Opening Night: Mets vs. Cardinals

Two Ladies… had a stake in yesterday’s Opening Night game. After the jump, read their thoughts.

As much as I would’ve liked nothing more to plop down in front of the TV and watch every second of the pre-game show, my normal Sunday night obligations kept me away. I joined the game during the top of the 4th inning, when the score went from 2-0 to 5-0. Chris Carpenter just did not have his stuff last night, but it’s only the first game and I know he’s going to be awesome again this year. That’s really the thing that last year taught me: don’t give up on your team. The Cardinals EEKED into the post-season and I got on the phone with my brother and was complaining about how every expert had picked San Diego to beat us in the NLDS. My brother seemed to agree with the experts, but I said to (and don’t think I didn’t trot this quote back out 3 weeks later), “It’s the post-season. Everybody’s record is back at 0-0. I’ll bet you $10 we get hot right now and win the World Series.” I could hear his laughter two states away without the use of the phone.

So, the point is: you always gotta have faith in your team. And last night, we didn’t look so hot. But I found myself going, “Meh, that’s okay.” The Mets looked great, by the way. Tom Glavine is ridiculously impressive, especially considering that he is, at last count, 107 years old. Paul Lo Duca had a great play at the plate and Moises Alou has joined in the fun (which I honestly did not know until last night. I don’t know how I missed that). I’m beyond excited that baseball season is here. Play ball, everybody.

NY Daily News

I fastidiously avoided the pregame show. No way did I want to catch any of footage of what happened last October. Sure, six months later I’ve mostly “gotten over it”, but that doesn’t mean that I want to watch that. Ever. I read somewhere that Willie Randolph, despite watching the Cards’ on-field ceremony himself, didn’t compel his team to watch the on-goings. Several players did watch; I can’t say I blame any one who didn’t. It’s like vying for a cute guy, whom is also being chased by a rival. Just when you think you’re about to score, she swoops in for the win. And now you have to watch them get married. Hells no. I can understand the reasons why you wouldn’t want to go through that. However, I can also understand the few who watched as a sort of kick in the ass sort of thing. Glavine said he wants it to be the Mets doing that next year. Me too, Tommy, me too.

As for the game itself, I have to admit that as happy I was to finally have baseball back (!!!), I didn’t watch the whole thing. First, watching games is going to grow increasingly more difficult with a two year old under foot. Also, I had to divide my attention between the baseball game and the Rutgers/LSU women’s basketball game. As a Rutgers alumna, no way was I going to miss the Lady Scarlet Knights’ chances to advance to the Championship game. (And they won – Let’s see how they handle your Lady Vols, Holly). What I did see of the game I loved. What’s not to love? Glavine pitched well, and earned his 291st victory (the countdown to 300 is on!), and Delgado (who’s on my fantasy team – woo!) and LoDuca contributed with the run support. The defense was sparkling, and it was a great way to get the season started.

However, there is a down side. No matter how vindicated I can feel, I still know (since Will Leitch reminds us only every other day) that the Cardinals are still the ones who got to go on to the World Series, they’re still the ones who got to raise the World Champions banner last night, and they’re still the ones who get the rings. It still hurts. But luckily, at the beginning of every baseball season, we can start anew, put aside past seasons, and commence another quest for a World Series Championship.

5 thoughts on “Opening Night: Mets vs. Cardinals

  1. So I’m ashamed to admit that until this week, I had no idea about David Wright being such a hottie. Yes, I apparently live in a cave.

    Props to you both for making sure the Ladies… were on top of baseball (heh) from the very first game of the season.

  2. LA: that goes without saying. After I introduce him to the parents, then I drag him to my old room and do naughty things.

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