“I’m a reacher, not a teacher.”

So I broke my iTrip in the parking lot this morning as I was leaving for work. Turning to the radio, I started surfing my presets and stopped when I hard the word “goth” on the AM dial. It was a show I’d heard horror stories about but never experienced for myself.

As best as I can recall, Things That Happened On Ten Minutes Of Colin Cowherd’s Radio Show This Morning:

  • Colin bragged about his “goth” t-shirt he was wearing, and talked about all the “rock and roll” shops he frequented when in Hollywood. The shirt came from a Lucky Brand store.
  • Mel Kiper Jr. wandered in and Colin asked him to guess how much he weighed. This went on for several minutes.
  • During which Colin uttered the phrase, “I will bet you a week’s supply of pumpkin, which you eat”, in a perfectly matter-of-fact tone.
  • Colin called Jamarcus Russell “Marcus” repeatedly, and mistook Gaines Adams for a Facts of Life character.
  • And then, this. The usual suspects are up in arms, and rightly so.

Right before I dialed away in disgust, he graciously dispensed the following bon mot: “I’m an entertainer. I’m not a journalist. And I’m proud of that fact”. You’re half right, friend.

11 thoughts on ““I’m a reacher, not a teacher.”

  1. Lucky Brand is totally rock and roll… I saw Mark McGrath at the Lucky Store on LaBrea once. (Is that even still there?) And we all know McGrath = ROCK.

    Well, I’m not in the office tomorrow, so I am going to make it a point to try to call in, (and email approximately 1000000 times), and to defend The Big Lead.

    (Anyone else find it interesting that just yesterday TBL had tossed out for discussion, “Why do we blog?” A few of the answers were because “sports radio sucks”.)

  2. Colin has angered me on numerous occasions, but I recognize that’s his schtick, to piss people off so they call in and help boost his numbers. I also gave him leeway ’cause he’s the biggest college football supporter at the network (other than the actual College Gameday team).

    But this is just way, way too far.

  3. I remember a Mel Kiper interview where he said he eats pumpkin pie almost every day. I know, who’d think a guy like that would have quirks?

    Anyway, if you didn’t know, that’s what the pumpkin comment was referring to. Seriously.

  4. I’ve never heard him, and had only heard his name on commercials before yesterday, but the guy is a douchebag. Probably one of the biggest douche on that network (and as we well know, thats saying alot). But he represents why i don’t listen to sports radio, i don’t see the attraction of listening to old fuckers bitching about sports and then when someone calls in to argue with their opinion they just yell them down until the other person hangs up, yes…so very entertaining.

  5. ” “I’m an entertainer. I’m not a journalist. And I’m proud of that fact”.

    You’re half right, friend.”

    He’s actually 1/3 right. He got the first two wrong.

  6. Actually, ESPN Radio has a pretty big audience. Was implying that he was entirely right about being proud and half right about being an entertainer, since there are clearly bozos who get off listening to him.

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