Hottie Hit & Run: MLB Edition

MLB was out in full force yesterday, but you won’t find any scores here: 

Bartolo Colon will start the year in Rancho Cucamonga.  And anyone with eyes can see that he is not hot, but I like saying “Rancho Cucamonga.”  [Try it, it’s fun: Ran-cho Cu-ca-monga!]

Hottie prospect James Loney fails to make opening day roster.  What?!  The Ladies demand that he join the team, immediately!  [Aw, Loney was miffed when he was told; does anyone want to help calm him down?]

hee hee, wrong Loney!
I can’t believe this ugly feller shares a name
with such a hottie.

Even though Jeff Franceour has now been with the Braves for several years, he still remains a Boston Red Sox fan. Um, not much I can say about that.  [The cynical side of me believes he’s just buttering up the Red Sox for that right field job in 2012.]

I’ll just let the headline do the talking on this one:  “Face of Franchise, Zimmerman Is One Attractive Selling Point”. Oh hells yeah. [Howevah, my third baseman is still cuter than your third baseman, Nationals fans.]

A little more after the jump…

The Diamondbacks are flush with young hotties. Lucky Diamondbacks fans. [One and only time I consider Diamondbacks fans lucky.]

Yankees honored Corey Lidle yesterday, and his widow and son threw out first pitches. It’s getting dusty in here all of a sudden.  [I can’t believe there were some morons who felt that she shouldn’t throw out the first pitch – I’m not saying it was necessary, but you can’t really argue that she shouldn’t when we have any Joe Blow celebrity doing it on any given day.]

10 thoughts on “Hottie Hit & Run: MLB Edition

  1. Hot men in suits…is there anything better?

    And nice moment with Lidle’s widow and son. Shame on anyone who thought they shouldn’t throw out the first pitch of the season.

    /high horse

  2. There were people that didn´t want them to throw out the first pitch? If there as ever an example of why the yankees suck…

  3. Ivan: there were lots of people calling Mike & The Mad Dog, saying that she shouldn’t do that, Lidle only played for the team for a few months, blah, blah, blah (I don’t want to get my blood pressure up again).

    Yet when the runner up to the runner up from American Idol does it, no one cares. At all.

  4. Allow me to point out that it makes me incredibly happy that someone found our blog by searching for “Tyler Hansbrough + douche” and FOUR people stumbled upon us with the query “Joakim Noah Ugly Dog”.

  5. I was going to include a bit on Florida winning, but Noah’s ugly mug tainted all the pictures I saw, and I gave it up.

    I said it last night, and I’ll say it again: he is either a chupacabra or a relative of Marc Anthony’s.

  6. There have been some ugly athletes in the past, but good grief, Noah ranks near the top.

    I can’t wait until I finally get to see the Indians play. I want me some Grady Sizemore.

  7. That top photo makes me think that Charles Manson has gotten a tape-worm… But otherwise, a fine post.

    & equal opportunity hotness (female, with the male) — the Widow Lidle is hot.

    Too soon?

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