we can- we bring you the finest buffet of hotties known to womankind. Mankind, too, for that matter. Wanna know who each of the Ladies… consider to be the hottest man alive? Now you know. TGIW, y’all.

Holly: What’s a day at Ladies… without hate sex?

TSW: Sydney Crosby, youngest NHL Scoring Champion ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LadyAndrea: We’ll ignore the Champagne Room rule just this once.

Metschick: You say they look kinda gay, I say put me in the middle!

SA: I will have his children. And I hate kids.

Texas Gal: If living in SoHo means going down South with Huston, sign me up.

GordonShumway:You’re number 10? I’m number 59. Wanna get together?

Clare: Mmmm, bendy.

32 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Wall-to-Wall

  1. SA – Absolutely brilliant choice. Us Frenchmen are world-renowned hotties.

    Gordo – I told you, I’ll wear my Owen jersey.

  2. Oh, I guess I got a little confuzzled. It goes without saying that I’m with everyone! I’m good with any of these fine men…

  3. I loves the lanky ones, but dear Lord, Scotty Ro-Ro is a total beast.

    Am I the only one here who wouldn’t hate-fuck The Dreamboat? I totally, completely, non-ironically would. Look at those lips! That chin dimple! So cute in his cowboy shirt and those chaps.

  4. I could never get past Dreamboat’s enormous freaking dome. Seriously, that is an Eddy Curry sized noggin. If he were wearing a hat though, all bets are off.

    As for the rest, you Ladies… absolutely make me love Wednesdays.

  5. Clare: I would just straight up fuck the Dreamboat. I don’t care about him either way. But dear god, I find him immensely attractive.

  6. Pam-yes it is. I think it’s i before e, but really don’t care. Such a hottie. And I’m right with ya on Huston.

    BTO-Thank you.

    I wouldn’t hate-fuck The Dreamboat. He’s a Michigan man. I would just fuck him.

  7. LA: I would definitely have hate sex with Ro-ro. And with A-Rod. (I think my soul died a little after admitting that)

  8. Michael Owen! Are you fucking kidding me? He’s about 5’6″ with all the charm of a used condom.

    I don’t usually go for Dreamboat, but in that pic…well, I’d sell my soul for a piece of that ass.

    You can keep Thierry Henry though – arrogant French prick.

  9. He’s sooo not hot. I’ve seen him up close and personal (well not that personal) and he looks like a schoolboy. He has no charisma either and is known here to be a real bore. It’s not just a height thing – I’m 5’2″ and my husband is Latino and not exactly huge. Owen’s just so,so dull – it’s really funny to think that anyone finds him attractive.

    Now the Sex Cannon…….mmmm..yum!

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