Know Your Hot Sportscasters: Dick Vitale


With the NCAA tournament drawing rapidly to a close, it’s time we steel ourselves for the loss of one of the golden voices of the broadcasters’ booth.

It’s time we say goodbye to Dick Vitale.

When he’s in the booth, we find ourselves seduced by his mellifluous voice. When he’s on camera, we’re blinded by the glorious light that reflects off his chromed pate.

We thrill to hear him talk about anything and everything. No matter who’s on the court, whatever pops into his mind — Coach K, Wavy Lays potato chips, J.J. Redick, the New Beetle, Mike & Mike in the Morning, Digiorno pizza, the 1991 NCAA Championship game — is fair game, and we love to listen to him expound on it all.

Bow tie = sexy.

Unfortunately for us, Dickie V (as we like to call him) is married to his lovely wife Lorraine, with whom he has two daughters.

At least we have one more game together.

20 thoughts on “Know Your Hot Sportscasters: Dick Vitale

  1. ” This entry was posted on Sunday, April 1st, 2007 at 4:09 pm and is filed under species-inappropriate relationships”

    Not even close to being fixed, though.

  2. Dickie V is a ladies’ man. College girls cannot resist touching his bald head, for it is the hypnotic source of his charm.

    Dammit, who snuck cough syrup in my cereal?!?

  3. I’ll tune in, Mike. My girl crush on Ivory Latta knows no bounds. I hate that my Lady Vols have to face UNC before the final, though…and that UConn’s out. Boo.

  4. So, you know how certain guys aren’t conventionally attractive- but there’s just something about them that makes them undeniably attractive? Dickie V is definitely one of those guys.

    I bet he’s an animal in bed…

  5. These Women’s Final Four games are boring so far. Argh, all my attempts to glorify women’s sports this last week, and now suckitude. Sigh. Come on Candace, dunk on Ivory or something, ha.

  6. Ugh. Lightning strikes twice, as the Lady Tar Heels give up a double digit lead late. UN played their hearts out, it hurts to see Ivory Latta’s career end like this.

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