Heat On The Ice : NHL Central Division

All I know about hockey I learned while working for the Austin Ice Bats in college- which is to say, not very much at all (because I’m not really sure the “hockey” that I saw in Austin actually qualifies as hockey… when I worked there, the arena they played in was just the county rodeo arena, with ice laid down over the dirt). This is both good and bad- bad because you’re not gonna get any actual insight into the hockey skills of my hotties; good because I’m picking solely on looks, with no emotional reasons to pick non-hotties.

Hockey men are not afraid to use a pink gun.

And I was more than pleasantly surprised with the bounty of hotties I found, in just the Central Division alone. So much so, that in addition to one featured hottie on each of the five teams, I also just had to highlight two honorable mentions… there were just that many good looking guys. Maybe I need to learn more about hockey- with the tough attitudes, the fighting and the hotties, it seems like a sport I could really appreciate.

NHL Central Division – All-Hottie Team
click on the guys’ pictures to get the full-size versions

tuomo ruutu

Chicago Blackhawks
Tuomo Ruutu

Mr. Ruutu almost didn’t make this list, for two reasons: one, he apparently gets hurt a lot, and I don’t like my men to be delicate; two, and more disturbingly, his favorite music group is Creed. However, he is really quite lovely, and I can’t hold the injury thing against him because hockey is such a deliciously violent sport- so I decided to chalk the Creed-love up to the fact that he’s Finnish, and therefore can’t be expected to understand the ramifications of liking them.

rick nash

Columbus Blue Jackets
Rick Nash

This cute Canuck was some kind of phenom- jumping from junior league straight to the NHL. I’m more impressed that he took a stick shot to the family jewels back in December, and lived to tell about it. Rick still has a Bart Simpson poster on his wall from childhood, which is kind of cute. He also bolted to Switzerland during the lockout, which means he’s probably the manliest thing to ever hit that country. He’s said he’d be willing to be “The Bachelor”- I say, sign me up.

andreas lilja

Detroit Red Wings
Andreas Lilja

Sexy Swede Andreas has gotten himself in a spot of trouble in the past, but he is apparently so freakin’ cool that teammates are willing to get arrested just so they can have the chance to pretend to be him. So the men want to be him, and the Ladies… definitely want to be with him. He’s got the sexy scruff down to a fine art- and combine that with his gorgeous blue eyes and his stunning good lucks, and you’ve got a true hottie. And just because I care- you can even see him in motion

jason arnott

Nashville Predators
Jason Arnott

You really need to click that picture of Jason to get the full effect- go ahead, I’ll wait. Now that’s what I’m talking about- who knew icing down could be so hot? Jason’s another lovely lad from that country to the north (thanks for sharing, Canada!) and though he’s been on a Stanley Cup Champion team before, he’s looking to get another with the Predators this year. If good looks got you goals, I’d have to say that Nashville’s chances would be lookin’ mighty fine indeed.

eric brewer

St. Louis Blues
Eric Brewer

Eric is apparently one of those guys who stands up for his buddies- even if that means he sits in the penalty box and costs his team the game. That might sound like bad news for Blues fans, but that’s good news for me- because I love a tough guy. He’s another Canadian (not a single American made my hottie lineup), a loyal (and respected) teammate… and really hot. The Blues apparently agree, because they just signed him to an extension- which means we’ll be seeing Eric and his baby blues in Blues’ blue for years to come.

NHL Central Division – Honorable Mentions

Chicago Blackhawks
Brent Seabrook

Brent was just edged out of the Blackhawks slot on the roster, but he’s just so darned hot he snagged one of the honorable mention spaces instead. A small-town Canadian kid, Brent has had to make some adjustments in the big city- but he seems to be liking it so far (and he even talks about my building- aww!). Let’s just hope the Hawks don’t trade him, as rumors have suggested- the team hot level would definitely suffer.

Nashville Predators
Ryan Suter

Finally- an American!  Hooray for the US of A- and, more specifically, Wisconsin- for bringing us this cutie.  He’s hockey royalty- his dad was on the 1980 US gold medal team, his uncle played 17 seasons in the NHL. He’s part of a group of 4 young blueliners for Nashville, and is learning his way. He’s also a golfer in his free time, and loves Will Ferrell movies- which is a bonus in my book.  Best of all, he’s got those great all-American good looks to fall back on, if nothing else.

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17 thoughts on “Heat On The Ice : NHL Central Division

  1. I have to say, the Swede is my favorite of them all- and I don’t usually go for Euros.

    And there’s still hope for Mike Ricci- that stunning hottie may still make the Pacific list that’s going to be posted on Friday. I only handled the Central guys.

  2. What the heck? I lived in Canada for several years and the men there were hardly “hot”, plus you’ve got to deal with that accent!

    On top of that, I hardly feel hockey is a fair judge for hotties. How many of those guys have false teeth from a hard check to the boards that creates a keen, perfect smile of pearly whites? I also see a plethora of potential for nose jobs, cheek implants and/or facial surgery here that gives those Canucks an unfair advantage in the looks department. (Frankly, at times I wish someone had broken my nose as a kid so I could have engaged in some facial altering rhino-plasty. Would have been great for my soaps career.)

  3. If the veneers and the cheek implants are good enough for Hollywood, then they’re good enough for our Canadian puck-loving brethren. Occupational hazard, I suppose.

    Also, though, you will notice that it’s difficult to find pictures of them smiling.

    (and for the record, the accent is kinda cute, eh)

  4. McBias – Do not encourage him. You should have seen his reaction when I started to giggle about Nady having the same birthday as I did last night.

    I damn near lost my laptop there…

  5. You mean Chicago still has a hockey team?

    I refuse to recognize their existence until Wirtz is no longer the owner, or I can actually see games played in Chicago on my television.

  6. No love for Havlat?

    I’m disappointed, how can anyone not fall for his messy hair, scruffy beard and pretty doe eyes.

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