16 thoughts on “Just a Reminder…

  1. I still love this photo. :) You should make a dueling robots or Japanese Mothras or something for the Final!

    Flubby – Oh… we are all about Ohio State. Just you wait and see what is coming.

  2. If I’m sining KrisKross for the rest of the day I am going to have beat you.

    I have PC, but I might be able to hook you up with Mac.

  3. This was possibly my most favorite game growing up- tied perhaps with Paperboy and Mario.

    With that said, Noah makes a WAY scarier monster than Kong or Godzilla.

  4. I LURVE this pic. J-Money, I thought it was impossible to make JOAKIM uglier than he really was, but you have succeeded. And made it hilarious.

  5. Please let that manimal go to the NBA so I never have to hear about him again. I am so sick of his howling, and his hair, and his chiclets.
    Joe, don’t go away mad, Joe, just go away.

  6. YES Texas Gal, Paperboy! It was my favorite. Gauntlet was awesome too. “Elf needs food….BADLY.”

    Yeah, and that picture rocks.

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