Hottie Hit & Run

snow angels 

The cold and snow have wreaked havoc in several cities for some ball clubs.  Those ballplayers should follow the Mariners’ cue and make snow angels! Paint the ball black or something, I’m sure we can make this work.

Kevin Durant decides that school’s out; he declares for NBA draft. Can anyone here say they’d honestly do differently? Didn’t we go to college for girls/boys, drugs and alcohol? He’ll get plenty of those in the NBA.

C. Vivian Stringer, the Rutgers womens basketball coach (R-U!), reacts to Don Imus’ comments. She’s a much better woman than I, cause what Imus said? Them be fightin’ words!

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In the world of cricket, New Zealand remains unbeaten, and is closing in on a semifinal berth. Why did I post that? There must be some hotties in cricket, right? I think I may have found one: New Zealand’s Peter Fulton:

Peter Fulton

He has nice forearms.  And I’m all about the forearms. I think I read this article 4-5 times, and I still don’t understand what’s going on.

 Joe Calzaghe

Boxer Joe Calzaghe out for four weeks with broken hand.  He broke it in Saturday’s win over Peter Manfredo.  That guy there, though, isn’t Joe Calzaghe.  But he came up under a Google search for Joe C., and he’s hotter, so he gets his day in the sun here on Ladies… I would find out who this guy is, except names are not important. Look at him!

19 thoughts on “Hottie Hit & Run

  1. I was just about to say a big AWWW!!! on the snow picture. Very cute.

    And I said this in a different post, but I was really hoping Durant would stay at Texas for another year. Just don’t care enough about the NBA.

  2. SA- let’s not talk about Durant today. Maybe tomorrow I will be over it.

    The snow picture is so very awesome- and that’s even considering I think the Mariners are wusses for getting the game called with, like, one out to go. Cute boys in baseball unis playing in the snow has gone a long way towards healing my Durant-pain.

  3. You failed to mention, Mets, that ALL of NZ’s teams are named the “Silver Ferns.” Sadly, this strips them of many of their manly attributes.

    Also, NZ men are prone to whining and many a complaint when you mentioned the ratio of sheep v. people on their small island. Just sad.

  4. Indeed. Hence the leafy-object tacked to their cricket, rugby, soccer and sailing outfits. VERY Gucci.

    Yes, TSW, I went to ONE cricket game while in NZ and had to have an ex-pat try and explain to me the rules of why a cricket game lasts DAYS and can score HUNDREDS of points. Frankly, after my third Steinlager, I had a hard time remembering where my pants were, let alone regulations of the “wickets”.

  5. Oh heck no. That’d be like calling out Clark Kent on the street as “Superman”. You don’t expose the secret identity, dude.

  6. Actually Texas Gal, it was one strike. Of course, had Byrd not decided to start walking people in that inning…don’t get me started on it. I’m an Indians fan and that bullpen is going to give me a heart attack.

  7. Actually, the New Zealand Cricket team is the Black Caps, see

    And their men’s rugby team is the all-blacks, and the women are the black ferns. Sorry TheStartersBoyfriend you are wrong on all of the teams being named the silver ferns, that is only the women’s netball team. There might be some pretty angry Kiwi’s out there if you start calling the all-blacks or the black caps the silver ferns.

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