I was there: Mets Opening Day


After a long winter, baseball finally returns to Shea Stadium, and I was there.  Join me through the pics of the day…

Baby Mets

So Baby Mets didn’t go to the game.  But I can still show you a pic of her in her Mets sweatshirt.  She’s ready for her manicure. 

Citi Field

Citi Field, under construction.  No doubt, there are some hotties working on this.  Alas, I was too far away to do any real scoping.

First things first, I was sitting in the Loge section, so my seats were pretty far away. 

Mets infield

Reyes, Wright and Beltran all in one pic (albeit standing far away from each other)?!  Can I just say that the Mets left side of the infield is my happy place…

painted head fool

This guy was not hot at all.  But he painted his head!  And I find that funny.  What?  I’m easy.  And I’m writing this, so I get to include the pic.

Cole Hamels, I promise

That little speck down there, in grey and red, is Cole Hamels.  I promise.  He pitched well, but Philly bullpen and defense let him down.  (*snicker.  Jim-my Rol-lins!) 


Blurry Mets fans celebrate the 7-run eighth inning!  Felt good to spank the Phillies, especially after the Rollins error. 

But don’t fret, Phillies phans: you get to look at this guy every 5th game:


He’s so hot…

Anyway, I was actually sitting next to a Phillies fan:

(This isn’t her, by the way – I couldn’t very take her picture without a good reason!)  She was there with her Mets fan dad, and she was incredibly gracious and sweet.  I don’t think she was a real Phillies fan.

All in all, even though I froze my ass off, I had a great time at the Mets home opener.  Who wouldn’t?  Mets won 11-5, and I saw plenty of hotties in the stands.  My dad went with me, so that salted my game, but the eye candy was great.  I’m now 2-0 in Mets home openers, and I can’t wait for 2009, when they open at Citi Field. 

21 thoughts on “I was there: Mets Opening Day

  1. she was incredibly gracious and sweet. I don’t think she was a real Phillies fan.

    So true! you could insert “flyers”, “eagles”, or “sixers” in there too!

  2. Clare: I was dying laughing when these guys behind me started yelling: “JIMMY ROLLINS, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!”

    And you guys know this is why I tack up pics of Baby Mets. I love sharing the cute.

  3. Citi Field is being done by HOK architects? After working at PNC Park all during the building, I can tell you… there are TONS of hotties that work for HOK.

    (No lie. I miss my little friend from that project. )

  4. Man. Now I’m all sad. That was a great friendship. He went on to work on the Wrigley Field re-do, and then the new football stadium in London. I don’t know where he was going after that.

    Nicest guy. If anyone knows Ali at HOK, that is my pal.

  5. Texas Gal: When we design tshirts, I am definitely getting a small one for Baby Mets. She already has a “Future Deadspin Reader” tee and a Che Leitch tee.

  6. Yeah, I’m Queen Dork… I was runner-up in a statewide cartoonist’s contest in high school and was an editorial cartoonist in college.

    Great, I’m one step away from wearing a t-shirt that says “Artists Put Things in Perspective”.

  7. I only have a “Che Morrison” Carolina Bobcats alternate road jersey. I feel left out.

    … Che, Leitch? You wanted to leave me out?

  8. Kayarcee: I guess I should have just said that pretty much anywhere you sit in Shea is pretty far away. Glad to hear that Citi Field is gonna be a slightly cozier place.

  9. I disagree; the only bad seats are by the foul poles, and even then, I feel like you’re a lot closer to the action than in, say, Yankee Stadium.

    (BTW, I usually get tickets in the Loge myself; this was just what was available when wifearcee won the OD 2nd-chance lottery)

    I’m gonna miss that semi-circle when it’s gone. I hope they at least still call a level in New Shea the Loge.

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