Thank you Saint Jesse Owens! March Madness against the KSK Mafia

Sometimes, all you need is the box score…

1 Vesper Lynd – Holly 139  
2 Roger Moore – MMP   121
3 Jaws – UM   118
4 Honey Ryder – Texas Gal 117  
5 M – TheStarterWife 99  
6 Christmas Ape    96
6 Octopussybasket – Flubby   96
8 Kissy Suzuki – Metschick 94  
9 Jinx Johnson  – SA 90  
10 Solitaire – Andie 86  
11 Lousy 20th Amendment – CC   75
12 Sally Ann Rottencrotch – BDD   66
13 Plenty O’Toole – J-Money 57  
  Subtotal 682 572
  Minus lowest Ladies Score -57  
  Total 625 572


Florida OSU    
Holly Holly    
UM UM    
RED Tourney Winner Pick
Blue Tourney Runner-Up Pick

14 thoughts on “Thank you Saint Jesse Owens! March Madness against the KSK Mafia

  1. Yippee! I rooted for tOSU exactly once, and it shall never happen again. Except, I don’t know who I want to lose now- I’m not sure I can live in a world where FLA has back-to-back-to-back championships. Why couldn’t UCLA have won, and made my life easier?

  2. If I picked my own Elite Eight and Final Four, but allowed the inhabitants of a local watering hole to guide the rest of my bracket, and I won the pool, do I have free will?

  3. Holly: you have smarter drinking buddies. If I went to my local watering hole and asked for help filling out the bracket, I would get tons of blank stares (these guys are more into baseball, they care shit about college sports).

  4. That will be small comfort to him, I’m sure.

    I can’t believe I got through this without offering up rack pictures to some pagan tOSU god. Yay, Basketball Jesus!

  5. Holly – I can’t believe it either. Close one. You should really do something else with those pictures.

  6. If Florida wins tomorrow — well, today, I suppose — & the Thearsome Threesome is intelligent in the least, they’ll come back next year to try to make it three in a row. None of those FLA juniors look like surefire NBA studs, anyway… Might as well do something not done since Sixties/Seventies UCLA.

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